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Alcohol sales ban: Quieter night in Hamburg

Status: 08/01/2020 7:37 a.m.

The new ban on the sale of alcohol in Hamburg's nightlife districts apparently stopped many people from partying on the streets on Friday evening. A police spokesman said the sales ban was successful. Compared to the previous week, there were fewer people on the streets, and fewer groups had formed.

Stop selling take-away alcohol at night

On the past weekends, many people had met at some places in St. Pauli, in the Schanze and in Altona, sometimes without paying attention to the corona-related safety distance. As a result, the districts of Mitte, Altona and Eimsbüttel issued a general decree on Thursday to ban the sale of alcohol to take away.

Last night, employees of the district offices of Altona, Eimsbüttel and St. Pauli checked in kiosks, restaurants and petrol stations whether the ban on out-of-home sales was being adhered to. Many young people brought their own drinks. Some were annoyed by the controls, others showed understanding for the measure, but still wanted to celebrate undisturbed.

Crowds should not arise

The sales ban came into effect on Friday evening at 8 p.m. Even on Saturdays and Sundays - from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. - pubs, bars, cafes, kiosks, petrol stations and supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol to take away. According to the general decree, this reduces the attractiveness of the public space for such gatherings and thus reduces the risk of such large gatherings forming in the first place. It is therefore an effective means of combating the risk of infection in the city.

"On the last weekend there was just too much in the public space," said Falko Drossmann, head of the district office in Mitte, on Friday evening. "That's why we said this time that we would limit the so-called street sales. It's a kick in the shin and I hope it stays that way."

First of all, the general decree is only valid for this weekend. On Monday, the balance sheet will be taken of what the alcohol sales ban has brought. It will be decided in the coming week whether the bans will be retained or even expanded.


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