Why is money never enough

Money is not enough

Metal parts and plastic slide across the asphalt. Direct hit. Crissa Stone levered the ATM out of its anchoring with the shovel of a front loader and balanced the prey on the loading area of ​​her pick-up. She loves clean solutions. Crissa has perfected the bank robbery system, but her partners lose their nerve. Gangsters who kill each other - how unprofessional. Fortunately, a new job is already waiting: a deceased mafia boss is said to have hidden the millions of a robbery for years. Unfortunately, Crissa isn't the only one after the money. She gets caught between the lines and has to flee: Before the law and a mafia gang from New York.


Translation and epilogue: ALF MAYER

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Press reviews:

“This is Stroby's heroine. A woman who can do nothing better than robbery. That's what it's made for. We love them for that. Because we've always longed for a sister in the spirit of Richard Stark's serial criminal Parker. Glocks and Berettas smoke a lot. Crissa listens to Brahms. Crissa mourns her great love, who is incarcerated in Texas and will probably never get out. Crissa drives on. We drive with. Absolutely."
LITERARY WORLD | Elmar Krekeler

»Wallace Stroby knows the subgenre very well, there is a perfectly choreographed opening sequence (...). With him everything is told precisely, every detail is important, every word is important, the characters are characterized by their actions - so he keeps the tension and the pace consistently high. "

"Chandler once said:" All you have and need is style. "- Wallace Stroby has it. And it penetrates all 328 pages of this first-class, perfectly timed work that lives in the depths of the dark night. "
CRIMEALLEY | Stefan Heidsiek

»In this case it is the ideal solution, entertaining, intelligent, with speed, drive, action and short dialogues. A genre condensate that is only fun. "
CALIBER 38 | Thomas Wörtche

»There is a narrow alley between perspective and self-deception, Wallace Stroby once again leads his protagonist through this alley with great skill and excitement, garnished with comments critical of civilization and (pop) cultural reflections. «
BOOKNERDS | Jochen König

“Ex-police reporter Wallace Stroby tells the bloody story precisely and dry as a bone. Unlucky black crime thriller! "

»Stroby tells clearly and powerfully, his character Crissa Stone convinces with her self-confident and professional appearance. (...) It is precisely this, in combination with her self-confident appearance, that makes the figure of Crissa Stone so special in crime fiction. "

»› Money is not enough ‹offers clearly plotted, pared-down genre literature with flair and speed; Joke and suspense are elegantly balanced. "
WDR Cosmo | Ulrich Noller

"Stroby immerses this fascinating robber pistol in an elegiac mixture of nostalgia, hopelessness and a melancholy apocalyptic mood - and perhaps Stone is actually one of the last ones before the Avatar killers and the Internet gangsters take over."
BERLINER ZEITUNG | Günther Grosser

German first edition
3. Edition
352 pages, brochure with flaps, PB, Euro 17.00
ISBN: 978-3-86532-577-8
Also available as an eBook.