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Specify ghostwriting activity on your résumé?

Ghostwriter  📅 10.09.2015 13:55:18
Specify ghostwriting activity on your resume?
Hello everybody,

I financed my German studies with ghostwriting. Now I want to apply for positions in corporate communications / PR and I don't know exactly whether I should state that or not. It's not that I don't have anything else to show - I've done two long internships at large, well-known companies and have international experience. However, for the last 6 months before I graduated, I only took care of my thesis and am also beyond the standard period of study.

If I give it up, I could show that
- I worked continuously or earned my living
- I not only know my area of ​​expertise, but also think outside the box. I can no longer count the business studies that I have written
- I can present complicated facts in an easily understandable way for third parties
- I can quickly familiarize myself with any subject matter, even in non-specialist subjects

Against this: ghostwriting has a rather negative connotation from a moral point of view. One or two HR managers might even take it personally that I have contributed to other people's laziness. So the shot could backfire.

On the other hand, ghostwriting is a completely normal profession ...
What do you all mean?
Tom  📅 10.09.2015 13:58:43
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
Why don't you just work full-time as a ghostwriter? Since I probably deserve more anyway ...
BKIII  📅 10.09.2015 14:24:23
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
Can't you phrase it differently as a ghostwriter? e.g. freelance writer for scientific texts ...
Ghostwriter  📅 10.09.2015 14:48:37
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
@Tom: I know that this is definitely a shock for the career-oriented business administration people here, but as long as you don't want to work in the cultural sector or in a two-man agency, the earning opportunities in PR are quite good :-) You just have to get through the early days, i.e. Volo or trainee, who are actually usually poorly paid (although not everywhere, there are companies that pay all trainees the same, regardless of whether you work in communication or controlling). I also think in the long term - who knows whether scientific ghostwriting will not be banned at some point, as some universities are already calling for. Then I stand there with no job and no work experience.

@BKKI: I've already thought about it, but in the end it stays the same - and if the HR manager is not completely stupid, he'll figure it out too.
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
From ghostwriters who knows whether scientific ghostwriting will not be banned at some point, as is already being demanded by some universities. Then I stand there with no job and no work experience.
Why without a job?
The joke about ghostwriting is that it happens secretly.
The students have to keep it a secret anyway, then you have to be a little more discreet from this point on.
gast1234567  📅 10.09.2015 15:04:30
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
The question now is not whether the TE should become self-employed as a ghostwriter, but how the matter should be handled in the résumé

I would write it in first. I think the advantages you mentioned are very valid and precisely similar skills are important in PR.
If you then actually get negative feedback, you can reconsider the matter.
Walls  📅 10.09.2015 15:06:06
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
I see it like the guest too. Those in PR shouldn't have any moral concerns anyway ...
Ghostwriter  📅 10.09.2015 15:24:10
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
@Computer science student Aachen: Do you mean that seriously? Of course, it makes a world of difference for the ghostwriter whether ghostwriting is illegal or not. Apart from the fact that I would then no longer be able to account for my work, i.e. would have to give up self-employment and work illegally, which would make myself liable to prosecution, I would no longer be able to advertise myself or use other opportunities to generate customers and would probably have Significant loss of sales within a very short time (apart from regular customers). The risk is just too great for me.

@gast1234567: Thank you for your assessment, that helps me a lot.

@Walls: Yeah, the phousy PR people ;-) PR / UK is initially nothing more than publicizing the company and its products or keeping in contact with the stakeholders. There is nothing wrong with that - you will find that in every company or company.
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
Probably not through an agency? Otherwise I would use the current zeitgeist and explicitly mention that you helped foreign students. The profile would match that of a ghostwriter:

- Read sources, check text comprehension and explain the facts in a simple way
- Support with scientific work (literature research, quotations, structure, etc.)
- Correct scientific work (expression, grammar, etc.)
- Formulate trains of thought

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Ghostwriter  📅 11.09.2015 12:15:06
Re: indicate ghostwriting activity on your résumé?
No, I worked independently.
Your approach is not a bad idea - I could write "freelance lecturer and coach for scientific work" in the application and then tell you in the interview that I specialized in foreign students because they couldn't handle the language. I think you can understand that more than when I say that I just did the thinking work for rich studies (which is exaggerated, in fact there were also people who simply did not have the time due to difficult life circumstances or strokes of fate to have). In any case, thanks for the tip!
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