Is a cold night shower bad

Morning or evening: when is the right time to shower?

Most of us take a shower at least once a day - we have that in common. Some jump from bed into the shower in the morning, others prefer to wash themselves in the evening before going to sleep. Of course there are also some who do it-so-so-so, but overall opinions on this matter differ greatly. what is the best time to take care of your body under the shower? Showering in the morning or better showering in the evening?

We have listed the advantages of each variant so that you can form your own opinion!

1. You start the day fresh

What could be nicer than having a fresh shower and starting the day sparkling clean? The cool water is refreshing and really wakes us up. Even the stinky subway on the way to work can no longer harm you!

2. The cycle gets going

In the morning you are usually a little wrinkled - that is quite normal. But even the first jets of water on your head wake your body and mind and get us going. This way the day starts well!

3. Good for oily skin

Did you know that a kind of oily protective film forms on the skin overnight? Anyone who is already struggling with oily skin should definitely take a shower in the morning!

4. Super hair styling

Anyone who takes a shower in the evening sleeps with the risk of waking up the next morning with an absolute riot. Morning showers, on the other hand, can style their freshly washed hair as they please.

5. You don't have to feel like sleeping

There are people who dislike the morning musty smell that can sometimes arise in bed. Showering in the morning is of course the perfect weapon!

6. Refreshment in summer and warming up in winter

In summer you tend to sweat at night and in winter you can hardly get out from under the covers because you are cold. Having a morning shower can help with both of these problems. It can cool down and refresh, but also warm up!

1. It goes clean and fresh to bed

After a long day, there is nothing better than washing all of the everyday grime off your body. Incidentally, ideal for allergy sufferers, then the common pollen is washed off. Don't you also love to step into a freshly made bed, freshly showered? Gorgeous!

2. You can take your time

While you are under time pressure in the morning to get ready, you can take a lot of time with the shower in the evening. That makes the whole thing even more relaxing!

3. You can sleep longer in the morning

If you shower in the evening, you don't have to set the alarm clock to ensure that you allow enough time to shower. On the contrary: evening showers can get ready in no time!

4. No double shower saves water

People who shower in the morning and then exercise in the evening usually have to shower twice a day. Anyone who always takes a shower in the evening does not have this problem!

5. It is better to fall asleep

As is well known, a warm shower has a relaxing and calming effect - especially after a long, maybe even strenuous day. Then your muscles can loosen in the warm steam and the tension of the day falls away from you, so that you can sleep really well.

6. Dry skin is combated

Did you know that a kind of oily protective film forms on the skin overnight? Anyone who suffers from dry skin should keep it and therefore prefer to shower in the evening.

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