How do you prevent muscle cramps

Muscle cramps - what helps against sudden pain?

Every athlete knows the feeling: During training, the calf muscles suddenly contract spasmodically. A dreaded phenomenon. Because usually muscle cramps are so painful that you can hardly stand on your feet. And at the crucial moment - for example shortly before the shot on goal - a muscle cramp can not only be annoying, but also cause injury.

Mineral water helps

If you want to reliably prevent muscle spasms, you should above all drink enough. Because when you sweat, the body loses valuable fluids, so-called electrolytes.

After just one hour of exercise, fluid loss can have a noticeable effect on performance. Because the lactic acid produced by muscle work is then no longer flushed out, but collects in the muscles and causes hyperacidity there. Only regular drinking, if possible before you become thirsty, can prevent this.

Rule of thumb for drinking

As a rule of thumb for active athletes, when exercising for more than half an hour, about 150 ml (a small glass) of carbonated mineral water should be drunk every 15 to 20 minutes. With long-term exposure, 250 ml (milliliters) of medicinal water with a high HCO³ content can also be drunk "prophylactically". In addition, a diet rich in magnesium should be ensured. Bananas or nuts - enjoyed as a small snack between meals - are rich in magnesium.

If a muscle spasm does occur, a soft, shaking massage will help to relieve the spasm. First aid for calf cramps: press your heel down firmly while pulling your toes up.