Should we change the USA flag

The stars are right! - Why is Trump's flag going wrong?

When US President Donald Trump got out of his helicopter at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) on Thursday, dozens of television and photo cameras filmed the scene and broadcast their pictures all over the world.

And all over the world, viewers are amazed: something is wrong with the picture. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the US flag on the helicopter is depicted the wrong way round. The stars are on the top right, not on the left as usual.

A mirror image? A stupid mistake when painting the "Marine One" helicopter? Or did Trump let the flag change quietly and secretly?

This is the answer:

According to the flag code of the USA, the "Stars and Stripes" are attached to the government helicopter the right way round.

Because it says: “When displaying the flag, the blue field with the stars should always be displayed in the position of the highest honor.” That means: If the US flag is displayed horizontally or vertically on a wall, the star field must to be seen at the top left. But when the flag is placed on a person or a vehicle, the front (of the person or the car) is the "position of highest honor".

The “Army Regulations”, which among other things also stipulate how US soldiers have to wear their fingernails or hair, say: “The patch of the American flag must be worn on the right or left shoulder so that the star field faces forward. When the flag is carried in this way, it appears to the wearer that it is flapping in the wind as he dashes forward. "

If you can't quite imagine that, you should look back at old films in which the cavalry rushes forward. Since the flag with the star part was attached to the pole, they always pointed forward during the storm.

Accordingly, American soldiers have the flag on their right shoulder so that the stars are on the right.

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That means the pattern of the flag.

The flag of the United States of America has seven red and six white stripes. They stand for the 13 founding states. The blue field contains 50 white stars that symbolize the current 50 states of the USA.

So, off to battle - with all 50 stars in the storm

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