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Why you want UNIDOG too

You have already experienced this: internships, job interviews and flu viruses are punished by poor grades or unbelievable stress!

UNIDOG is now putting an end to the inflexible curriculum of universities and technical colleges ...
We want you to be able to learn more flexibly and efficiently!

UNIDOG helps you when you have to work, cannot attend a lecture and still don't want to miss anything, because someone is always taking notes.

On UNIDOG you will find verbatim transcripts as well as Summaries of the exam-relevant material! There are also numerous solutions to old exams, scripts from revision courses as well as many homework, seminar papers and theses.

You can download any of the more than 3,000 documents as soon as you have fully registered. Many of the documents cost only one euro, and you can even download a complete semester transcript for the price of a McDonalds menu. Alternatively, you can exchange all documents free of charge. Because for every upload of your own you will receive a free exchange voucher from us.

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UNIDOG - One person takes notes - everyone benefits!

How you can now earn money with your exams

You are a student and you want the easiest student job ever ... it's very simple:

  1. You register here without obligation and free of charge as a potential author!
  2. You sit down in the lecture / exercise etc. armed with a laptop or pen as usual and take notes. You should later describe the topic of the lecture in your own words and shorten it to the most important things (UNIDOG semester summary). For an exclusive, verbatim protocol (UNIDOG semester record), you have to meet special requirements, more detailed information after registration.
  3. Finally, you upload your current transcript as well as a summary or other learning documents to UNIDOG.

Result: All your documents are available for download via UNIDOG. Your author's fee increases with every download!

Here you can register and become a UNIDOG author!

If you apply for your transcript or summary, everyone will really benefit from your work.
Your fellow students look forward to an extremely targeted and effective learning aid. For you, depending on the number of participants of the recorded event, 50, 100, 200, 300 or even more euros gush into your account! Because according to our experience at the University of Cologne, 55% of the students download a semester transcript for 5 € ... Yes, I want to take part now and find out all the details!

UNIDOG - One person takes notes - everyone benefits!

You want to become a UNIDOG author, but you still have one or two very specific questions, then just give us a call: (Mon-Fri 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or write an email