The documentary Cowspiracy is vegan propaganda

Great documentaries on veganism

VeganDocumentations help many people to underpin their decisions and to learn facts that are not primarily shown in everyday life by the mass media. Many try vegan recipes and find out more about topics such as veganism, nutrition or sustainability through the documentation. Here and there you get a thing or two from friends and acquaintances, through social media or through a TV report. But if you want to know more about it, information pages on the Internet are of particular help, vegan books, Cookbooks and also veganDocumentations. Here we present our best documentaries on the subject of veganism.

Do you want to go vegan this year? Excellent! We'll show you a few important basics, which will make it easier for you to switch to the delicious, varied and enjoyable plant-based cuisine. So you can go vegan in 2020 and make a difference! Here you will also find some books to get you started with the vegan lifestyle. But how do you eat healthy, varied, tasty and vegan? Nutritionist Patricia shows you what you have to consider when eating a vegan diet.

The vegan documentary "Earthlings"

The "classic" par excellence - Earthlings. No other vegan documentation should have moved so many people to grapple with veganism. No other film is likely to have made so many cry. Nothing for weak nerves!

Fork instead of scalpel - a well-made documentary

This well done vegan documentary explains the connection between malnutrition and obesity, a common disease in America. Colin Campbell, author of the "China Study", explains his research on the connection between the consumption of animal proteins and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and rheumatism. How healthy veganism really is is scientifically and precisely shown here. You can order the DVD of “Fork instead of Scalpel” on Amazon.

Cowspiracy shows the consequences of consumption

One of the best vegan documentarieswhich shows how much we humans harm the environment and animals with our consumption - and why environmental organizations remain silent when asked about the connection between meat consumption and environmental damage. You can also watch the documentary on Netflix or order it on DVD.

We feed the world - a calm and factual documentary

Already a bit older, but no less worth seeing. The calm and matter-of-fact film shows the consequences of globalization and nutrition, such as the unbelievable waste of food and the destruction of habitats. Also a documentary that led numerous people to veganism. You can buy “We Feed The World” on Amazon.

Live and let live - shows our connection to animals

Live and Let Live is a vegan documentary about our relationship with animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, ecological and health backgrounds that motivate people to live vegan. The film is also available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can also order the DVD from Amazon.

Taste the waste - German vegan documentary

Taste the waste is a German documentary from 2011 by Valentin Thurn about how industrial societies deal with food and the global extent of food waste. You can order the DVD on Amazon.

Vegucated - experiment vegan

A super interesting documentary that accompanies three omnivorous New Yorkers for 6 weeks on their vegan experiment and its consequences. Vegucated shows how a vegan diet can have a positive impact on life.

Fed up! Are we eating the wrong food?

A very interesting documentary that shows how the food industry tries to convince us to eat the wrong thing and how great the connection is between a bad diet and the development of diseases. Fed Up shows how badly our bodies can suffer from poor nutrition.

What the health - typical diseases of civilization

The documentation addresses the various reasons that are responsible for typical lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, cancer or diabetes. The main reason for these diseases is often the very poor and unbalanced diet of the patients. The filmmaker confronts representatives of large food companies, health organizations and the pharmaceutical industry with sensational questions. Watch What The Health on Netflix or order the DVD on Amazon.

Dominion - The horrific behavior of the global meat industry

The documentary shows with hidden camera clips how gruesome, inhuman and bloody the global meat industry is. The film shows, uncensored, how horrible people deal with animals and how much the living beings are exploited, tortured and killed for our consumption. You can check out Dominion on YouTube.

The milk system - the exploitation of dairy cows

The milk system addresses the dramatic and exploitative dairy industry and questions the typical standards. The documentation addresses why milk is more unhealthy than most people think and also mentions healthy milk alternatives. Farmers, industrialists, scientists and other experts have their say.

The Game Changers - vegan top athletes

The documentary film "The Game Changers“And is currently hotly debated in social networks. Top athletes talk about switching to a purelyvegetable diet and report on their personal experiences. The documentation shows that it is possible with toovegan diet Top performance inSports to achieve.

You can read a detailed summary of the contents of The Game Chargers here. There we will also give you some points of criticism of the documentary.

Hope for All. Our food - our hope

Hope for All is a great vegan documentary that shows how the western diet affects health and why it is one of the main causes of lifestyle diseases such as obesity or diabetes. With fact-based arguments and moving life stories, the documentation shows how good nutrition can save us and the planet.

Before the flood

Before The Flood is a well-known documentary because it was co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. It deals with the dire consequences of climate change and shows that we have to do a lot more to protect the climate. Exciting interviews, among others with the former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, address the great responsibility we have towards the earth.

More than honey

More Than Honey focuses on the global bee deaths. The Swiss director Marku Imhoof shows that the bee is useful for much more than just producing honey. Unfortunately, people also exploit the bees and use them only for their own enjoyment. But without bees, our entire ecosystem would collapse. You can find out why in the documentation.

Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is a classic vegan documentary that shows how the corporations in the food industry are deceiving consumers in order to make a profit. With excruciating animal husbandry and irresponsible behavior, a lot of food should be produced as quickly and cheaply as possible, but unfortunately to the detriment of the planet, the animals, the farmers and the health of the consumers. A really worth seeing documentary that sheds light on the dark.

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