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Important questions and answers about funding with "Digital Jetzt"

The program contains two funding modules.

Funding module 1: "Investing in digital technologies"
This module supports investments in software and hardware, especially for the internal and external networking of the company.

Investments in digital technologies and related processes and changes in the company are funded. These investments must be specifically named by the applicant. This includes in particular hardware and software that promote the internal and external networking of companies, for example under the following aspects: data-driven business models, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud applications, big data, sensors, 3D printing and IT security and Privacy.

Funding module 2: "Investing in employee qualification"
This module supports companies in training employees to use digital technologies.

Investments are funded that improve the qualifications of employees in the company - especially in the development and implementation of a digital strategy in the company as well as in IT security and data protection, but also fundamentally for digital work and the necessary basic skills. The quality level of the training providers must be proven by certification according to ISO 9001 or accreditation according to AZAV.

Important: Companies can apply for funding in one or both modules.

The investments are eligible if the content is directly related to the digitization project and the funding goals of “Digital Jetzt”. The investments must therefore be associated with new functions or fundamental improvements ("potential enhancement") with a view to the existing initial situation of digitization in the company.

In the application under the item "Digitization Plan", the applicant company must present the improvements in the company associated with the investments in a conclusive and comprehensible manner, for example how the company develops a new digital business model, how the organization in the company is made more efficient and / or how the IT -Security in the company is increased.

The assessment of the eligibility of the investments is therefore always made taking into account the initial situation of the applicant company and the objective of the project.