What is social media video marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

The reasons are obvious; The basic requirement of a successful marketing strategy is that it works where your target group is and an irresistible medium: your social video!


"Why social media? Marketing is no longer about what you make, but about the stories you tell. "
Seth Godin

What can you expect from the article on Social Media Video Marketing?

  • The social media in numbers
  • What makes video so attractive in social media marketing?
  • Video is not just video
  • Short-lived content
  • Video for every network
  • The thing with YouTube
  • A quick detour to Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram video
  • The perfect time for the premiere
  • Evaluate!
  • Summary for those in a hurry

The social media in numbers

Something is moving! The number of users on social media fluctuates. But despite the already impressive values ​​on Facebook, YouTube, Xing and Co., clear trends in one direction can be seen: Up! Facebook alone has 30 million active users in German-speaking countries; Business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn eleven to twelve million each.

With its focus on videos, YouTube has had a special position from the very beginning. The number of "active" users is comparatively low because the overwhelming majority consume YouTube videos and do not create them. But this number has it all. Around 3 billion videos are viewed worldwide every day. YouTube is now number two among the search engines, but YouTube videos also occupy a prominent place in Google results. Video content is king content with a corresponding ranking. Another reason is that YouTube was bought by Google in 2006.

What makes video so attractive in social media marketing?

Social networks are now the number one source of information for online users and have thus replaced traditional media. Video content is popular with users and is the most consumed. Because the algorithms of social networks know this, they in turn prefer to show their users video content.

These changed user habits open up a completely new form of corporate marketing and have brought enormous growth to social media video marketing. The readiness of the target group to watch an entertaining video is many times higher than to read a text. A video promotes closeness to the viewer and creates an emotional connection to the message and the offer or company behind it.

The attractiveness of a video is no coincidence: A really good video is not only entertaining, but also makes compressed information accessible to the user within a very short time and scores with more comfort on the go on the smartphone. They are our constant companion in everyday life, on which videos can be consumed anytime and anywhere.

The end of the flagpole or the growth rates is not in sight. A report by the network specialist Cisco even surprises with forecasts that video consumption will increase by 860% by 2021. Accordingly, more and more companies are operating their own video channels. However, there are a few basic points to consider for successful social media video marketing.

Video is not just video in social media marketing

Successful video marketing on all social media channels requires that it is really good. But a good video rarely falls from the sky and so you have to face the complex issue or hire a professional agency. Regardless of which variant you choose, you should heed a few basic rules. The perfect video in social media video marketing is a good 2 minutes long. That is the time that your target group is basically ready to invest in your message. You should have something to offer for that. A video should be fun for the audience and add value for the time invested. That works best with an exciting start. For example, ask a provocative question or a surprising thesis that makes the viewer curious. Then it should go on crisply. Get your message to the point and wrap it up in a compelling story. A firework of images complements and supports your message. Whether filmed live or drawn by hand, the quality has to be right. Finally, enhance your video with the brilliant voice of a professional speaker and a sophisticated sound design. A call to action, a specific call to action, should not be missing at the end of your video.

Short-lived content

Do you dare to do something? Then ephemeral content could be just the thing for you! Present your own personal page to your target group and give them a look behind the scenes. When it comes to short-lived content, it can and should be vigorous. Just let an employee operate your product and give you instructions via video. Show live events or the daily work of individual employees or a department. Even the documentation of grandiose failures or the small failures, bad luck and mishaps makes you and your company extremely likeable. Contests, video series or announcements are also relevant in the “Short-lived content” category.

Video for every network

In principle, a video in social media video marketing can and should be published on as many channels as possible. However, user preferences should be taken into account when creating video content: Facebook videos should first and foremost be fun, while Xing business topics are in demand. With some social media channels, you will also reach your limits due to technical limitations. We have compiled the essential knowledge about the most important social media channels for you:

The thing about YouTube

Strictly speaking, YouTube is not a social network in the classic sense - your video channel with the individual videos forms the basis for lively user discussions, interactions and the number of followers. Every minute, over 400 hours of video material is uploaded to YouTube for a large audience. In addition to the good quality of your video, you should therefore also pay attention to its findability.

The particular strength of YouTube is the targeted search for content. In addition to a general channel description and additional social links, a meaningful title and appropriate keywords are required. In this way you ensure that interested users can find your video and at the same time avoid high bounce rates that would cause your video to lose its ranking. An algorithm decides in each case whether it is a real "view". The file size of a video can be up to 128 GB for a verified channel. More in-depth content is welcome on YouTube. Users are more than happy to watch longer videos or entire series on related topics. You should therefore use YouTube as an IVideo hub for content - mirror the content of other social networks on your YouTube channel or embed it with the YouTube player. YouTube Analytics offers extensive evaluation functions analogous to Google Analytics.

A quick detour to Vimeo

The Vimeo video platform offers some special features that we do not want to ignore. Videos integrated via Vimeo, for example on your website, shine because of their outstanding quality because there is no forced compression when uploading. Content on Vimeo can be displayed and integrated in the highest resolution. Smaller formats for mobile use are of course also possible. In addition, the standard version of the Vimeo player already looks much more subtle than a YouTube player. Personalizing the player or adding additional information is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. The URLs are also very easy to personalize and stand out nicely from the randomly generated letters and rows of numbers from YouTube.


In terms of social media video marketing, Facebook has caught up rapidly in recent years and is now on a par with YouTube. However, there are significant differences in user behavior and the demands on your video. Facebook users consume spontaneously. Or maybe not! It is used intuitively and interactively, which particularly appeals to a younger target group. That is why the following applies all the more to your Facebook video: The entry must be right! Take into account the low attention span of Facebook users and convince them to watch your video in the first three seconds. Statistically, videos on Facebook with a length of up to 30 seconds are most often consumed to the end, from a running time of 3 seconds Facebook counts the view of the video as a view. Your key messages should therefore be placed at the beginning of the video if possible. Offer your viewers special packaging during this time: design the content in a surprising, exciting or emphatically humorous way.

It is now advantageous to upload a video directly ("native") to Facebook and not to embed it via YouTube, for example. As a result, your video benefits from an improved display in the form of a more attractive timeline, options for integrating captions and advertising elements as well as display and autoplay in the news feed. Native videos benefit from a much higher organic reach and are consumed almost twice as often. This gives your video the best chance of going viral, especially since Facebook users are generous when it comes to sharing and liking. You can see the success of your Facebook video from the statistics on your fan page.


Current reports in real time as well as thematic categorization using hashtags - that is the strength of Twitter. Twitter users are often on the network for work and consume work-related content. Video content is also the undisputed number 1 among visual media on Twitter. Regularly offer Twitter users added value via your corporate profile. Regular posts with current and relevant messages are in demand. The following applies to your video strategy on Twitter: Less is more here too! Professional publishers have the option of posting videos up to 10 minutes in length on the platform, but the overwhelming part of the Twitter community state, often, to watch videos for a maximum of 30 seconds until the end. Avoid lengthy content and offer short, crisp content with real added value.

Instagram video

Instagram is known as the photo network among social media. Short videos are also enjoying increasing popularity on Instagram. In this case, you should also take “short” literally; You have to get your message right to the point within a minute. It's not that easy at all, but it also offers opportunities and is what makes Instagram videos so appealing. You cannot achieve a thematic depth with your video during this time, a teaser or behind the scenes format still attracts attention and makes the Instagram community “want more”. Instagram works with autoplay, but without sound. The image sequences you have selected therefore have to speak for themselves in the first few seconds so that the users do not simply turn to the next topic. It is advisable to produce abstracts for Instagram from current, available material. Make sure that the context is retained when selecting the sequences and use the generous information field to draw users' attention to yourself.

Photos posted on Instagram generate more likes, but videos get more comments. On Instagram you can evaluate the success of your video post in the Insight area.

The perfect time for the premiere

The time has come! You have produced the perfect video for your social media video marketing. When to publish your social video is a critical success factor. Immediate interactions in the form of comments, likes or shares from your target group have a direct influence on the algorithm of the social networks and thus the reach of your video.

For the premiere of your social video, a time window with an interaction peak of the social network is ideal. The creation of an editorial plan is ideal for intensive social media video marketing on different channels. We have summarized the guide values ​​in a graphic for orientation.


Most social networks offer you extensive evaluation tools to measure the success of your social video. When it comes to social media video marketing, it pays to experiment and vary. Even changing small parameters can make the difference, but it is often a combination of different measures. The evaluation functions provide you with valuable information to determine the behavior of your target group and to use it effectively for your video marketing!

Summary for those in a hurry

Social media video marketing is no longer an insider tip. A video is simply fun and conveys a lot more information and emotions within a very short time than a body text or even pictures.

  • The video as a marketing tool is an unbroken megatrend that holds huge opportunities for companies. The forecast growth rates vary in detail, but point sharply upwards.
  • Successful social media video marketing starts with a really good video. You can produce a small, sophisticated “behind the scenes spot” yourself. For more complex projects, however, professionals should be at work.
  • Viral content is characterized by rapid success. The users love the content and distribute your content independently in your networks. In social media video marketing, vital content means the regular publication of high-quality video content. This is how you can sustainably build a fan base.
  • Not all social networks are created equal. Therefore, pay attention to the preferences of the target group, technical details and, last but not least, the time of publication. The social media evaluation functions provide you with detailed information.