Has Amazon Christmas sales

The top products on Amazon for Christmas

Panagiotis Kolokythas

On December 13th, 2010 more products were bought than ever before on Amazon.de. According to Amazon, over 2.1 million products have been sold.

EnlargeThe top products on Amazon for Christmas

Amazon can look back on a successful Christmas business. The peak day on Amazon.de was December 13, 2010. On this day, over 2.1 million products, or 24 products per second, were ordered on Amazon.de. On the peak day in 2009, there were still 1.7 million items.

The most successful day worldwide at Amazon was on November 29th. On that day, over 13.7 million products were ordered on all Amazon websites worldwide. That corresponds to around 158 orders per second.

According to Amazon, December 20th was the peak day at the four German logistics centers. On that day, 1.4 million articles left Leipzig, Werne or one of the two logistics centers in Bad Hersfeld. On that day, 374 trucks were required to deliver the articles. Articles made the longest trips from German logistics centers to Auckland in New Zealand, Werther in American Samoa or Nadi Town on the Fiji Islands. On the Fiji Islands, 16,155 kilometers away, a user ordered the DVD "Tina Turner - One Last Time Live in Concert".

The top sellers on Amazon.de during the Christmas business (November 1 - December 22, 2010):