Is Singapore a beautiful country

Singapore attractions: 17 places you can't miss (+ tips)

Singapore is an incredibly diverse city that thrives on its contrasts and is completely absorbed in them. In a very small space, Singapore is not much larger than Hamburg, for example, and you will be impressed by the most diverse Singapore sights.

Colorful Hindu temples and lively markets in the lively Little India district. Ancient pharmacies full of questionable herbs and waters, as well as a magnificent temple, which supposedly houses a tooth of Buddha himself, in Chinatown. A magnificent mosque with domes gleaming gold in the sun and cool street art in Little Arabia. Or the fabulous view from one of the hip sky bars in the financial district: Singapore often leaves you with your mouth open in amazement!

The view of the city from the Skybar CÉ LA VI

Singapore is wonderfully tidy and clean. The city enchants with multicultural and heavenly delicious food and also has the most beautiful landscapes in many different nature reserves outside the center and on the offshore islands.

So that you don't miss a single one of the numerous Singapore attractions during your time here, I have summarized my absolute highlights, including some very good insider tips, for you in this article. Singapore, which is still rather undiscovered, will not miss out either, I promise. Just let yourself be surprised!

Beautiful colonial architecture

Singapore attractions: 17 great tips

Explore the colorful streets and temples of Little India

Colorful houses line the lively streets of Little India. If you are a little lucky, the decorations from one of the many festivals that Indians regularly celebrate here may even be hanging in the streets. Colors, smells and sounds: everything is incredibly present here. Almost as if you were really in India!

It smells really good near small restaurants and food stalls. After spicy chai, for example. Or after creamy coconut curries and sweet sugar cookies. Countless shops, in which you can buy all sorts of knick-knacks, but also beautiful saris and simply everything that has anything to do with India, invite you to take a leisurely stroll.

The colorful main street of Little India

Little India is a lot more chaotic and not quite as clean as the rest of Singapore, but I really fell in love with this little neighborhood. At the latest when I wandered barefoot in one of the beautiful Hindu temples, and really and truly felt like I was in India again, it was all over me. And I am almost certain that you will feel the same way!

Here in the temple you really feel like you are in India

Preparation of gifts for the believers

Saris and Michelin stars in the Tekka Center

The best place in Singapore to buy a saree or any other Indian garment is clearly the Tekka Center. Here everything is still made on site and by hand by many diligent sewers. In addition to clothing and fabrics, here in the Tekka Center you will also find a huge wet market with fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as a large food court with delicious Asian street food.

Here in the dining area of ​​the Tekka Center you will find a very special Singapore attraction: the small street food stand Allauddin's Briyani. The little serenade was even awarded a mention in the Michelin restaurant guide for its always freshly prepared rice and chicken dishes. Don't miss out on it!

Tekka Center
Bukit Timah Road
Little India

Opening hours:
Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Here in the Tekka Center everything is still sewn by hand

My advice: How about a guided walking tour of Little India? So you are guaranteed not to miss any of the interesting places and also get a lot of interesting information! For me, by far the best tours in Singapore are offered by the small and personal tour operator The Original Singapore Walks. The competent and very nice guides put special emphasis on making the tours authentic and showing the participants places off the beaten tourist track!

Find the most beautiful piece of street art in Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam, or Little Arabia, is definitely one of the most magical districts for me. And also absolutely one of the most beautiful Singapore sights. The dome of the impressive Sultan Mosque gleams gold in the sun from afar.

The impressive Sultan Mosque

In the colorful and lively Arab Street you are spoiled for choice between countless restaurants and cafés. Almost all of them specialize in oriental and Arabic cuisine, and lure you with comfortable seating along the pedestrian zone. Numerous shops where you can buy the most colorful fabrics, carpets or clothes invite you to take a little stroll.

The colorful streets of the Kampong Glam district

Hippie flair in the alternative Haji Lane

The tiny Haji Lane, one of the streets parallel to the famous Arab Street, is easy to miss. But it is really something very special: Alternative shops, incredibly cute cafés, bars and restaurants and absolutely brilliant street art works of art await you here. Have fun on your very own journey of discovery!

Cool street art on Haji Lane

Culinary experiences in Kampong Glam

If you have an appetite for something that is really typical of the country, then you should definitely try a traditional fish head curry, together with original murt tobacco. Best in the Zam Zam restaurant on Arab Street. Surprisingly delicious!

Or are you in the mood for a very special dinner experience? The NOX, the first and only Dinner in the Dark restaurant in Singapore, is located near the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street. In absolute darkness you will be served incredibly delicious food. I can promise you, it really is a very special experience for all of your senses!

Dinner in the dark at the NOX

My advice: Also here in the Kampong Glam district, The Original Singapore Walks offers a very good guided tour, namely the Sultan of Spice Walking Tour.

Enjoy the view of Singapore from a skybar

One of my favorite Singapore attractions are the cool sky bars. If you are already here, you simply have to enjoy the view of the sea of ​​lights of Singapore at your feet from high above at least once! My three favorite sky bars are these:

The 1-Altitude Upper Viewing Gallery

Singapore is a city of absolute superlatives. Who is surprised that you can find one of the highest sky bars in the world here, in the form of the 1-Altitude Upper Viewing Gallery? The breathtaking 360 degree all-round view from an insane 282 meters of the shining and glittering Singapore at your feet is simply indescribable.

Especially at sunset or during the blue hour the view is a dream! Even the otherwise imposing Marina Bay Sands Hotel looks kind of tiny from up here.

View at the blue hour

View of the city lights from a height of 282 meters

Very important: You have to book your tickets in advance (for example directly on the Skybar website)! Between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., entry to 1-Altitude currently costs 35 Singapore dollars and includes two drinks of your choice. If you come after 9 p.m., you have to shell out a proud 45 Singapore dollars for the entrance fee including the two drinks.

The cheapest option for just under 17 euros is during the day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., including a non-alcoholic drink. Strangely enough, you cannot book the day ticket on the Skybar website, but you can book it at Get Your Guide.


The CÉ LA VI Skybar in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

You are not quite as high up here as in 1-Altitude, but the view from the Skybar CÉ LA VI of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel is absolutely stunning. Above all, you cannot see the skyline of Singapore so perfectly from anywhere else as from the viewing terrace of Marina Bay Sands.

With a delicious cocktail in hand and the most famous infinity pool in the world in the background, you can enjoy life here very simply and easily. Cheers! Unfortunately, access to the pool area is reserved for hotel guests only. No exception is made here for a photo. You can still take nice pictures from the side!

I thought for a long time whether I should treat myself to at least one night at Marina Bay Sands, after all, the hotel itself is one of the top Singapore attractions. Unfortunately I decided against it. What can I say, in retrospect I regretted it a bit. On my next Singapore vacation, I would definitely book a night here and not move an inch from the pool all day!

One of the most famous pools in the world

My advice: If at all possible, be sure to visit both sky bars. The views couldn't be more different. While you look from the top of the 1-Altitude at the city, and of course also at the Marina Bay Sands, you have the very best view of the beautiful skyline of Singapore from the CÉ LA VI!

The skyline photographed from CÉ LA VI

The cocktail bar Smoke & Mirrors

The still relatively unknown cocktail bar Smoke & Mirrors, located on the roof of the beautiful National Gallery, mixes the most creative cocktails I've ever drunk. The view from here is completely different due to the lack of height, but no less spectacular because of that. A really good insider tip!

The Smoke & Mirrors on the roof of the National Gallery

Take a boat tour on the Singapore River

The Singapore River is a small river just 3.2 kilometers long, which first makes its way through downtown Singapore and into the beautiful Marina Bay, and then into the Pacific. With a traditional wooden boat, nicely adorned with bright red lanterns, the leisurely trip starts at lively Clarke Quay, which is known for its wild nightlife, especially on weekends.

Under numerous bridges you chug past the many cozy restaurants and cafes of the colorful Boat Quay to the picturesque Marina Bay. I promise you, especially the views of the Marina Bay Sands and of course the impressive skyline of Singapore are simply incomparable!

You can buy tickets for the numerous boat tours easily and without prior reservation at the counters at Clarke Quay.

With the wooden boat through the Marina Bay

Chili Crab: The national dish of Singapore

Do you already know Chili Crab, the national dish of Singapore? At Jumbo Seafood, one of which you can conveniently find directly on the Singapore River, you can find the best crabs by far. This evening was definitely one of my culinary highlights in Singapore!

First you get a kind of funny bib tied on, then the giant crab is served to you in a pot full of delicious chili sauce, and finally you try, armed with a crab cracker, not to let the mess get too big.

Chili Crab on the Singapore River

Explore historic Chinatown

The Chinatown in Singapore is somehow very different from the Chinatowns in the big cities of our world. Maybe a little tidier. Definitely a lot cleaner. But above all, a lot more colorful!

The streets are often beautifully decorated with the typical red lanterns and almost all buildings create a good mood with their colorful painting. Most of the really pretty houses are old traditional shophouses, which are usually only two floors high and whose brightly colored shutters glow from afar.

The typical shophouses in Chinatown

Of course, many different Singapore attractions await you here in Chinatown: Bustling markets with all kinds of counterfeit goods, ancient pharmacies with gnarled sales counters and dubious powders for all imaginable ailments, as well as temples in bright red and shiny gold that could hardly be more splendid.

Even a real Indian Hindu temple, the colorful Sri Mariamman Temple, has somehow lost its way into the narrow streets of Chinatown. Unusual, isn't it?

The colorful Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown

In Singapore's Chinatown, I think you shouldn't miss these things:

The impressive Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

You can't miss the magnificent Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Huge in size and in bright red and gold, it is proudly emblazoned in the center of Chinatown. Tens of thousands, or perhaps even more, Buddha images, in all possible sizes, shapes and colors, are scattered throughout the temple and cause genuine amazement among visitors.

But the absolutely magnificent paintings on the walls and ceilings are also pleasing to the eye and are really amazing. On the fourth floor of the temple, embedded in a golden shrine, you will find the famous Buddha's tooth. Hmm, is it really real?

The impressive temple with the Buddha's tooth

My advice: I found the wonderfully quiet roof garden of the temple with the many green plants and the fragrant orchids really beautiful. Almost like a small jungle in the middle of the busy city. No matter how loud and chaotic it is on the busy streets of Singapore, directly outside the temple walls, it is wonderfully quiet in this little oasis.

Only the grinding sound of the Buddhist prayer wheel, which is constantly being pushed by the believers, can be heard. With every full turn a bright gong sounds and lets the magic of this place become almost tangible. I wanted to grab a good book and stay up there for hours. Just a magical atmosphere!