Do you say Christmas or Christmas

When do you wish a Merry Christmas?

Every year there is confusion: When is it "allowed" to wish you a Merry Christmas? What are the alternatives?

The discussion is perhaps as old as Christmas itself. While some wish cheerfully “Merry Christmas” on Christmas Eve, others attach importance to the fact that this greeting is only pronounced on Christmas Day. Still others are based on the times of church services. But what is right now?

Christmas Eve is December 24th every year. Christmas Day on December 25th and 26th. If one goes by these terms alone, it would be correct only on December 25th "Merry Christmas" to wish.

But to understand how Christmas Eve and the two Christmas holidays are related, it is worth taking a look at old calendars. Today a day ends for us at midnight. In the past, however, the days ended with sunset. That is why the eve of many church festivals is already part of the feast day.

So if you assume that Christmas Eve is already part of Christmas, then of course it is fine too already on December 24th "Merry Christmas" to wish (at least in the evening).

In principle, the following applies: Just stick to what feels right for you personally. In some families it has always been the practice to only wish “Merry Christmas” on the 25th, in others the greeting belongs to the 24th.

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What do you say before the holidays?

Already in the Advent season you can hear a "Merry Christmas" here and there. This is common if you won't see the person you're talking to before Christmas. Both privately and in a professional context, for example, you can say: "Since we won't see each other until then, I wish you a Merry Christmas."

Alternatives to "Merry Christmas"

You or the person opposite you are not celebrating Christmas and you would therefore like to forego expressions such as "Merry / Merry / Merry Christmas"? Or are you just looking for a few new phrases so that greetings and Christmas cards don't always sound the same? Then just wish you a "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Holidays". Keep it even more general if you simply wish your counterpart "a peaceful and peaceful time".

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