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Dropshipping in Germany - the ultimate checklist!

2. What do you want to sell?

Before you decide on a suitable dropshipping provider, you should first of all be clear about which products you want to sell online. Because the number of different dropshipping providers is just as large as their different product ranges.

The following products are particularly popular in dropshipping:

  • Interesting niche products:Find products with which you can serve a specific niche. With these products, online retailers benefit from weaker competition, which leads to less price pressure and lower costs for search engine advertising, for example.
  • Unhandy and bulky products:The storage and shipping of unwieldy and bulky products is very costly for sellers. Dropshipping, on the other hand, reduces the additional storage and shipping costs, as the wholesaler sends products directly to the customer without going through the seller.
  • Products with a low return rate:Already extremely unpopular in traditional online retailing, returns bring additional problems with dropshipping. Here you usually have to make special arrangements with the wholesaler in order to enable your customers to have an uncomplicated returns process. Therefore you should Products with a high rate of returns, such as fashion, prefer to do without dropshipping.
  • Digital products: Instead of storage capacity, your supplier provides server capacity. Since the content only has to be downloaded from the Internet, there are also no delivery and packaging costs.
  • Customizable products:Customizable products are very popular with consumers, especially as gifts. With dropshipping, there is the advantage that there is almost no work for you, since your dropshipping provider takes over the personalization of the products.
  • Subscription products: Products that are purchased via a subscription are particularly advantageous for you as an online retailer in dropshipping. Here you and your dropshipping provider benefit from a certain planning security, as you can always roughly predict which product quantities you will need in each case.

Tip: What applies to ordinary online retailers also applies to online retailers who purchase their goods via dropshipping. Only source and sell goods that you are familiar with. This is the only way to know what to look for when choosing a suitable dropshipping provider and what exactly your target group wants!

3. Choose reliable dropshipping providers

However you want to turn it around: If something goes wrong with shipping, your customers will always first and foremost hold your online shop accountable. It is therefore important to choose reliable dropshipping providers and make clear agreements. The communication between you and the dropshipping provider must always work smoothly in order to find a quick solution to shipping problems and to reassure your customers. If you want to grow your online shop, it is also advisable to think ahead: Can the selected dropshipping providers meet your needs in the near future and also grow together with you?

The World Wide Web is a very good way to find potential manufacturers and wholesalers. In addition, so-called dropshipping databases exist to find dropshipping providers and to establish contacts. The portal is Germany's market leader for dropshipping contacts with direct access to over 700 Dropshipping provider with over 4.2 million Products.

To make it easier for you to find the perfect dropshipping provider, we have also summarized the best dropshipping providers here:

Dropshipping providerCountry of origininformation
AlibabaChinaBy far the largest online retailer for companies.
AliExpressChinaAmazon's counterpart from China with millions of products.
DHgateChinaChinese dropshipping company with a focus on electronics.
DealExtremeHong KongWide range of products with free worldwide shipping from Hong Kong.
NEDISNetherlandsDutch dropshipping provider with great prices and fast delivery.
PandaHallChinaLarge range with over 200,000 products.
BigBuyEuropeOne of the best known dropshipping providers in Europe.
Wholesale VentralUnited StatesAmerican dropshipping provider with a large network.
SaleHooNew ZealandNew Zealand supplier with more than 1.6 million products
Worldwide BrandsUnited StatesSuppliers with more than 20 years of experience in dropshipping.
WishUnited StatesDropshipping provider from the USA with more than 100 million customers.
BanggoodChinaChinese supplier with more than 30,000 products in different categories.
SheinsideChinaDelivers more than 1 million fashion items annually.
GearbestChinaProducts from the field of electronics and active since 2011.
ModlilyChinaOffer inexpensive fashion through close cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.
LighTakeChinaWide range of products from local manufacturers in the entertainment sector.
MiniInTheBoxChinaMarket leader in China in electronics and accessories.
TinyDealChinaLarge range of over 50,000 items that are even delivered free of charge up to 2 kg.
BuySKUChinaElectronics supplier with a six-week refund guarantee.
MilanooHong KongHong Kong-based clothing supplier such as wedding fashions.
TomtopChinaDropshipping providers with a wide range from a wide variety of categories.
LightInTheBoxChinaChinese provider with more than 1.2 million customers.

4. Request all product information in full

Of course, your customers want to find out as much as possible about the product. As an online shop, you should therefore request all possible product information from the dropshipping provider in order to communicate it in your online shop.

The following product information is important and should therefore always be given:

  • Name of the product
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Purchase price
  • value added tax
  • Package size
  • Gross, net and volume weight
  • Possible guarantee certificates

5. Pay attention to the location

Many dropshipping providers are based in Asia. On the one hand, this has the advantage that products are very cheap and affordable. But especially with Asian dropshipping providers, you often have the problem of being confronted with unpleasant surprises. Depending on the location, the delivery time can have a negative impact on you. Also, inaccessible customer services from foreign dropshipping providers are often a big problem. And given the fact that your customers are becoming more and more demanding and a negative review is quickly placed, it may be wiser to cooperate with a European dropshipping provider. It is also possible that your customers will be surprised with customs costs if the product does not come from Europe.

6. Access to inventory and prices in real time

Even if your online shop is dependent on an external inventory, it is more than advisable to get an insight into the inventory of your dropshipping provider in real time at any time. In this way you can always ensure that you are not selling any products that the dropshipping provider can no longer send. Arrange this right from the start and find ways to get an insight into the inventory in real time at any time. You can also protect yourself by integrating a sufficient buffer of goods in your online shop. This enables you to cope with short-term fluctuations in the demand for certain products.

The same applies to the prices of the respective goods. Make sure that your dropshipping partner keeps you regularly up to date on current price developments, preferably in real time, of course. In this way, you can adjust the pricing in your online shop as quickly as possible in order not to make a loss with the goods.

7. Successful handling of the entire shipping process

Since with dropshipping the goods are delivered directly from the wholesaler to the customer, it is essential that the customer be informed of the current shipping status. This information should then be passed on to the customer as directly as possible - via Track & Trace. In order to avoid delays and extra work in the notification, it should be transferred automatically become.

In addition to shipping the orders, the dropshipping provider can also handle returns. Communicate this in your online shop, because it is for customer satisfaction transparent returns processing very important. Negotiate the entire returns process with the dropshipping provider in advance so that it works smoothly and your customers are always satisfied.

Also note that the Packaging of the product is neutral and does not allow conclusions to be drawn from the address or a logo of the wholesaler that it was shipped directly via a wholesaler as part of dropshipping. Because the practice of dropshipping should remain as hidden as possible in the interests of customer loyalty and satisfaction of your customers. It is even better if you can agree with the dropshipping partner that they will use the packaging materials you have branded.