How do I promote a sales funnel

Make My Company Better Known: The 35 Most Effective Strategies

How can I make my company better known? is probably the most pressing question as a business owner.

Regardless of whether you are "an old hand" in the business or a new self-employed person.

But it is just as likely that you envisioned this aspect of your entrepreneurship differently.

Because even though you have great coaching, training or consulting that actually improves the lives of your customers - you mostly feel as if you are offering it like "sour milk".

And you won't be fooled by your impression.

The effort involved in acquiring new customers has multiplied

Just a few years ago we (including Mike & me ...) reacted indignantly to the idea of ​​paying to promote free content.

Today it is an integral part of our marketing mix.

In this article we will show you very different ways to attract customers' attention and show them that your offer is the best since sliced ​​bread.

But first, we will direct your attention to the crucial question in order to do exactly that very efficiently, because ...

The real question is not so much: How can I make my company better known?

The real question is: What is suitable to make MY company better known?

When you make this shift in thinking, you will find two things. You:

  • recognize things that are far better suited to you and your resources than others.
  • see what is NOT suitable for you because you don't like it or would be beyond your resources.

And the dear entrepreneur colleague, that is a very decisive step in building a real business ...

So take a look at the strategies you can use to make your company better known. And ask yourself the question: Does this suit me, my goals & my customers?

This article is long, which is why we a table of contents have upstream. You can toggle it on and off and jump to a point that interests you most.


# 1 Your offer or: What do your customers want?

If you want customers to be interested in your offerings, you need to answer their questions to these people. If you don't do that, you will lose it.

But many solo entrepreneurs have a service or a product. And no idea WHICH problem this thing solves or what goals a buyer wants to achieve with it.

You get stuck with the description of your offer or your approach. The result?

You don't hit the emotional trigger points of your customers.

It's not easy, we know that. That is why in the Passion & Profit Report we show 5 steps through which you can formulate what your customers want to hear.

Request the mini report here »


What is it that customers really want to find through your advice or offer?

# 2 Need or: Who are your buyers?

You need to know WHO the people who buy from you are. Or should buy. To do this, look at the individual person and have a face for it.

Two tips on how to do this:

Number 1: Develop a customer avatar

That means a detailed profile of the people who buy ... or should buy from you. If you already have customers, so much the better.

Look for similarities and differences in these people.

Number 2: Interview some of these people

If you have no idea who your customers are - do your research headlong. And as dry as it sounds, it's actually fun. More here: How do I get more customers? »

This will give you a picture of the people who need your offer. With it you create marketing and sales messages that speak directly to these customers.

# 3 focus or: do you want too many?

You can address several types of customers and target groups. But it helps to focus on the most promising ones.

Depending on who your target customer is, some marketing measures work better than others. And the smaller your business, the more customers you want to reach with the least amount of effort.

Read more here: How narrow does my niche have to be? »

# 4 What does YOUR customer achieve?

What you do determines your niche and the people in that niche. Why the questions you ask yourself about your target customers are so important.

Understanding where your target customers can be reached is crucial in this phase of your self-employment. You don't have a huge marketing budget.

If you advertise your business in the wrong places, nothing will happen.

You can also see it this way: if you go to the North Sea with a bait for freshwater fish, no one will pull your line for a very long time.


How to convince everyone in 20 seconds (or less)

Learn in our free guide how to create a brief presentation of your offering that you can use to attract customers practically anywhere.

# 5 Your website or: (How) are you found?

The chance of attracting customers with your website is high. Because today's customers are web nerds ... Every problem, every request, every product that we see is googled. And sent directly to our mobile phone with the address of the provider.

Actually a good thing, isn't it?


Reach your customers on different marketing channels


Because these are customers who are ready to buy. But the chance is high that YOU will not be found. Each of our coaching participants received more customer inquiries after our optimization suggestions.

Sometimes by several hundred percent more.

Many had already invested in search engine optimization. But hardly anyone received more orders via the website afterwards.

Because if it is not clear what customers are looking for, you cannot optimize a website.

It's like having a phone line - your website. But fail to be entered in the phone book.

# 6 How to start successful customer meetings

We keep seeing this mistake: The focus of a conversation with a new customer is your own solution and how to get there.

But that doesn't work.

Not on your website - and not in direct customer contact. Because potential customers first want to know whether you understand them. Whether you actually take your needs, fears or worries seriously.

And help them eliminate them.

The 4 P formula for marketing will help you on your website. When it comes to sales pitches, a clean set-up ensures success, which we describe in this podcast.

And the right marketing messages are sure to ensure that your customers see "I'm right there".

# 7 What to do if you don't like marketing?

If you're like most solo entrepreneurs, then you love what you do - but marketing & sales aren't one of them. You want to support and help your customers.

But the problem is: customers can't come if they don't know you exist.

What can you do?

Read through our three tips on the subject. Or take a look at our Facebook Live episode.

# 8 goals or: your compass to a "real" company

Do you want a spacious office and employees? What turnover do you imagine? What should your working day look like?

Very few self-employed people think about what their business should look like when it is finished. Yes you've read correctly. Finished. The answer to this question has a huge impact on which direction you take.

Because your business goals determine the choice of your strategies.

Or at least they should ...

Imagine you want to create a garden.

If you don't know what to look like, you get a tangled mess.

Maybe at some point there will be a garden gnome in the middle of an Asian-inspired oasis ...

So take an hour undisturbed. Take a pad and pen and write it down. This is how you, as an entrepreneur, will make the right decisions.

# 9 Find customers who also pay a little more

This is the easiest way to make profit follow your passion: reach out to wealthy customers. And the list of ways to do that is long.

If you think that money is scarce or your target customers are not investing, go to the shopping centers in one of our metropolises on a Saturday.

Even better: read the report on the past Christmas business.

There is money. And there are enough people who spend money. If you fear a shortage, it may be time to get to the bottom of your own money beliefs.

And it helps you especially if you have - supposed or actual - luxury offers and are looking for suitable customers.


If you think money is tight, go to a luxury mall.

# 10 Your Offer Or: Why Should Customers Buy From You?

And that in two sentences. Try it. I'll wait here ... If it doesn't work right away, you're in good company.

It takes a while before you can say the benefits of your offer in one concise sentence. And convince customers. But you should be able to. YOU seem professional. YOUR offer is more convincing.

Customers understand why they should listen.

Unsure whether your formulation will attract customers? Request the free Passion & Profit guide. Including rapid effectiveness test ...

# 11 Informal socializing or: get-togethers with entrepreneurs

One of the most informal ways of getting to know potential customers is through a business meeting. Here is an example from the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce. But there are many more options.

Enter the terms "entrepreneurs regular table" or "entrepreneurs regular table" in your search engine.

You make contacts in a relaxed atmosphere and don't have to sell. And neither should you.

But round tables are not only suitable for initiating customer contacts: You learn to market yourself.

# 12 Lucrative orders or: seminars on acquisition

This tactic is not cheap. But for me it has more than paid off, especially after the company was founded: attending open training courses or seminars that potential customers visit.

Here, too, it is important not to sell - or at most "en passant".

It's about establishing contact with potential clients.

This could take a while. But if you sell high-priced services that require explanation, this acquisition strategy is really worthwhile.

# 13 Your best seller, or: your website

You need a website. But it does not have to be complex or ultra-expensive. But today you cannot do without a website if you want to boost your business.


Your website must answer crucial questions from your customers at lightning speed.


What should a website be like that attracts customers?

She is found by potential customers.

And it answers the most important questions of these people quickly and clearly.

The look of your website is not unimportant.

However, it doesn't come first. What matters is WHAT is on your website. Here more:

So that website visitors become customers: 3 crucial elements »

# 14 More customers or: from 1: 1 to 1: many

If you have worked 1: 1 as a coach, trainer or consultant so far, you can look after more potential customers at the same time. And on the one hand increase your sales.

On the other hand, of course, increase your business reach.

You can

  • offer "group coaching" with a limited number of participants.
  • Give lectures like many of our customers do.
  • Hold workshops with suitable network partners.

Make sure you prepare well in advance, otherwise you might find yourself sitting in front of empty chairs. More here: Exposition or: How can I fill my workshop »

# 15 Customers at any time or: My newsletter

When we received our newsletter almost 10 years ago "just like that" started, we had no idea that he would be our most successful sales representative. Because he always brings us new customers.

The principle is very simple.

They provide high-quality information - from the customer's point of view. In doing so, you demonstrate reliability, professionalism and a pinch of humor ... All criteria that convince customers over time. And you reach not just one potential customer, but many.

If you just want to implement one strategy from this article - take this one.

Yes, you have to do some work at first. But it's one of the few strategies that works reliably.

More about it here: The ultimate tutorial, if you want to win customers with a newsletter. »

# 16 Thinking ahead or: What guarantees growth

If you want to do business successfully, you have to think further than the month ahead. You probably know that.

But what do you do to implement this knowledge?

You have to think in multiple timelines. The things that you will need in your company tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in a year. You have to plan and work in a multi-track manner.

You need business multitasking.

Most self-employed people only think until the next bill - which is due or comes in. But you need ideas on how you can still win customers tomorrow.

You need long-term strategies that cannot be easily copied. Because it is copied so boldly that it will pass you hear and see ...

But you can take precautions by building your company and achieving sales targets. »


How to convince everyone in 20 seconds (or less)

Learn in our free guide how to create a brief presentation of your offering that you can use to attract customers practically anywhere.

# 17 More turnover or: employees & outsourcing

If I could start all over again with our company, I would do this thing immediately. We're talking about getting help.

Because if you want more, sooner or later you will reach the point where you can no longer do it alone. You need help. You may not have that much work for a full-time employee yet.

But if you leave work too late, you will be exhausted and frustrated.

And they no longer have the strength to take the necessary organizational precautions so that external help brings something.

But before you do that, start with the three lists of freedom.

So that outsourcing no longer creates work, but saves time - and generates more sales.

# 18 Flyers & Brochures or: Black on White ...

Depending on the nature of your business, a flyer or brochure can go a long way. For example, because you can take it with you to your events and display it.

Make sure that the content is tailored to your target customers. And that nothing is missing.

Here's more: 6 points, so that your flyers win more customers. »

# 19 Testimonials or: Taking away customers' fear

Your customers are scared. You have had bad experiences with providers who have promised everything.

And held nothing. You may know the problem from your own (bad) experience.


Show customers that their concern or fear is unfounded.


What can you do?

Show customers that YOU are different.

That YOU are reliable.

And your offer keeps what you promise.

One possibility are testimonials or customer statements.

Good references don't just bring you more customers. You bring the right customers.

Customers with whom you are in top form.

And who find their prices cheap.

But before you ask for a recommendation, read this article:

How references have to be in order to win new customers. »

# 20 Productivity or: work better, no more

In the beginning you spend a lot of time getting into the role of self-employed. And that's good. If you want more, however, you have to change the way you manage time.

You have to become more efficient.

You need to focus ruthlessly on the important things. If you don't want to end up overworked, without fun and full of worry, you have to take the step from employee-time awareness to entrepreneur-time awareness.

More here. 3 tips to do less and do more »

# 21 More sales and fun or: Goodbye bad customers

It was many years ago. Mike had just got on board and received an email from a customer. She couldn't open a document. Mike sent it again.

She couldn't open it again.

Mike sent a CD. She couldn't open again. Mike asked you to open the CD on another computer. She called and cursed him as "incompetent".

What's the point

There are customers who you can't please.

No matter what you do. And no matter how much you do. If you understand that, then you can say NO in the right place. Which is a crucial quality so that your company will still be fun tomorrow.

You can learn how to deal with difficult customers - or better yet, non-customers.

# 22 Guarantees or: The safety net for clients

Your customers are burned children.In your experience, providers don't keep their promises.

And that's why you should help your customers trust your offer.

A guarantee signals: I believe in my offer. With services in particular, it can be an important step to convince more customers of your offer.

Provided you have a good offer.

# 23 prices or: time for more?

Determining the right prices is a science in itself. Why there is no single piece of advice. The rule of thumb is:

If you haven't raised your prices in a few years, it's time.

But don't do this in silence.

Here are some tips: Increase prices without annoying customers »

# 24 Confidence or: Show the experts

The more customer contact you have, the more resilience you need. My grandma called it a "thick skin". But the point is: It's not just customer acquisition - dealing with customers can also be exhausting. Very exhausting, in fact.

Therefore: take care of yourself.

Charge your batteries. Find something that you enjoy and that you do regularly. Preferably every day.

If you are looking for ideas: 27 tips on how to boost self-confidence as a self-employed person »


Confidence is important. Because if you don't believe in your offer - how should your customer?


# 25 Selling services or: sensible packages

Offer larger units. That can be a certain number of coaching hours. This can be a pilot project over a certain period of time or a clearly defined (partial) service.

For example, Mike knows it takes 3 to 10 hours to show someone how to set up a newsletter. That depends on previous experience.

In his tech coaching he offers time packages. The preliminary talk shows which is the right one. In addition, there is a recording and a checklist that make coaching even more attractive.

And that is exactly what it is all about: tailoring the offer for your customers to their needs.

# 26 Convince or: know objections

In every industry there are typical questions, worries or fears about placing an order. And it is YOUR job to answer them. If a customer doesn't want to pay your price, it's because they don't see the value for it.

Not because he's stingy or stupid.

It's because he or she doesn't see it in your records or statements. The more precisely you know what is preventing your customers from placing the order - the better you can react.

More here: The 4 most common objections from customers »

# 27 Your story or: The strongest BECAUSE

Customers don't choose providers just for the service or the progress they can make. But also because of the special ego factor. The best way to convey that is by telling why you do what you do.

Another advantage: You can also differentiate yourself from the competition.

More here: Differentiate from competitors. The 1st step »

# 28 More & better or: Organize inquiries

When you've gained traction, more and more customer inquiries pour in. Which is a good thing.

However, not all of these customer inquiries are serious.

They cost much time.


Time is your most important ally if you want to attract more customers.


And if you do organizational work in your prime time, that's bad.

Therefore, organize your customer inquiries tightly.

This is another way of making your company better known because you are working with customers who “promote” your good reputation.

More here: Organize customer inquiries in a time-saving manner »

# 29 Article Marketing or: Your Foot in the Customer Door

You don't need to start a weblog or blog articles regularly to take advantage of this marketing tool. Instead, write five to 15 good articles.

The advantage: You can use these articles in a variety of ways to attract more customers' attention.

Read here: What to do if I don't want to start a blog »

# 30 sales funnel or: planning from the first contact

Only with a clear strategy on how to turn readers into prospects and then customers ... and then turn them back into customers ... you have a real business.

We are talking about a systematic way of systematically making offers to customers. In fact, offers that are bought because they meet the respective needs.

A sales funnel is one such strategy.

And yes, it is also suitable for solo entrepreneurs.

# 31 BNI or: The special kind of recommendation marketing

Since we have not yet used the BNI, I will give priority to someone who describes their experience very well in an article.

A note in advance: The time and financial investment should be carefully considered.

What is BNI

“BNI is a global network of entrepreneurs for business referrals. There are different chapters, each of which only accepts one member of a professional branch ... e.g. only one lawyer, one architect and one photographer per chapter.

There are certain rules, a management team, several posts with certain tasks, etc. I won't go into that in detail here, because the article is primarily about my very personal experiences.

Each chapter meets once a week at 7:00 am for breakfast.
So early, because all members are entrepreneurs and after breakfast, usually at 8:30 am, the normal working day starts.


The more people know about you, the easier it is for you to get referrals.

# 32 blog parades, guest articles or: who does it reach?

As a solo entrepreneur, you don't have time to invest in things that don't reliably bring you more customers.

This is something you should always think about BEFORE investing in anything.

Because your time is an investment too.

Therefore, only take part in blog parades if you know THAT it will bring you subscribers.

Only post a guest article if you know your target customers will be there.

More here: More customers with website, Facebook, articles: Not a lot, but targeted »

# 33 reviews or: The sophisticated way ...

That can be on Amazon, but also in other places. However, a book review that gets potential customers noticed should really be special and artistic.

Because this is where "the first impression" counts. Like the evaluation, so the evaluator ...

# 34 Facebook or: does it make sense?

The question of whether Facebook brings customers or not has been dividing the marketing world for a long time.

The answer is very simple: if you reach your customers through Facebook (and you can deal with some peculiar “side effects” of Facebook), everything is fine.

The same applies to this point: you can only win customers with Facebook if you invest in a targeted, planned and regular manner.

# 35 Hidden Belief: The Fallacies About Selling

There are many misconceptions about selling. And the internet makes it very easy for one mistake after another to spread like mad ...

One of the most damaging fallacies is the belief that the most persuasive power is in the offer itself.

It can't be bad, of course. But the last drop in a decision for a customer is something else. Because nowadays customers cannot objectively assess whether they are dealing with a good offer.

Instead, they ask very specific questions about a provider. If you answer them, your mission is within reach. This podcast reveals what customers need to make a decision.


If you are wondering: How can I make my company better known? The options are endless. Too many, actually.

It is crucial for your success not to dwell on strategies that do not bring anything to your business. Therefore, listen to your secret weapon with all tips: your common sense.

Start with the basics, be patient - and enjoy what you do!



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