What kind of people make you angry

19 everyday pictures that make you kind of angry

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19 everyday pictures that make you kind of angry

There are things that just make us aggressive - sometimes we can't even explain why. Who will manage to remain completely relaxed in the face of these images until the end?

How dare you ...?

There are certain rules that you have to adhere to. One of them: a cake is divided into triangles of equal size!

We all have such a colleague / roommate.

"Somebody will throw it away." MAYBE, BUT I SURE NOT.

Lazy AND bold.

War can break out over toilet paper rolls.

Anyone who parks like this should be arrested:

Four cars block seven parking spaces. And then you ask yourself why many prefer to travel by train.


Would it really have taken that much more time to drop the damn lid the right way round? Just to make the world a little better?

When you see it ...

So ... work ... they ... don't ...

That is what one understands by "sham":

Where are the remaining 3/4 of my candy?


Okay, then I'll just drink my coffee black.

This puzzle, arrrrghhh!

The piece doesn't even fit!

That is not an Apple...?

What are the advantages? Since then everything splashes through the area ?!

Worse than cards: STICKER.

Yeah okay, I wanted to buy a new windshield anyway.

"Insert straw here". Nope!

Why easy when it can be difficult!

* nervous twitching in the eye *

This SPRITE REFRIGERATOR could be so beautiful!

Which brain came up with that?

Glorious idea to let every toilet-user walk a few meters across the room first.

The rubbish is not kept secret here.

Boss: "We have to save money." Worker: "I know what we're doing!"

Free lunch, great! Oh no...

From the pro seminar "How do I attract customers to my restaurant?".

This foot, what is it doing there !?

As if there wasn't too little space on the plane anyway: The passenger behind it makes himself really comfortable - and simply pushes his foot under the seat in front.

Diploma? Whatever.

"Diploma - please do not bend". And the postman just said: 🤷‍♂️

People who do this:

When you are obviously so hungry that you don't have time for flaps, flaps and the like.

This alpaca is also a bit aggro:

These are the 7 funniest Whatsapp jokes since the existence of Whatsapp and jokes

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This list is a song of praise to our friends, with a very good sense of humor. Thanks!

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