What do you measure with the odometer

Odometer and announcer

Kilometer announcement is an odometer that announces the distance you have covered once per kilometer. Use it while hiking, jogging or cycling - no awkward pulling out of the smartphone is necessary! Your route is automatically recorded for this purpose. It's a robust and battery-saving app, free and ad-free.
Note: This is not a pedometer! The display is not updated every meter but every 50 meters or more.

Simply click on the appropriate sport to start tracking. In the "jogging" and "cycling" modes, the GPS position is requested more often than in the "hiking" mode, because it then changes more quickly. Please do not forget to set the volume high enough so that you can hear the announcements.

More features
★ The path is indicated by stars so you can roughly see what it looks like. During or after the tour you can also view the path on a map (Google Maps)!
★ All your tours are automatically saved for you in a list (max. 500)
New Feature: Your photos while on the move are linked on the map, watch this video:


★ After you have finished the route, you can send it as a picture via WhatsApp or email it to a friend
★ Mileage announcement can be configured in different ways: notification interval, unit of measurement (km or miles), notification type (voice / vibration), and whether the path should be visualized or not.
★ You can also specify the pitch and rate of speech for the voice that announces the distance traveled.
★ Winter sports - click on the icon in the top right and bring them out!

The technology used here is limited by the accuracy of the GPS sensor on your smartphone. To make the measurement more robust and to save battery, Kilometer Announcement uses geostatistical adjustments and updates itself at intervals of approx. 150 meters.

Kilometer announcement saves your tracking data Not on a server - these are only saved in the app itself. The app also loads no Download advertising from the Internet.