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Unusual shots: kangaroos hop through rare snow in Australia

by Solvejg Hoffmann
Wild kangaroos are part of everyday life in Australia. But when they suddenly hop through a snowy landscape, it has an unreal impression. But exactly this scene was recently observed and filmed in the Australian state of New South Wales

It's winter in Australia right now. Near the town of Goulburn in the state of New South Wales, heavy snowfall now caused unusual scenes. The Australian Stephen Grenfell was driving his car on Taralga Road when he suddenly saw a group of kangaroos on the right-hand side moving across a snow-covered plateau. The nature-loving Australian Stephen Grenfell filmed this moment, posted the video on Twitter and wrote: "It's something you don't see every day even in Australia."

The video already has over 600,000 views

Within a very short time the video spread on the internet and became a viral hit. Just two days later, over 679,000 people saw the recordings from Australia - and people around the world are amazed.

In winter, snow is not uncommon in the mountainous regions of Australia further south - there are even ski areas in the Australian Alps. Even the Australians were amazed that kangaroos can already be seen in the snow at an altitude of 700 meters, where Goulburn is between Sydney and Canberra. Stephen Grenfell wrote in his Twitter post that he had never seen so much snow in the area.