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"BEST-VET" VET extra-occupational study programs in veterinary medicine


The University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo) Hannover has a coordination office for BEanswering STudia offers in the VETerinary medicine (BEST-VET) established. The BEST-VET coordination office offers veterinarians advanced training in the form of certificate courses and study modules.

The BEST-VET coordination office has developed and tested a Master of Science Veterinary Public Health. The official Accreditation of the master’s course will be completed in the foreseeable future. However, since the accreditation has not yet been fully completed, the modules of the degree program will temporarily still be offered as certificate courses in the summer semester of 2021. There is a certificate for every successfully completed course module. If you want to take the entire master’s course at a later date, you can have the certificates you have already completed recognized after you have been accredited. Those who have successfully completed all modules of a degree program and completed the required elective work can complete the internationally recognized Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree after completing a master’s thesis.

BEST-VET aims to:

  • Permanent safeguarding and improvement of the supply of specialists and managers in the areas of food quality and safety, veterinary public health, alternative and complementary methods to animal experiments, animal welfare and laboratory animal science
  • Well-founded and quick integration of scientific knowledge from the named areas into practice
  • Deepening of the knowledge of the current national and international legal regulations and reports
  • Well-founded knowledge growth and knowledge updating of the knowledge and skills already acquired in professional practice
  • Recruitment of specialists and managers for the relevant professions in veterinary medicine

The Target groups are working veterinarians, re-entrants and veterinarians with family responsibilities. The offer should make it possible to visibly qualify with individual certificates or a master's degree (Master of Science in "Veterinary Public Health").