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Outpatient arthroscopy - knee joint

Since the Orthopedic Center Kitzingen was founded as a joint orthopedic practice in 1992
are in our practice as the focus of our activity

outpatient arthroscopies of the knee joint performed.


These knee endoscopes are performed several days a week without interruption
Carried out over the whole year, so that after more than 20 years there is an extremely large wealth of experience.


What is a knee arthroscopy?

The knee joint endoscopy, a so-called arthroscopy, is the smallest surgical intervention of a knee joint. With the help of 2 small incisions the size of a ballpoint pen, a camera is inserted into the knee on one side and an instrument on the other.
There are many different instruments available for diagnosis and treatment (examination hooks, different scissors, punches, knives, etc.)


What is arthroscopic surgery?

As part of an outpatient knee joint operation, meniscus damage, cartilage damage, adherent cords or scar cords, free joint bodies, cruciate ligament injuries, kneecap dislocation are operated on.


How long does such an operation take?

An outpatient knee examination usually takes 15 to 20 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia.


What requirements do I have to meet as a patient?

There should be no serious medical conditions, especially no severe strokes, no recent heart attacks. In the event of such health concerns, we work very closely with the attending general practitioners or your treating specialists as well as our anesthetists and try to clarify the outpatient operation ability as quickly as possible.

The patient operated on by us needs a driver on the day of the operation who will provide transport home.

Another prerequisite is that an accompanying person is available at home on the day of the operation, who looks after the operated patient and pampers them a little. However, it is just as possible and desirable for the operated patient to get up to eat and to use the toilet using two forearm crutches, as is independent walking upstairs.



What preparations are necessary?

In preparation for an outpatient knee joint operation, a physical examination and a laboratory examination by your family doctor are sufficient, possibly an EKG depending on the previous illness.


What is the follow-up treatment like?

After such a knee joint examination, the patient should usually walk for 5-7 days with 2 forearm crutches in order to relieve the operated leg with half of the body weight. As a rule, we recommend starting physiotherapy exercise treatment after the operation.


How long has you been unable to work?

The duration of the ability to work depends on the severity of the knee damage and the extent of the therapy carried out.

In general, as a guideline, an ability to work for light work, predominantly while sitting, of around 3 weeks can be assumed, and an inability to work for moderate and heavy physical activity of around 4-6 weeks.


How long has been the inability to exercise?

The fundamental question about the further sports ability arises from the severity of the internal knee damage and here in particular the cartilage damage. A resumption of sporting activity should only take place after rehabilitation has been completed, the knee joint should be effusion-free, muscle strength, mobility and coordination should be trained in a sport-specific manner.