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Telesales B2B
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Telesales B2B - how to build trust efficiently

Would you like to find out which products, solutions and services your prospective customers actually need? When it comes to finding new customers for your company, questions like these are best answered in person. As an efficient method of acquiring new customers, telesales enables you to react flexibly to the needs of your prospective customers. In this way you gradually build trust in your leads - and with a little negotiating skills you will quickly win them as new customers for your products, solutions and services.


Telesales B2B

What is Telesales B2B?

What are the advantages of telesales B2B?

The right telesales strategy - that has to be considered

  1. Telesales B2B - these products and services are suitable
  2. Telesales B2B - the perfect price for your products and services
  3. Telesales B2B - the right sales models and payment options

Success with telesales B2B - internal team vs. external telesales agency

Long-term tele account management for your telesales B2B

Telesales B2B with "alivello"

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What is telesales?

Telesales B2B is talked about when companies sell their products, solutions and services in a face-to-face conversation on the phone. The sales representative asks his interlocutor about his current challenges and presents him - adapted to his needs - the products, solutions and services to be sold. Until the interested party is completely convinced, the telephone seller must succeed in the follow-up discussions with open questions to find out more about the situation of the interested party. By continuing to respond flexibly to its situation, the telesales agent should succeed in convincing the interested party to buy the products, solutions and services offered. As soon as this is done, the Telesales employee causes the responsible department of his company to create the offer for the interested party, record it in the forecast and send it to the interested party.

Telesales B2B thus differs from other forms of telephone sales support such as telemarketing and telephone lead generation. While entrepreneurs mainly use B2B telemarketing to qualify addresses, analyze potentials or support events, telephone lead generation mainly aims to generate new prospects for sales projects or to arrange appointments for sales employees.

What are the advantages of telesales B2B?

If you decide to sell your company's products, solutions and services through telesales, it will bring many benefits for your company advantages with himself.

  • Telesales B2B is a very good strategic sales channel with which you can easily increase your sales.
  • In telesales, employees who specialize in cold calling speak to your prospects in person.
  • In Telesales B2B, existing prospects can easily be qualified upwards within your lead funnel.

Telesales and other marketing measures complement each other perfectly. In this way, contacts that have arisen via social selling on LinkedIn, for example, can be further qualified to new prospects in the B2B telesales.

Increase lead rates by 252%?

Customers who use sales support to generate leads received an average of 252% more leads from the collaboration.

You can find 10 years of evaluation of sales projects in our article.

The telesales strategy - that has to be taken into account

If you decide to build a telesales team in your company, you should follow a well-planned strategy for doing so. Although the hoped-for “dream quotas” will probably not come about immediately, you can ensure that you will sell your products, solutions and services profitably in the long term via telesales. But that's not all - a long-term and forward-looking telesales also lowers the sales costs of the project.

Telesales B2B - these products and services are suitable

You should use B2B telesales in particular if it is not worthwhile to market your products and services through the sales force. In addition, it is crucial for the success of your telesales that the products, solutions and services can be easily and well explained in the sales talk. Complex functionality descriptions and technical challenges tend to be a hindrance. In contrast, in the technical industry and IT, for example, service contracts, hardware components and software solutions can be sold well in telesales. If the telesales agents can access online demos, web presentations and well-prepared documents with case studies at the same time, this effect will be even greater.

Telesales B2B - the perfect price for your products and services

The costs for a telesales agent are well below those for a sales representative in the field. Investments of a "manageable" size with a low margin are therefore best suited for active telephone sales. Experience has shown that the products or services to be offered in telesales should not exceed an investment of 5,000 to 10,000 euros.

However, there is no ideal price for the products, solutions and services to be sold. Experience shows that higher-volume sales can also be sold well in telesales if the employees, for example, act with test positions or support sales employees and partner managers in the project business.

Which payment options and sales models are suitable for telesales?

The payment options and sales models that the telesales agents offer their interlocutors play a major role in the success of the telesales project. If a prospect has to pay for the product or service to be sold, for example by credit card, it is certainly more difficult to convince them of a telephone purchase with the budget amount per order than with a purchase on account. Chargeable test phases, which software companies like to offer for their products, can have a very positive effect on the sales success in telesales

With telesales B2B to success - internal team or external telesales agency

Many companies are faced with the strategic decision of whether to set up their own internal department for their telesales activities or, better, to commission a specialized service provider. At this point it is often a good idea to combine both approaches. For example, it can pay off to bring an external telesales service provider on board for three to four years.

With their professional support, the company can learn how to best implement telesales. In the next step, the company can gradually build up its own telesales team or even take over the entire activity from the service provider. But also in the start-up phase of your own telesales team, important strategic decisions have to be made. The challenges include, for example, looking after and developing the telephone sales team and recruiting the right employees. The IT setup should also make it possible to evaluate the relevant telesales key figures. Even in this transition phase, an external telesales service provider is always a helpful partner for the company.

Reduce costs per lead by 72%?

An evaluation of all sales projects of the past 10 years has shown that lead costs in long-term projects (> 6 months) can reduce the costs per lead by 72%.

You can find more exciting results in our evaluation.

With long-term telesales B2B towards higher sales

In order for a telesales team to achieve the medium-term success that a company confirms in its strategic decisions, lead-up and start-up phases of six to twelve months are required. It would be presumptuous to expect that every move with telesales will be right from the start and that sales will roll with the final implementation. Rather, the telesales team has to do acquisition work for several months before success can be achieved. But with this as a basis, the sales force will be able to generate adequate sales and income for you over time. Telesales is therefore not a sprint, but a strategic decision for sustainable sales success.

And you will see - staying power pays off in telesales. Professional telesales agents who sell products, solutions and services over the phone all year round and pursue their job with fun and passion can generate six to seven-figure sales.

Depending on whether you are mainly dealing with new or existing customers, these revenues will of course vary. It also plays a role whether your telesales is part of the project business, whether you offer a “consumer product” and whether there is potential for cross-selling and upselling.

More success in telesales B2B with "alivello"

If you decide to commission the B2B telesales agency "alivello" with your telesales project, you will benefit in many ways:

  • We analyze your needs and align your telesales B2B in such a way that it improves your profitability.
  • We sell your products, solutions and services effectively through our call center.
  • We achieve higher conversion rates for you and save time and money at the same time.

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