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The most important rules on the nudist beach


In the past few years in particular, a lot has happened in the area of ​​nudism. There are no longer only nudist beaches and bathing lakes, but also naked jogging, hiking or cycling on designated paths and even street festivals and nudist parades are held.

Some of the events have a socio-political background or represent a protest action.

It is much more common, however, that people simply have fun with nudism or naturism and since they seem to be more and more enthusiastic about nudism, the number of possible locations is growing steadily. Nude bathing is still the most common variant of nudism.

If you take a bus trip to one of the typical tourist regions, you will certainly find a beach or lake that is designated as a nudist area. However, especially with nudism, there are certain customs that should be strictly adhered to.

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Here is an overview of the most important rules on the nudist beach:

Follow the basic rules.

First of all, the usual rules of conduct apply on a nudist beach. This means that a polite tone, respectful behavior, tolerance and consideration for other bathers should also be a matter of course on the night bathing beach. In addition, every beach also has certain house rules. These are listed on a sign, which can usually be found directly at the entrance or in another central, easily visible place.

Those who do not follow the house rules not only have to expect crooked looks, but can also be expelled from the beach. In the case of particularly serious violations, there may even be a risk of reporting. By the way, a photo ban is typical on nudist beaches.

In addition, cell phones are usually not allowed, as most of them now have an integrated camera. Laptops are often not expressly forbidden, but not welcome because of the built-in camera.

Don't wear clothes.

If a beach or bathing lake is expressly designated as a nudist area, it is actually also a nudist zone. The house rules usually state that the freedom of textiles is binding for all adults and whoever enters the area accepts the house rules at the same time. This means that all guests agree to completely undress.

This regulation is intended to prevent people from entering the area who only want to look but do not undress themselves. But even if the house rules do not expressly state that bathers have to remove their clothes, the rules of the game should be observed. Nudism is part of being naked, and those who prefer to stay dressed should switch to a normal stretch of beach.

Children and young people have special rights.

Even if smaller children often bathe and play naked even on normal beaches, it is argued again and again that this could arouse people with pedophile tendencies and stimulate them to attack. On the nudist beach, this argument is weakened to a certain extent by the fact that nudists do not perceive being naked as something special, but on the contrary as completely normal, natural and pleasant.

Nevertheless, special rights apply to children and young people. Even if the freedom of textiles is mandatory for adults, children can remain clothed. The same applies to adolescents, who are often ashamed by the onset of puberty at the latest, to move around naked in public.

Comments and staring are taboo.

Nudism is about enjoying the original naturalness. While smaller problem areas are often concealed by clothing in everyday life, everyone can feel free and carefree on the nudist beach, regardless of how their body is shaped and looks. Naturism thus also includes the tolerance and acceptance of nudity in all possible forms. Stupid remarks and derogatory comments about others are therefore not only extremely rude, but in many cases such behavior is also not tolerated.

The same applies to too long and extensive patterning. Of course, nobody has to move around on the nudist beach with imaginary blinkers and constantly look the other way when they meet someone, but penetrating stare quickly earns the reputation of an undesirable tensioner. By the way, it also shows respect to keep a certain distance. Everyone instinctively maintains a certain distance when talking to someone, for example.

If the person you are talking to does not pay attention to their own comfortable distance, this creates an uncomfortable feeling and the distance is intuitively increased again by taking a step back. For seasoned and enthusiastic nudists, it often doesn't make much difference whether they are naked or dressed. However, newbies often feel a little more insecure naked. For this reason, it is particularly important on the nudist beach to respect the comfort of others.

No sex!

While some couples celebrate their sex life exclusively in their own four walls and protected behind closed doors, for other couples it has a very special attraction to have sex in public and maybe even to be caught or watched. Now most of them know that sex in public is actually forbidden.

However, many assume that a demarcated nudist section is not a public area. In addition, many assume that a casual approach to being naked also automatically implies a relaxed attitude towards sex.

However, neither is the case. Sexual acts are always punishable if they arouse public nuisance, i.e. if others feel disturbed. This applies to the nudist beach as well as to all other areas. In addition, nudism is not about sexual, but only about physical naturalness. Whether someone is very open or prudish about sex cannot be deduced from whether they visit a nudist beach.

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