What did Trump discuss with the Ukrainian President

Ukraine affair of the US President : Zelenskyj denies collusion with Trump

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj has denied that there was any collusion between him and US President Donald Trump about investigations into the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. "I didn't speak to US President Trump in this attitude at all - I'll give you this - you give me that," Zelensky told the "Spiegel". In the interview, the head of state complained that his country had suffered damage to his country's image as a result of the US president's Ukraine affair.

"The United States is something of a signal for the world - for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, for Europe," said Zelenskyi. When the US said that Ukraine was corrupt, it was "a very harsh signal," stressed the president. "I want the United States to understand: this is a different country now, we are completely different people."

The so-called Ukraine affair of the US President was triggered by revelations about an explosive telephone conversation between Zelensky and Trump in June. The US Democrats accuse Trump of abuse of office because he had asked Ukraine to investigate his possible opponent in the 2020 presidential election campaign, Biden. Among other things, the president is said to have used military aid of almost $ 400 million to Kiev as leverage, which was withheld for weeks.

Ukraine summit in Paris with Macron and Merkel

Selenskyj also spoke in "Spiegel" about the upcoming Ukraine summit in the so-called Normandy format in Paris, where he will meet Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin for the first time. Zelenskyi dampened hopes of an extensive defuse of the conflict with Moscow. He will focus at the summit on the issues of prisoner exchanges and the ceasefire.

In addition, Ukraine will "never" get involved in elections in the separatist areas as long as "illegal military units" have not withdrawn from there, Zelenskyi stressed. Elections are among the demands of the pro-Russian rebels who control parts of eastern Ukraine.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and French head of state Emmanuel Macron also took part in the Ukraine summit in Paris. It is the first four-way summit in this format since 2016.

Recently there had been signs of relaxation between Kiev and Moscow. Both sides agreed on an exchange of prisoners and a partial withdrawal of troops from three locations along the front. Russia also returned three Ukrainian naval vessels that it had seized a year ago.

Zelenskyi had declared an end to the war in eastern Ukraine to be a top priority in the presidential election campaign. 13,000 people have been killed since the conflict began in 2014. (AFP)

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