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The decisive influencing factors on the salary

Almost everyone wants it, but who actually gets a lucrative salary month after month? Are high earners often lucky or are there more clearly defined criteria that have a positive effect on the amount of the salary? Yes, these criteria can be established. Those who find themselves in the salary-related factors described below cannot be far away - on their way to higher salary.

Jobs in trend:

Anyone who has an inclination for professions that are currently considered to be future-oriented has two advantages: You not only follow your interests, but can also count on an attractive salary. These lucky people include employees from the fields of mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology. Typical job titles in this area: Engineers and IT specialists.
An engineer can earn an average of up to 58,180 euros per year. Still around 52,438 euros go to the account of a programmer. Anyone who sees their talents elsewhere, for example as a contact, accountant or office clerk, can still look forward to an approximate income of between 30 and 35,000 euros. According to labor market experts, the professions system electronics, industrial mechanics and mechatronics are also in high demand and well paid.
It is true that care for the elderly and occupations in medical assistance represent a crisis-proof field because there will always be positions to be filled. But the burden of this occupation must also be considered, which does not even have a monetary effect. An average of 25,000 euros per year can be earned in this segment. Call center employees are in demand, but paid even less. With an average annual salary of 24,480 euros, the earnings prospects here are almost pitiful.

The size sets the tone:

According to the management consultancy PersonalMarkt, the size of a company has a significant impact on the level of salaries. How do economists explain this fact? Employees earn better in corporations because large corporations have a high degree of organization, i.e. have very well-documented processes and therefore everything runs according to predetermined paths. This, in turn, is required by large clients and for large projects. Small companies often cannot meet this requirement, and in no way can small companies hedge against large risks, which always play a role in large projects. Because these requirements are made by the client, the competition for larger projects is automatically limited and only large companies can solve these tasks.
In comparison with these large projects, there is so much more money involved than with small projects, which can also be handled by a 20-man company, that the large companies are able to pay astonishingly high salaries.
The question of salaries becomes interesting with a workforce over five hundred. Above this number, an additional salary of up to 50 percent can be achieved. And when a corporate giant also shines with high profits, the salary for the employees climbs even higher. But be careful, exceptions to the rule are not uncommon. Anyone who has special knowledge and good contacts can also become indispensable in a smaller company and receive an attractive salary due to this special role.

Dragging after the salary:

Location advantages should be recognized and used. Those who want to earn a lot can fulfill this wish by choosing the “right” place of residence. Nevertheless - some illusions could quickly burst again. A Munich resident receives 17 percent more than the average German employee, but he also has to pay the particularly high rental costs from his salary. Generous salaries can also be achieved in the strong business locations of Frankfurt / Main and Stuttgart, but rents are exorbitantly high in these metropolises, especially in their centers. Anyone who can imagine working in the middle of these cities and living on their fringes will benefit. In plain language this means the following: Compared to the national average, the workforce is paid 10 percent more in Hesse, 9 percent in Baden-Württemberg and 8 percent more in Bavaria. Employees in Hamburg can look forward to 7 percent more salary. But what are the characteristics of prosperous locations? Your low unemployment rates. That is why people in the east of the republic are paid below average.

A high level of education pays off:

Many high earners have long prepared for a working life with a respectable income. So they have reached a high salary level because they have mastered a lot of study material and numerous exams. Students can therefore count on a higher income. On average, they draw more than € 20,000 more per year than those who only have a school-leaving qualification or training. But there are also subtle differences in salaries among university graduates. Anyone who has a master's degree or a diploma university degree achieves an average of around 12 percent more than a graduate with a bachelor's degree or a university of applied sciences degree.
And what are the salary prospects for non-academics? Differentiated. Because with the completion of the tenth grade alone, an average salary of 32,838 euros can be expected. After completing an apprenticeship, the income increases especially when a popular job is pursued. Craftsmen who want to earn more should also acquire a master's degree. Your salary band then extends to an average of 41,155 euros. Masters are thus financially better off than high school graduates.

Flourishing industries:

Top earnings are achieved in the pharmaceutical and aviation industries and in banks, management consultancy or telecommunications with average salaries between 54,865 and 61,038 euros. Banks and financial service providers have a reputation for paying good salaries.

Experience is rewarded:

Those who are more familiar with their profession should take on more demanding tasks in their working life in order to climb the salary ladder. If, however, a qualitative change in tasks does not succeed in the company, a higher position in another company should be sought.
Carefully accumulated work experience and an older age do not automatically lead to the next higher salary bracket. Those who approach the next career step with little commitment tend to stay close to their familiar salary level. Your own professional experience should be recognized as unique and repeatedly serve as a springboard for new challenges. Of course, you can also hold the same position in the company for years and still earn more gradually. But only relying on the duration of the company affiliation and on its conventional tasks in the company can go wrong. In economically unfavorable times in particular, automatic salary increases tend to be the exception only because of advanced age.
The first salary negotiation when joining the company is the most important because salary increases in higher dimensions are always seen on the basis of the existing salary. So those who negotiate well from the start will be rewarded again and again. Age alone does not help you to have a heavier wallet, even if you start over again and again in a wide variety of professions - in these cases you remain a professional beginner despite increasing life experience. For a presentable salary, it is therefore more advisable to gain professional experience over many years in the same environment.

Management responsibility brings more money:

It's no secret - leadership responsibility contributes to higher income. It is enough to lead a few people. Even a manager who has personnel responsibility for one to three employees can earn up to 75 percent more than their own employees. Anyone who cares for over a hundred employees will discover up to 190 percent more salary on their bank statement at the end of the month.
If you are aiming for a high salary, then make sure that you can use as many of the influencing factors as possible for yourself.

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