What is the CICO diet

The Cico diet is the basis for successful weight loss

The logical basic concept of every diet has been given its own name with the Cico diet. What is behind the concept that is the basis for any weight reduction?

Cico is an abbreviation and stands for Calories in, calories out. The idea behind the diet is based on the control of calorie intake - in concrete terms: Consume more than ingestion - in order to lose weight. The simple equation basically allows the consumption of all foods - even those that are prohibited in other diets, such as sugar, alcohol and fats. If you not only want to lose weight, but also want to eat healthily, you must of course avoid unhealthy food during the Cico diet.

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Why is the Cico diet a lifestyle?

Anyone who does intensive fitness training knows the idea behind the Cico diet. Man tracks basically the meals. You keep a journal of all foods and count the calories. Apps like Naom or Yazio make it easier to count the calories and calculate the individual calorie requirement. At the end of the day, the calorie consumption should be higher than the calorie intake. This is the only way to successfully lose weight or maintain your weight. Those who eat more calories than they use, on the other hand, gain weight. The body stores the excess energy in the form of fat.

The Cico diet increases your awareness of food and your own eating habits. One learns - perhaps with horror - how many calories in the morning Coffee to go actually has and how often one reaches for small snacks and sweets outside of meals.

Is it enough to count calories to lose weight?

Even if the Cico diet is suitable for losing weight, those who count calories every day can lose touch with food. Instead of paying attention to healthy fats, vitamins and trace elements, you run the risk of only paying attention to the calories in food. Fewer calories do not necessarily mean a healthier choice of food. Light products are not a healthy alternative in a diet and do not necessarily help you lose weight. Manufacturers often use too many sweeteners to compensate for taste deficits caused by a lack of fat. So that the body can benefit from the Cico diet in the long term, a balanced diet should always be the basis.

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