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Mount the flow switch on the garden pump

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there was also a flow switch on my garden pump. Now I'm a little confused because in the assembly instructions no seal is prescribed between the metal thread of the pump and the plastic of the flow switch, but between the outlet thread of the flow switch and the subsequent hose?

Will the pump hold tight despite this missing seal or will the water come towards me? Request for information or experience





Oh I think I now understand what you mean. There is a connector between the pump and the switch on the switch. Presumably one side has no seal because it is a conical, self-sealing connection. It can also be assumed that the pump should work as delivered and that water only comes out where it should



As I understand your contribution, you ask why there is no seal at the pump outlet? This is simply because it is assumed that this thread is sealed with Teflon tape or hemp and Neo-Fermit. In addition, there are variable options here as to what is screwed on.

Note: If one of the two threaded parts is made of plastic, it is sealed with Teflon tape. If both parts are made of metal, they are sealed with hemp and neo-fermite. You can see how this works in many videos on YouTube.

However, there are sometimes connecting parts in which a sealing ring is also built in.