How am I supposed to invest 1000 at 14

Make Money By Investing? But how much?

Imagine if you invested $ 1,000 in any stock last month and today it is worth twice that amount. Oh, that would be nice! Many also imagine that this is the way to make money by investing.But what seems too good to be true is unfortunately mostly also. Investing money doesn't work that way. But how much money can you make by investing?

€ 30 per month

If you put aside € 1 every day, you can get around € 30 per month most of the time. In one year you will have set aside 365 €. After ten years even 3650 €. Quite a considerable sum when you consider that 30 € a month will probably not break your crown.

What if you invest this amount? How much money do you have after a few years?

How much your money will be worth after a few years depends on various factors. On the one hand, your return has an impact on how your investment performs. At Peaks we offer you four different portfolios, all with different returns and risks. These are put together by experienced investment experts. Another factor that affects the value of your money is stock prices. At Peaks you invest in index funds that are spread around the world and in different industries. What happens in the world and in the economy also affects your financial investments, so the value of your investment can rise and fall continuously.

In the following we illustrate what you can achieve with an investment with a monthly deposit of € 30, € 60 or € 110. All graphics are examples and do not offer any guarantee for the future. They should give you an impression of what you can achieve with your investment over a certain period of time. Investing costs money, in contrast to your piggy bank, but we have already offset the costs for peaks in the diagrams shown so that you can see exactly how much profit you are making (if the market grows as expected).

Invest € 30 in Portfolio Mild over 20 years

Back to the € 30 per month. If you deposit this amount into an account without interest every month and do not withdraw anything, you will have € 7,200 after twenty years. If you pay your money into Portfolio Mild, you will get an average return of 2.2%. So after twenty years you have € 8,147. If things go badly on the stock market, you can of course make losses, but things can also go better! The longer you invest, the higher your chance of a (higher) profit. Stock prices keep going up and down, and perseverance is the key to success.

Invest € 30 over 20 years in Portfolio Feurig

With Portfolio Feurig you achieve an average annual return of 5.3%. If things go well on the stock market, after twenty years you will have € 11,238 with a monthly deposit of € 30. That's a lot more than when your money collects dust in your account. All thanks to the compound interest effect.