What colors go with gray to dress

Fashion question: which color goes well with gray?

Which color goes with gray?

Are you wondering what color goes with gray clothes? It's simple: the neutral effect of gray ensures that it goes well with almost all other colors. Whether for bright colors, soft shades or muted tones:Gray always looks wonderfully elegant. Gray looks particularly classic in combination with white. For example, a white blouse with anthracite-colored Marlene trousers is an absolute office classic. Blue also goes perfectly with the trendy color. It doesn't matter which shades of blue you want to pair with the basic shade.

Just think about which look you are aiming for: dark blue looks particularly elegant, light blue looks fresh and modern in the combination. A dark blue sweater with a leopard blouse and a stone gray skirt, for example, is a perfect everyday look that can be easily pimped with colored accessories. Pastel pink and beige also go well with gray.

By the way, one does Complete look in gray always a very stylish impression. Simply combine different shades of gray from the same color family. A gray pair of trousers with a pale gray knitted sweater and a black and gray oversized coat immediately looks as if you have just escaped the streets of Copenhagen to make a cool fashion statement. With all combination fun, just make sure that the nuances have the same undertone: either bluish-cool or yellowish-warm.