Are there really huge human remains

Huge remains. Ancient inhabitants of the earth - huge people

The legends and legends of the giants who lived in ancient times have come to this day. At first glance, so what's special? The little fairy tales came with our ancestors. But the strange thing, these fairy tales have recently found more and more confirmation.

In the media, information about strange and mysterious finds from archaeologists - huge skeletons of people occasionally appear. If they really lived on earth in ancient times, the entire scientific picture of the world and the history of human development can be viewed as incomplete or generally wrong. Huge people: true or fictional?

In 2007, the Internet literally exploded sensational message and photographs in India skeletons of 12-meter Giants, the age of which was several thousand years. The reliability of this report adds a reference to the participation in the excavations of the archaeological group of the National Geographic Society of India.

But after a while it turned out that the photographs that document the sensational find were created with the help of Photoshop. Of course, it would be possible to calm down and say there is another modern fiction exposed here. But not that easy in fact.

An American researcher and paleontologist Michael Cremy in the book Unknown History of Mankind cites much evidence that seriously contradicts the established theory of human development. This data is normally shut down, it does not pass the so-called "knowledge filter", which displaces everything that does not fit into the existing picture of the world. Consider the existing facts that confirm the existence of the ancient giants. Nakhodka archaeologists: huge mummies and skeletons of giants

Here are just a few facts archaeologists find whose authenticity could not be disproved. In 1890, a huge sarcophagus was found in Egypt that contained a mummy of a three-meter red-haired woman with a child. This discovery dated the 2nd millennium in our era.

The appearance of women is very different from the appearance of the ancient Egyptians. In 1911, mummies of giant red-haired people were found in Nevada, USA, their growth ranged from 2.5 to 3 meters. Also in the state of Nevada in 1877, the human bones of the legs, feet and knees were found from prospectuses mining gold. Based on the size of the remains, the height of the person was 3.5 meters. However, this is not the most amazing, the fossil remains of the giant were inserted into quartzite, the age of which was 185 million years old, and this was the era of the dinosaurs.

Skeletons of the giants have been found in the Caucasus, China, Central Africa, North and South America, Europe. Sometimes these finds were not only surprised by their gigantic sizes. For example, in 1936 the skeletons of people whose growth was 3.5-3.75 meters were found in the German paleontologist Lars Kol. They were found in central Africa near the Elaisi. The most amazing thing was that these people had two rows of upper and lower teeth and very beveled chins.

Australia did not remain in the territory of this wider continent, not only many gigantic remnants, but their gigantic tools of labor. In 1985 a fossilized indigenous tooth was found there, the height of which was 6.7 cm. 4.2 cm wide. The growth of the tooth owner should be 7.5 meters, and the radiocarbon analysis data determined the age, which was 9 million years old.

This is not an exhaustive list of mysterious finds. Who are these people? Old Lemurries, or Atlanta is usually a completely unknown steed of humans? Is there any way to explain their gigantic growth? There's a pretty interesting explanation for this phenomenon. It is true, it is necessary to recognize the humans on earth and to recognize the existence of humans incomparably longer than is established by official science.

Analyzing the composition of air shells in an amber, scientists thanked that the era of the dinosaurs of oxygen in the air composition was incomparably more than it is now. Such a composition of the atmosphere caused the intense growth of plants and animals - all who inhabited ancient land. There is a hypothesis that there were giant people along with gigantic dinosaurs. Giant in legends and myths

Legends about giants are present in the mythology of many nations. The entire epic bogatyr giant Svyatogor is known. The Indian epic "Ramayan" describes its heroes as giants: the growth of the frame was 3 meters, Hanuman - 8 meters, and their enemies demons Rakshasa are described as 15-meter-BULWES. The ancient Greeks have legends on one-eyed giant cyclops, one of them - the polyfe mentioned in Homer's "Odyssey".

Of course, these are all heroes of the fabulous epic. However, modern scholars have taken a point of view that the authors of these ancient legends were very specifically thoughtful personalities who were not inclined to literary genres in the "fantasy" style. They described everything they saw, perhaps a little exaggerated. There are confirmations of the existence of a race from giants and from less distant eras. In Georgia, the moldings are preserved from a huge jeep that lived there relatively in the 17th century. Even his huge grave has been preserved.

E.P. Blavatskaya, describing the ancient races of the Lemurians and Atlantov in the "secret doctrine", emphasizes their gigantic growth. There are the same legends in the people of Tibet. Such information can even be found by ancient Greek historians. So the FEOPOMP, which in the century BC Chr. Lived. E., told about the breed of the giant Meropov, who lived on a large island in the Atlantic. So our mysterious and unpredictable world opened up another mystery. Whether humanity refuses to give up such a familiar picture of the world and realize that we actually know almost something about its origins and ancestors.

In the Bible, Veedas and myths of various peoples, the Rasa Giakanov, who once inhabited our planet, is mentioned. In the ancient legends it is said that these were the Atlanta giants, hoping for their physical strength and challenging the supreme beings or God. For this heaven, shaking this race, erased it from the face of the earth. Many "grammarians" who wish to interpret the sacred texts literally are constantly looking for evidence of these quotations. From time to time people would stumble upon giant vertebrae or fragments of other remains of the great ones, as these finds gave rise to speculation that these are giant skeletons of people.

The adepts of hypotheses about extraterrestrial (alien) were also made to the contribution, but also heated public interest in the old giants of the accumulating editions, from time to time brought articles about alleged sensational discoveries. In order not to give unfounded, they and published pictures of the place of the finds, on which the skeletons of huge people are clearly visible. The photo was demonstrated by the restricted remains of the preserved giant, and next to him are small figures of archaeologists. Based on the average growth of modern, considering such a picture, it is easy to imagine the growth of the dead - about 20 meters.

One strange trend is alarming, however. Despite the different regions where the results of the skeletons of giants were supposedly produced - India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Greece, South Africa, Portugal and Kenya - a template all happened. Stumbled on the remains by accident, in the course of geological intelligence or when paving the streets. Immediately at the site of the excavation was the military, who shoveled the region and hid the find from the public eye. And that's why there was no other evidence in the hands of scientists, except for the snapshot from the helicopter.

At the same time, both articles and photos, supposedly confirmed funds, multiplied. The giant was then ten feet, then eight, then a record 24. In addition, it seemed a little above photos) on the burial ground began to find sound signs - then in Sanskrit, then in Arabic - about the fact that the giants belong to one or the other mentioned in Veedas or Bible. The inscriptions were of course also confiscated by an evil military, for some reason to hide the historical truth.

Finally, in 2007, National Geography conducted its study of one of the images. It turned out that the backdrop for excavations during which the giant human skeletons were found served as an archaeological expedition to Cornelia University. Indeed, in the city of Heid-Park of New York, on September 16, 2000, scientists did not find any remains of the ancient giant, but fragments of the skeleton ... MastoDont, who lived 13 thousand years ago.

Soon the author of the "sensational Snapkie" was discovered. They turned out to be iron kites. In addition, this man did not want to mislead anyone. He simply submitted his photo montage to a graphic design competition held by one of the locations. In addition, there are even awards for a third place. The competition was attended by a variety of Photoshop masters presented to the jury of the jury - from honestly funny to an "almost serious" one. In 2007, the National Geographic Society made a statement that no remains of the giants were found, that the gigantic skeletons of people are myth and fake of esoteric.

There are vintage legends and legends of existence on earth of men and legends as well as the Bible. The confirmation served the finds of archaeologists and anthropologists, cases of contacts of famous historical figures with living giants. And finally, in our world, concrete citizens of great growth live and live.

Giant - heroes of the old tales

This is what the Bible tells us: "At that time they were gigid on earth, especially as the time of God's sons began to part in the daughters of man and they began to build them. These are strong, sincere, kind people" (Old Testament . Being, 6: 4); "... we also saw the Gigiden, the sons of Enrenes, of the gigantic kind; And we were in our eyes before them, like a locust, we were alike in their eyes" (the Old Testament. Numbers, 13: 34).

Bogatyr - Giant Svyatogor

And the legendary biblical Goliath, nearly ten feet giant philistine, drew the ranks of his enemies, throws cobblestones into them with a cabbage kochan. Despite gigantic growth and enormous physical strength, however, he fought in the martial arts against the Shepherd David, the young people "ordinary" greats, who later became the king of the Israeli-Jewish state and the rules of approx. 1005-965 to our era.

In Greek mythology, giants (titans) are mentioned - monstrous giants, the goddess of the land of gays born from the blood of the blood of the sky of the sky of uranium. They rebelled against the Olympian gods, were defeated by them with the help of Hercules and hacked deep into the land in Tartar.

According to the Babylonian Epic on the Creation of the World, the supreme divine of this Marduk civilization, the patron saint of the city of Babylon, was so high that it was superior to the growth of all the remaining gods and possessed great power as well.

Among the heroes of the Russian medieval epic are Svyatogor of Svyatogor, the associate of Ilya Muromets, and Mikula Selyaninovich, the bogatyr who had great height and supernatural power.

The Russian ethnographer and writer, about one of the Prosecutor's Office of the Peoples of the North, created for them at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, in her monograph "Chukchi" quotes the legends of these people who were once the tribe of very high People lived under the snow-covered Starks tundra.

In the villages and villages of western Ukraine still sing the old Hutsul song about the giants that lived in the ancient Carpathian mountainside. This song was used in one of his masterpieces - the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" - an excellent director Sergei Paradzhanov. Here is the beginning of this song:

Before there lived giantson the mile step.
And like hands raised -
heaven has been delivered.

Live communication in the past

The Roman historian von Sallyusti, who in the first century BC Chrc owned a luxurious property known to all of Rome as "Salleustia Gardens". And they guarded their two giants - Skündela and Punkt, which most of the city's residents also knew. And not just because of its ten foot tall growth, but because of the wild ingredients that forced all kinds of thieves and hooligans to evade ownership of the seating.

And another ancient historian Joseph Flavius, who lived in the first century, wrote that among the hostages of the Persian king in Rome there was an Elyazar - the Jewish giant who rose almost 3.5 meters. This gigner, however, did not differ in particular physical violence nor weigh, but it became famous for its elevation. In regularly satisfied competitions "Wer re-heft", he won all competitors without exception.

In the Scottish historical chronicles of the XII century, it is said that King Yujina's court led a local huge growth of more than 3.5 meters. However, he looked pale and painful, so the king ordered to lead this weak monster from the castle and his court did not take it.

Communicate with people of great growth also known to travelers. The great Spanish navigator Fernan Magellan in 1520 during the winter in the San Julian Bay off the coast of Patagonia (Argentina) met the giant to whom he could barely get his head to his belt. Magellan's people caught two of these aborigines with the intention of delivering them as gifts to the King of Charles I. However, the natives who got stuck in the shackles did not get the long passage over the sea and died. Their bodies were thrown overboard.

And the famous English Corsair and the maritime traveler, Vice Admiral Francis Drake, during his circular swim in 1578, in a Wakten magazine that on the shores of Patagonia, had a skirmish with primeval soaks, the growth of which was at least 2.8 meters.

Very great people of the last century

Today there is actual data on a number of people who lived in our time whose growth has bored the average. It was officially reported that Robert Pershing Wozlou (1918-1940) from the American city of Olk, Illinois, was officially enrolled, the highest past century. When this proportional physique died, his growth was 272 centimeters, weight is 199 kilograms, and the length of the foot - 49 centimeters.

Other very high personalities are known: American John William Rogan (1868-1905) - 264 centimeters, John F. Carroll (1932-1969) - 263 centimeters, Don Kochler (1925-1981) - 249 centimeters, Bernard Koen (1897-1921 ) - 248 centimeters, as well as Finn von Common Mylllurin (1909-1963) - 251 centimeters.

As for women, the tallest of them is still considered to be the young Chinese farmer Jen Jinlyan (1964-1982) from Hunan Province. It was a growth of 248 centimeters.

Among the giants were brothers Baptist and Antoine Hugo (Baptiste Hugo and Antoine Hugo). They were also called "Alpine Giants" and "Gemini Hugo".

They were very popular in the late 19th century, traveled all over Europe with speeches that were performed in America. The older brother was in North Africa where I was surrounded by local residents for photos.

At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 he appeared as "Gargantua from Paris" and "Giant from old Paris". The younger brother of Antoin was 2 m 25 cm tall, and the older brother Baptist constantly claimed that he had the tallest man on earth.

Russian giant bogatyr.

In December 1906, the St. Petersburg newspapers reported that "the other day arrived in St. Petersburg and is shown in one of the auditoriums. Russian gestor Fyodor Makhnov with a height of 2 meters 68 centimeters, which has not yet hit part of the world. "

Fyodor was born in 1878 in the peasant family, on the farm near the village of costumes under Vitebsk. He began the career of "world famous living exhibition" in the circus at the age of 14, with which he later toured the world, causing amazement and admiration for the public everywhere.

In the first contract, Makhnova, which he signed at the age of 16, it was found that his growth was 3 ARSHIN 9 cameras, that is, 253 centimeters. After numerous testimonies, afterwards, afterwards it has grown. Warsaw anthropologist Lushan has fixed his record growth - 285 centimeters.

"To give at least an idea of ​​the size of his body, let's say his trunk, barely going to the knee, reaches the chest of a normal man, and a 12-year-old boy could fit in," the magazine reported in 1903 1903 "Nature and People".

Makhnova's physical strength was huge: during the performances, he quickly brought horseshoes, twisted spirals from iron bars, was able to attract a platform with a game orchestra ...

The public, of course, was also interested in the personal life of the Russian giant. The newsmakers found out and told readers that he is "in excellent health," he is married and has five children, but the growth is perfectly normal.

Fedor Makhnow, to live as exposed, was tired of Fedor Makhnow, and he returned to his native places, where the new farm received the money he had earned. Unfortunately, the "Russian Gullivier" family idyll lasted a long time: he died in August 1912 when he was only 34 years old.

The official cause of death was inflammation of the lungs, but rumors were rumored that Fyodor Makhnov became a victim of his competitors - circus giants and a smaller-caliber strength that was poisoned.

Fyodor Makhnova's grave has been preserved so far. You can read the inscription on it: "The highest person in the world. The growth was 3 arshi out of 9 VERSHKOV." Right, his remains are not there. In 1939, the Minsk Medical Institute proposed the giant's widow and son to give them the body for the benefit of science. The agreed remains were removed from the three-meter coffin and drove into Minsk. During the war, the building of the institute was destroyed, and subsequently the skeleton could not find Makhnova.

Our great contemporaries

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest man now lives in Turkey. This was born by Sultan Kesen in 1982, its growth is 251 centimeters.

However, there is a contemporary and higher one. Leonid Stade, born in 1971, has a growth of 253 centimeters and a weight of 200 kilograms. And continues to grow! And from the Guinness Book of Records "rest on his own request" left the next official procedure of checkweighing. Now the Ministry of Finance lives in his home village. Podolantei is the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine.

It is impossible not to be silent (and, alas, to remember) another giant, our contemporaries. This is Alexander Siemenko, born in 1959 in the village of Zaporizhia Kherson region of Ukraine and died on January 5, 2012 in St. Petersburg. His growth was 243 centimeters, he was the tallest basketball player "of all times and peoples" of the USSR and Russia. Alexander was a student of the Leningrad sports cartridge, played the team "Builder" in Kuibyshev and Spartak in Leningrad.

And the greatest representative of the fair sex today is Indian Siddig Parvin. Its growth is 2 meters 46 centimeters.

In 2009, in the area of ​​the ancient village of Tadakavsh, in the southeastern part of the Kulyab region, in the Kulyab region, a group of locals in earthworks accidentally discovered a human skeleton with a rise of 2.5 meters.

Many remains of very tall people have been found in the Caucasus in the last century. In 2000, the skeletons of four meter giants were found in the mountain cave in eastern Georgia, archaeologists were discovered.
On August 6, 2008, the property of "mysterious mythical beings" was even shown on the First Moscow Canal, the skeletons of which were found in the Borjevsky Gorge.

The significance of this truly sensational find is that in the mountains of Georgia the ancient settlements that were once more inhabited were found. Traditions telling of the mysterious highlands of the Borzomsky Gorge were carried over from mouth to mouth, but the stories of the hunters about the ancient mighty gigars seemed fantastic. Recently, however, the waters of the mountain rivers blurred the ancient races of the canyon and the legends of the past came to life. The surfaces of an ancient settlement and many skeletons of gigantic human growth were on the surface. Commenting on the opening, Abbezhal Vekua, academician at the Georgia Academy of Sciences, said the Nakhodka could become a sensation. According to him, among scientists, the topic associated with human giants inhabiting individual areas of Eurasia in ancient times has long been debated. The scientist showed the discovered fragments of skeletons that were extensively larger in size than the bone of modern people: "Pay attention to the femur bone, it differs from the bone of a modern man in its size and thickness. The skull is also much larger. These people lived and evolved from the rest of civilization, therefore, and therefore they differed in growth. In the scientific literature they are called giants, but there was no documentary evidence to support this hypothesis ... "According to experts, the growth of these Gigiden was anywhere from 2.5 to 3 meters and they were incredibly powerful. In fact, this discovery is not the only and not the most sensational: skeletons found significantly greater growth in different parts of the world, but its special value is that the discovery is made public, it was not possible to bury him when it was made usually done through unlawful instructions. This is very important, since the fact of the existence of a group of people of such growth in antiquity completely shrouds in antiquity the false official teaching on the evolution of mankind.

To show that human giants were not an extraordinary phenomenon, it is possible to bring an example of the ancient burial in one of the cities of the Azov region - the city of Mariupol. The neighborhood of the town is in the town of stone tombs with the old mounds. 24 burials were discovered in one of the mounds, including very tall skeletons.

In 2001, July 23rd, Marvin Rainwater, the owner of the Iowa, United States farm, the grave with mummified folk greed giant growth of 3 meters was discovered while digging the well. And who are the most famous Easter Islands known to everyone?

Proof of Real Existence In the past on earth, the giants are numerous prints of their feet feet that are found on every continent in different races, with ages in tens, and even a few hundred million years.

For example, in 1930, near Basarsta, Australia, prospectors of Jasper's development often found fossil prints of large human legs. Rasa Giant people whose remains were found in Australia called anthropologists Megantropus. The growth of these people was 210 to 365 centimeters. Megantropies are similar to giantopitekami, the remains of which are found in China. According to the found fragments of the cheeks and several teeth, the growth of Chinese giants was 3 to 3.5 meters, and the weight was 400 kilograms. Near the bazaar, in river sediments, there were stone artifacts of huge weight and size - batons, stoves, chisels, knives, and axes. Modern homo-sapiens could hardly work tools weighing 4 to 9 kilograms. The anthropological expedition that specially studied this area in 1985, for the presence of the remains of the meguanthropes, excavations at a depth of three meters from the surface of the earth, Australian researchers, which, among other things, was an indigenous tooth height 67, and a width of 42 millimeters. The owner of the tooth should have had an increase of at least 7.5 meters in weight, 370 kilograms! The hydrocarbon analysis identified the age of the finds, which was nine million years old. In Tanzania, a trace of a human foot is 80 cm long. Similar traces in Nevada in America. Geologists The age of the discovered rock is defined in 200-240 million years. An even more unexpected imprint was found by the American archaeologist W. J. Mason Nevdavena from the city of Delta. There the age of rocks dates from 510-590 million years.

Where did these amazing tribes of the giants, who lived in our country 60 million years, appear before us and for some unknown reason had already disappeared during the memory of the current person? Scientists don't have a single opinion about it yet.

Who inhabited our planet by us? Hypothesis scientist

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries among the educated intelligence with mystical looks there was a popular hypothesis about the possibility of existence on earth numerous, replaced by one another, races. In my opinion, one of the last such races lived on the mainland of Lemuria. This race had an ascent of up to 50 meters. After the natural crushing of the mainland, the remains of the trunk were supposedly isolated, which led to their degeneration. The growth of humans at that time decreased from 50 to 15-10 meters and then up to 5 meters.

Detailed research and hypothesis on the civilizations of Lemurians and Atlanta are carried out by our contemporary Ernst Muldashev in their books, which has done many research expeditions in the world, including Tibet, in the historical district of Shambala.

Despite the differences of opinion, all scientists agree on one that the atmospheric, natural, and other living conditions of an ancient person were substantially different from the most modern. According to Russian physics V. Shemshuk, the atmospheric pressure of an ancient person's time was 8-9 times more than the current, and the thickness of the fertile soil reached 20-30 meters.

According to Shemshuk, people were really gigids during those times. Asurov's growth reached up to 54 meters, on the Atlanta, which is in the present, 18 meters, and later greetings decreased to 6 meters.

According to the famous scientist Karl BOM's assumption, in the past the existing natural conditions affected the increased growth of a person, but later natural conditions changed dramatically and people began to be "smallest".

In his own opinion, the atmospheric ozone layer was much thicker, but later it fell seven times. The decreasing thickness of the ozone layer led to the weakening of human protection from solar radiation, which necessarily impaired plants, animals and man.

Following this logic, it can be assumed that if we, modern humans, demote, who have ever lived on the creatures, then giants should be much more perfect. Numerous myths about the golden age, powerful gigars and heroes sound in full with such an assumption.

And according to the anthropologist F. Waydenesic from Germany, Giantopiteki, that is, giant primates were already humans. They turned to those who followed them, Megantropov, and these, degenerating and very slowed down, turned into modern people. If such a hypothesis turns out to be true, then the profound Charles Darwin and apes will go into a well-deserved rest.

It was documented that the growth in the new (our) time of the tallest man was up to 280 cm. And on the smallest woman herself - about 50 cm. We see the difference in more than five times. If the place of this little woman inserts a person with an average height of 170 cm, then the huge man will reach more than 9 meters. Because the assumption that nine meters people could live on earth is not so incredible.

If we flood ourselves into a nightmarish next-world opportunity, then the next generation of homo-sapiens will be under the tables - walk on the table, and put on the table huge memorials to people from the past - that is, we are with you.

"In one of the deserted districts of India, the name" Empty Quarter "was discovered from a skeleton of a giant.

Nakhodka is part of the National Geographic Society (Indian Division) team that conducted archaeological excavations with the support of the Indian Army.

In the burial place there were also plans with letters converted by Indian scientists. According to deciphered texts, the skeleton belongs to one of the giants generated by Brahma in the dawn of mankind in order to maintain order in human society, which prevents wars in humans. Such giants were very tall and strong, could grab the trunk of a tree and snap by the root. Ancient mythology says that the genes of such giants are in themselves one of the Pandavov brothers - the son of Bhima. Subsequently, the giants, kicked with a special power, turned against the old gods and put out the war with them. Hence the giants were destroyed by Lord Shiva. The team at the National Geographic Society (Indian Division) believe they managed to find one of these giants.

The Government of India classified a finding and giving access to the territory of excavations to anyone other than the members of the national geographic society.

Based on this, we can conclude that the ancient legends and prophecies in the sacred Vedic scriptures are not fiction but the truth.

Even in ordinary Russian folk tales, which, as we have repeatedly mentioned, are constant, there are always such heroes, as Holy Mountain, Dobrynya, Valigor, Gorryna, Verphora, Vertigora, Valygor, Duboder, Validub, Outerwear, Duboder, Recruiting. The fairy tales tell us that these heroes were really giants and rooted to pull out huge oaks, but a good one that priests had and use their power only for good deeds, or in battle with the forces of darkness, good and justice protect. Note that the burials found in India that were found in India also speak of it.

In all ancient written sources that have come to us: In the Vedas, Avesta, EDDE, Bible, Chinese and Tibetan chronicles, giants are reported everywhere. Even in Asi-RIY clinics, clay signs, the giant is the Iszdubar, who died over all other people like a cedar over a bush.

The Tibetan monk Trompa testifies that in the next devotion he was led to the underground monastery, where two bodies - women and men - dealt with a growth of 5 and 6 meters respectively. Charles Fort reports the giant skeletons of people who still refuse to recognize official "science".

It is easy to know that it is easy not to understand the appointment of megalithic structures, for example mengirines, dolmens, the terrace of Bealbeck, etc., etc. It was not a whim, simply the growth of old people did not allow the construction of smaller sizes.

At this point, an ancient Russian expression can be attributed: "Syazhen in the shoulders." Sashen is an old measure, equal to 2 m. 13 cm. 13 cm. Based on goniometry of the human body with a two-year threatening shoulder, human growth should be 6 meters (since the shoulders and growth in men correlate as 1: 3). The six-meter statue symbolizes a hyperboran culture that existed for a little over 4,000 years. And finally, the fourth statue is the growth of humans in our modern civilization, with a duration of life less than 100 years. Born baby is three times less than normal human growth. Of course, if after the pressure drop in the atmosphere from 8 to the first atmosphere, the growth increases, then this order is natural: from 54 meters, people decreased to 18 meters, from 18 to 6 and from 6 to 2, i.e. from 54 meters to 18 meters. H. All the time from 6 to 2, i.e. H. Growth decreased three times.

There were 50-100 thousand years old who lived, and according to Purana, their number was 33 million. After their death as a result of a nuclear war, only a few tens of thousands remained. Then where were their cities? According to Vedic scriptures, the giants had three heavenly cities: gold, silver, and iron, and the rest of the cities were under the ground. That is why there are no traces on earth. There is neither the cultural class, nor a grave, nor a large number of material residues. The whole life of the giants took place or under the ground (where so far speleologists found a lot of interesting things) or in flying cities. On the surface of the earth there were only temples with sacred groves and totemaries, scientific stations (mainly biological and astrological), cosmodromes, similar to those in the Naska desert (South America), fruit gardens and a very small land quickly under farmland. Now it becomes clear why the melicometer tunnels are redirected throughout the planet, found in Altai, Urals, Tien Shan, the Caucasus, Sahara, Gobi, in North and South America. One of these tunnels connects Morocco with Spain. The Giants used them for all sorts of subsistence needs along with WAITA-WE and WEITMAR (Heavenly Cities).

You see, our real life, their past, present and future is actually much more interesting and mysterious than what they told us in schools, institutes, on television. Hence, we are simply obliged to deal with our training ourselves, think and analyze your head and maybe at least a little bit closer to the truth.

How to find the find!

Why scientists are hiding this information in all respects is only now becoming known. Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that scientists on each row with all the truths and inconsistencies hide this information, since it does not fit into these foundations of the world that we have described from the childhood of history.

For a long time on the planet there are burial sites, and more often - the remains of dead huge people. They burrow all over the world, both on land and underwater in the seas and oceans. Another confirmation is a find in Yakutia. The group of independent researchers has been involved in this topic for many years and formed a real picture of what was on our planet 12-20,000 years ago. But it wasn't that long ago!

The growth of giants during life was from 4 to 12 meters, next to a great physical strength, they possessed phenomenal mental abilities. This is not the mysterious civilization of Atlanta alone taking into account mythical and other actual and deceased and deceased and deceased worth.

So the researchers argue that this civilization of the Giants the pyramids lined up not only in Egypt, but on the territory of the entire planet, the total number of pyramids of the erected number more than 600. In addition, the construction was carried out in strictly given geometry.

The pyramids were erected without the slave forces not pulling ordinary formwork, that is, the boulders, far and pouring a permanent concrete composition into wooden molds with the help of a simple technology that is now being used! And the purpose of them was energy and in connection with space energy, the use of which we are still unknown.

This is then just another civilization of the people, especially the Egyptians who worship almighty gods who built the pyramids and made the tomb of them for pharaohs, this is a religion and a separate subject. As you understand, the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids themselves!

The most interesting question is why such giants could exist and why died !?

The fact is that scientists are expressing the version of the four moons, and gravity on the planet was completely different, and atmospheric pressure was different, with such physical conditions people giants could feel great and live carelessly. And death is caused by a catastrophe, a drop in the three moons on the surface of the earth.

The researchers refute this theory as they envision themselves what envision what will happen when, at least now, our moon comes close to our planet. This is not the end of the world, but simply the death of it. So there is an opinion that gravity was different on the planet, and around the earth there was an ice asteroid belt like rings around Saturn.

Therefore, the planet was extremely enriched with oxygen, which gave a strong impetus to the development of not only gigantic people, but also the animal world. As a result of the change of the sticks and other cosmic changes, the ice belt struck the earth with a water break that led to the death of this civilization, and climatic changes were already close to our physics today.

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