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How many blogs are there actually? And how many niche blogs? Numbers & Statistics

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Blogging is still often underestimated. We are more than a few nerds long ago, namely millions. Even if it shouldn't be enough in the German-speaking area (DACH). And nobody knows for sure. There are still numbers. And they are quite interesting.

Some things contradict each other. But for me it was about collecting material in order to make the blogger world tangible from this point of view.

Wikipedia gives an estimated 300,000 active bloggers in Germany. But also knows that “the number cannot be reliably estimated”. Figures from Jan-Hinrik Schmidt are cited, but they are from 2010.

Blogger Christian Buggisch also asked himself the question. In February 2016 it came to a lower limit of at least 200,000 very actively operated blogs in German-speaking countries.

There are different numbers from the service Statista, but it costs at least 588 euros. That's too much money for a blog post for me. Much of their data seems to me to be just gathered from the web. However, I cannot check it more precisely, the sources are also only visible to customers.

Numbers of hosts and services

To what extent can one trust the figures published by companies? One thing is certain, they want to present themselves in the brightest light, want to come across as big and successful. A well-fed serving So skepticism is the order of the day.

Tumblr alone says it hosts 313.9 million blogs. That's a house number. How much junk is there, who knows what to say? Much of the Tumblr blogs are likely to be inactive. One of them is mine, inactive of course. I know from Wordpress [COM] that 1.2% of users blog in German. If that were also the case on Tumblr, there would have to be 3.77 million Tumblr blogs in German. That strikes me as exaggerated and unrealistic - even if there is a lot of spam involved. On the other hand, I consider a proportion of 1.2% German-speaking users to be entirely plausible.

Figures on Blogger [COM] are not published by Google. The English Wikipedia considers the service to be the largest in the world. So even bold numbers than Tumblr's? Hard to believe.

The BuiltWith service knows 17,671,494 Tumblr blogs versus 825,869 from Blogger [COM]. This corresponds to a ratio of 21.4: 1. If there are 313.9 million Tumblr blogs, that would be 14.67 million blogs with Blogger [COM]. Believable? I do not think so.

At Blogger [com] a user is limited to 100 blogs. He is not allowed to have more. That there is such a rule says a lot, doesn't it? By the way: German-speaking book bloggers are particularly fond of bloggers [COM]. More on this below.

Blogger [DE] cites 42,461 blogs, a service that, in my opinion, is no longer relevant. One wonders, are all of these blogs active or is it the number of blogs that have ever been created there? If so, are they for ordinary blogging purposes? You can have doubts. What only counts anyway are living blogs.

Wordpress statistics

Wordpress [COM] itself claims that 26% of all websites on the Internet are operated with WordPress, namely directly on the start page and possibly refers to a study by Q-Success. According to the, WordPress is used by 59.2% of all websites whose content management system one could determine. That would correspond to 26.6% of all websites. According to the logic of numbers, the rest should mainly go to Tumblr and Blogger [COM], which is not true.

Wordpress [ORG] speaks of over 60 million people. The number of individual blogs is likely to be even higher - but it is not mentioned. On another page we learn that 5% of them are in German. Ergo there should be 3 million Wordpress users in the DACH region who operate at least 3 million websites. Indeed not every WP installation is also a blog. And finally, we don't know how WordPress got these numbers, are they active installs or added downloads?

Wordpress [COM] also has millions of users. However, exact official information is missing. There should be 65 million new posts and 44 million comments every month. Unfortunately nothing can be deduced from this. Unfortunately, those numbers also include users of Wordress [ORG], who do the statistics part of the plugin Jetpack use. The official statistics also show that 1.2% of users blog in German. You can view your topics as a tag cloud. That would result in around 500,000 postings. That would give you maybe 100,000, maybe 50,000 blogs for the German-speaking area - you don't know.

In August 2016, Wordpress [COM] users changed their theme a total of 1,988,550 times and embedded 10,457,364 YouTube videos in their postings.

How many blogs does a blogger have on average? This is unknown, but definitely more than one thing. This is logical because a person can not only set up and run several blogs, but can also work as a corporate blogger.

How many German-language niche blogs are there?

There used to be Technorati (international) and the German blog charts, they still measured backlinks. That's history. Today's bloggers don't like to link that much anymore. You are left prudish. It's because of Google. But it doesn't matter at this point. This is not about a ranking, but a listing. How many bloggers are there in which niche? Nobody knows either and it is difficult to determine in the face of the swell - blogs come on, blogs go. Some people try anyway.

Above: Distribution of niches and topics on wordpress [COM]

A visual list of German-language photoblogs currently contains 434 entries. Photoblogs only know photos, not articles.

Blogs need -! My plea for more links

The online magazine Style ranking assumes that there are more than 6,000 fashion blogs in Germany. In ZEIT, the journalist Roland Schweins, who works for style ranking, estimates the number of active fashion bloggers in Germany at 5,000. One in five generates income. Around 200 could live on this income. “There are no statistics,” he says. "In addition, the term fashion blogger is difficult to define."

The same state-sponsoring medium reports in another article of around 2,000 mommy blogs in Germany.

The father blog index knows 120 father blogs.

Diaper [DE] has a good 200-part alphabetically sorted list of family blogs.

Tobias Zeising maintains a sorted list of over 1,100 book bloggers. Incidentally, 35% of the book blogs recorded there are operated with WordPress. A whopping 52% let off steam on Google's free blogger [COM] service.

The recipe blog has a food blog list. A good thousand bloggers are currently listed there.

The film blog directory has around 240 entries. The list of film bloggers at the film monkey is around 200 items long.

The travel blog Top 50 reader charts are ranked by more than 1,200 active German-language travel blogs

Here is a list of over 400 entries from Austrian food blogs. The Viennese blogs alone present a considerable number.

There is also a list of wine and winemaking blogs. There are a good 220 entries.

The unsightly directory of “Catholic” blogs and news sites has a good 300 entries.

Blogs by city and region

I didn't count here. But the OSK agency can help. Under the title Germany's blogger there are alphabetically sorted lists. With the following results:

That's only 1077 blogs for around 6,827,447 inhabitants. Far too little of course. But mostly without all the tumblrs, Facebooks and media.

There is also a list of blogs from Bonn, which, however, appears unusually large with more than 1,000 items. There is also a list + aggregator for Blogs from Wuppertal.

This list for Dresden has 212 registered blogs. And here is a list about Leipzig. There are 240+ in this city. But that would not be a good value either, because that would only result in 1 blog per 2,335 people in Leipzig. If you convert that to the entire population in DE, there would be just 35,193 blogs in Germany. It looks very similar with the OSK numbers. In other words, most blogs that you don't see.

There is a list by Andreas Kiener with blogs from Austria with around 250 entries. I am unable to judge whether even the most important ones are listed - at least many food blogs are missing, as we know from another list mentioned. There is also a Google spreadsheet with 297 Austrian bloggers.

How many bloggers list blogger directories?

  • Topblogs has 22,500 entries.
  • Blogging has 8,258 blogs in the directory.
  • Blogalm has 5,129 blogs.
  • Blogheim lists 1,400 blogs from Austria.

Conclusion - the whole world is a blog

I couldn't find out how many blogs there are blog providers like WIX or Jimdo. There should be a lot of things coming together, given the millions of dollars spent in advertising. And then there are Typepad, Wattpad, Livejournal and and and. Plus blogging on Facebook or Xing.

Some even consider posting photos on Instagram to be blogging. If it is, then somehow almost all people are bloggers. Also a nice idea.

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