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The 7 best NERF Laser Tag Set 2021

We show the most exciting NERF Lasertag Set and the Nerf Ops AlphaPoint PRO Set and have the Nerf DeltaBurst Laser Blaster with all the details about this LASER game sets, see below current prices and a detailed purchase advice to the popular laser weapons from Nerf. [update 05/2021]

The Laser set “Ops Pro AlphaPoint” from NERF contains two Laser tag blaster for an exciting duel. Visually, they resemble futuristic science fiction laser cannons. Fire with these Children from eight years on Click Infrared rays from. Compared to the classic toy guns with foam bullets from HASBRO, they are safer. To hit the opponent, users aim at the red plastic dome. It contains both sender and receiver. AlphaPoints also register hits Sound and light effects. For even more fun, users connect the devices to theirs via an app Smartphone.

Buying advice for the Nerf Laser Sets Ops Pro AlphaPoint

TheNerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint * is today on 05/19/2021 at 8:08 am available at a price of EUR 32.20. The normal price is 60.99 EUR. If you buy the product now, you save 28.79 EUR, your savings would 47%. These prices include the current VAT in your country and do not include shipping costs.

Nerf Laser Ops AlphaPoint, set of 2, LaserTag-Blaster with light & ... *
  • For exciting matches: The two laser tag blasters convince with light and sound effects, status and ammunition displays, a quick charge button and unlimited ammunition in ...
  • Charge quickly, fire faster: the blasters fire an infrared shot every time the trigger is pulled, which registers with cool sound and light effects and displays it on the screen ...
  • Scope of delivery: 2 x Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint, LaserTag-Blaster incl. 2 smartphone wristbands
  • Playable with or without an app: The AlphaPoints enable children and adults, big and small, to have exciting live-action laser battles that can be played with the Nerf Laser Ops app ...

Nerf laser checklist Tags SETS

  • The NERF laser sets "Ops Pro AlphaPoint" contains two LASER toy guns, with Infrared rays shoot. The transmitter and receiver are integrated in the device in order to display hits.
  • The toys are suitable for children from eight years as well as adults.
  • If necessary, users can couple the NERF gun to the smartphone using a plastic arm. Using the app, you can play alone against virtual opponents in augmented reality. Smartphone bands enable the mobile device to be carried on the arm. Different game modes are suitable for exciting battles in teams.
  • Manufacturer: NERF is a brand from the US toy manufacturer HASBRO.

Price ratio to other Nerf laser sets

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Nerf laser Tags SETS

Nerf Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst Blaster

To the NERF lasertag weapons from the set Ops AlphaPoint PRO compatible is the DeltaBurst Blaster. The long laser weapon gives an even greater feel, here you can find out more:

The Nerf Laser Blaster Ops Pro DeltaBurst * convinces with great light and sound effects and vibration, the LCD status and ammunition display and a quick charge button with unlimited ammunition in the form of infrared shots.

NERF Hasbro a_NA multicolored a_NA *
  • Next-level action: The LaserTag Blaster impresses with light and sound effects, LCD status and ammunition displays, a quick charge button and unlimited ammunition in the form of ...
  • Playable with or without an app: The DeltaBurst enables children of all ages to have exciting live-action laser battles, which can optionally be made even more exciting with the Nerf Laser Ops app ...
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst, LaserTag-Blaster incl. Smartphone strap and connector for single-player mode.
  • Playable with or without an app: The DeltaBurst enables children of all ages to have exciting live-action laser battles, which can optionally be made even more exciting with the Nerf Laser Ops app ...

The Nerf Laser Sets Ops Pro AlphaPoint in detail

The NERF laser sets Ops Pro AlphaPoint includes two laser tag toy guns for an exciting Two players duel. The pistols fire infrared rays from NERF instead of the usual foam bullets. Users aim at the sensor on the opponent's weapon to score a point. Each product has a transmitter and a receiver. The playground equipment signals hits through Sound and light effects. They appear on the digital display the toy gun. The models have unlimited ammunition as they are Infrared shots acts. Children can use the Pro AlphaPoints optionally with the free one NERF Laser Ops Appto make the battle more exciting. You play in different modes or call up game information in real time. They use the weapon alone via a plastic arm and fight the battles in augmented reality.

What do the NERF laser sets contain?

The package includes two Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint blasters from NERF and two smartphone straps that children can use to attach their mobile device.

What do the NERF laser guns offer?

With the lasertag blasters, players aged eight and over engage in exciting battles. The products convince with one high quality workmanship, Sound and light effects, one digital ammunition and status display as well as with a Fast charge button. With the NERF Laser Ops app, players can make the battles even more exciting. The prerequisite is a compatible smartphone that the user can put on over the plastic arm or fasten to the arm with the smartphone straps. The toys are suitable for boys and girls. You train her with it Responsiveness, your speed and encourage social interaction with friends and siblings.

Accessories for the Nerf Laser Sets Ops Pro

TOP product no.2
EXTSUD 2-pack tactical vest jacket set for children, tactical jacket ... *
  • With this Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns you can take loads of extra ammunition with you and maximize your firepower.
  • 2 x tactical jacket vest set for Nerf (size 21.3 x 18.5 inches), 2 x face mask (skull), 2 x protective goggles (blue), 2 x quick reload clips (6 darts), 2 x hand armbands , 80 x ...
  • Refill arrows made of high quality plastic and EVA foam, non-toxic material; The Quick Reload clips can hold up to 6 additional darts, both can be used with all ...
  • The special design makes the glasses fit your head well and it is not easy to fall off, so your eyes are not injured. Also gives you the ...
TOP product no.3
Kids Tactical Toy Accessory Kit, Contains 1 Black ... *
  • ♣ 【Kids Tactical Accessory Kit】 - Contains 1 black belt pouch, 2 wrist bandolier, 20 dart refill pack it works for most Nerf N-Strike elite ...
  • ♣ 【Adjustable Tactical Belt Pouch】 - With adjustable Velcro, the belt pouch can be attached to the waist or legs. A small package can ...
  • ♣ 【Elastic armband】 - Adjustable armband (memory 8 darts) help your child carry lots of extra firepower and maximize combat effectiveness.
  • ♣ 【Enough ball】 - 20 pieces of Elite Darts work with every N-STRIKE Elite Blaster and the most original N-STRIKE blasters.

Buying guide for the NERF laser sets “Ops Pro AlphaPoint”

Age recommendation:

  • The NERF guns are suitable for children from the age of eight.
  • They are lightweight and designed to suit younger and older players alike hold comfortably in your hand.


  • Compared to the classic NERF guns that fire foam bullets, the toy guns are less dangerous.
  • It is important that players do not aim at the face or eyes.


  • For the AlphaPoints, users also need eight AA batteries.
  • If necessary, a smartphone with a suitable NERF Laser Ops app extends the gaming options.


  • The very good workmanship, which is typical for the brand, is important. This makes the playground equipment durable.

Fun factor:

  • The play equipment is suitable for use outdoors or indoors. They are easy to transport, so children can easily take them to the beach or on vacation.
  • The range of the infrared sensors is very high, which makes the game more exciting.
  • With the free NERF Laser Ops App Users make the battle more exciting for smartphones. You can select different game modes, receive battle information in real time and adjust your blaster performance.
  • For the single player mode there is a plastic arm and a bracelet.

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Video about the NERF laser sets Ops Pro AlphaPoint


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