What is the most dangerous city in Japan

Ranking: The safest and most dangerous cities in the world

At our holiday destination we want one thing above all: to feel good. Therefore, fear of terrorist attacks, violence, natural disasters or serious traffic accidents can influence the choice of the destination of the next city break.

The “Economist” took this as an opportunity to compare 60 cities around the world in terms of security, the result: the “Safe Cities Index 2019”.

These criteria make a city safe or unsafe

57 criteria were assessed in four categories: “Personal security” takes into account the city's crime statistics, in particular violent crime and terrorism. "Digital security" includes, among other things, the frequency of cyber attacks. "Infrastructure security" evaluates how good roads, bridges, rails and buildings are. “Health care” refers, among other things, to the availability and efficiency of hospitals and emergency services.

Asian metropolises are at the forefront. The safest city is and will remain Tokyo, with 92 out of 100 possible points - Japan's capital already took first place in the safest cities in 2017 and 2015.

Tokyo scores above all in terms of digital security, while Singapore has the edge when it comes to infrastructure and personal security, which is why the city-state also comes in second. Osaka scores above all in health care and ranks third overall.

Overview: The safest cities in the world

1Tokyo (Japan)92,0
2Singapore (Singapore)91,5
3Osaka (Japan)90,9
4Amsterdam, Netherlands)88,0
5Sydney (Australia)87,9
6Toronto (Canada)87,8
7Washington, D.C. (UNITED STATES)87,6
8Copenhagen (Denmark)87,4
8Seoul (South Korea)87,4
10Melbourne (Australia)87,3

Two European cities made it into the top 10: Amsterdam in fourth place, mainly because of the good health care, and Copenhagen in eighth place - the good rating of personal safety stands out above all. The only city in Germany in the ranking is Frankfurt - the metropolis ranks 16th.

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In last place is Nigeria's largest city, Lagos, where things are looking particularly bad when it comes to health care and personal safety.

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Far behind in terms of health care is the ranking after Caracas in Venezuela, overall the city comes in penultimate place. Rangoon in Myanmar is at the bottom of the list when it comes to digital security, overall the city ranks third from bottom.

Overview: The most unsafe cities in the world

60Lagos (Nigeria)38,1
59Caracas (Venezuela)40,1
58Yangon (Myanmar)41,9
57Karachi (Pakistan)43,5
56Dhaka (Bangladesh)44,6
55Cairo (Egypt)48,6
54Casablanca (Morocco)53,5
53Jakarta (Indonesia)54,5
52New Delhi (India)55,0
51Bogotá (Colombia)55,1

Murder Rate: The Most Dangerous Cities

The “Safe Cities Index” is not the only ranking devoted to safety in cities. For example, a Mexican non-governmental organization created one that only refers to the number of homicides.

Only cities from Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil appear in this ranking of the world's most dangerous cities. It is therefore the most unsafe in Tijuana.