How is sex experience in the sofa

Couchsurfing with strange men as a woman alone?

I was told this morning that my au pair children will be gone for the next four days (with their aunt) and that I will therefore be free.
I'm in the middle of nowhere and usually only have two days off, so four days is perfect for going to Cork on the other side of Ireland.

Since I find traveling alone somehow stupid and don't like to go unsafe cities alone, I now want to couch surf. My only problem is, of course, that I find something difficult overnight ...
Good, although I've already received three rejections because people don't have time or who is surfing with them.
So far I had only written to women or to several people (i.e. flat shares, couples) and now it probably boils down to the fact that I only find something if I am ready to go to men. (So ​​single residents.)

In itself I have no problem with that, but I've heard and read “Uah, how can you!” So ​​often (for example, a friend told me the day before yesterday that he has a friend in Munich who uses couch surfing, in order to meet as many women as possible from different countries ...) that I am wondering if that would be really so stupid and maybe I should go to a hostal and only meet people in the evening. During the day they would have to work anyway.

Any comments?