Is prostitution legal in the UK

Sex for money: these are the rules abroad

The prostitution law planned in France, which provides for penalties for clients, is highly controversial. Prostitutes fear that their trade will be pushed underground and become even more dangerous for them. In Germany, on the other hand, one of the most liberal prostitution laws in the world has been in force since 2002. An overview:


Before the law came into force in early 2002, prostitution was immoral. The main aim was to improve the legal and social situation of women. Critics complain, however, that the law promotes forced prostitution and offers pimps protection from controls. Should it come to a grand coalition, the Union and the SPD want to punish clients in the future if they use the services of forced prostitutes.


The National Assembly is currently negotiating a new prostitution law. According to this, clients should pay a fine in the future if they approach prostitutes. Conversely, prostitutes have hitherto faced imprisonment or fines if they recruit potential clients. If the controversial law is adopted, the Senate will then deal with it.


Prostitution is legal, but there are many exceptions: Sex for sale with minors is just as punishable as forced prostitution. Having sex for sale with someone who has been forced to do so is a criminal offense, even if the circumstances are unknown. Pimping or running a brothel are also prohibited. Yet there are hundreds of brothels in London alone.


Prostitution is allowed in Italy, pimping and facilities like brothels are not. Clients and prostitutes remain unpunished as long as the women are not minors.


Buyable love is neither legal nor illegal. Attempts by the Spanish parliament to agree on a law regulating prostitution failed time and again. The camps are deeply divided: some want a total ban, others demand that prostitution be recognized as legal work.


Prostitution is not a criminal offense, brothels are tolerated. However, pimping or catching customers are punishable. Politicians are calling for the laws to be better applied, for example against human trafficking.


Prostitution and pimping are not punishable. The lifting of the brothel ban in 2000 brought prostitutes the status of self-employed entrepreneurs. A tightening of the laws to combat forced prostitution failed in parliament. Visiting an underage forced prostitute is a criminal offense.