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Maybe you know that: You take a great photo for Instagram and would like to edit it now, preferably on your mobile phone. But just as Beginner it can difficult be, Pictures really professional for Instagram too to edit: There are so many photo editing apps and features out there that it can be really confusing at times.

Do not worry! 🙂

In this post I share mine best tips and tricks to Instagram image editing with you.

I will also show you using concrete exampleshow to professionally edit your Instagram pictures with apps.

A few basic questions about Instagram!

Why are good pictures so important on Instagram at all?

Logical: You will only become visible with a greater range! And are right there Nice Picturesimportant: Since Instagram is a visual platform you will only grow you there if your pictures and videos are also of good quality.

How do I know if my pictures are good enough?

It's simple: you check whether your reach is developing positively. You can just use the Instagram insights that you can use free of charge in your business account (the conversion to a business account is also free of charge). If your Follower numbers and your Range grow continuously, you know that your visibility is developing well and your content is well received!

Is there a formula for success on Instagram?

Definitely! The basic one key to the Success on Instagram are Nice Pictures in combination with the right one Growth strategy (Hashtags, formats, added value, algorithm). I have noted this motto here again for you:

Note: good pictures + added value + Strategy = success on Instagram

What is the Instagram algorithm?

An algorithm is one programming in an application like Instagram. This programming decides on Instagram certain criteriawhich contributions are played more often and which are not. So if you understand the algorithm, you have a good chance of growing on Instagram!

Why do I have to edit my pictures for Instagram?

So that they look even better and you can develop a uniform look for your feed. Don't forget: The goal is to set yourself apart from other Instagram users with your content.

The most important basics for beautiful Instagram pictures

Instagram tip # 1: use the right technique

As you already learned in the last Instagram blog article, the A&O is the right basic technical equipment for great Instagram photos. Most professional bloggers and Instagramers use one for their picturesprofessional camerathat provides them with high quality images.

But I also know many successful examples that only work with the Cell phone camera shoot, because with the current smartphone cameras you can now achieve very high quality results. On my channel you will find a mixture of both: cell phone photos and photos from the DSLR camera.

>> If you need more input on the subject of "taking photos", you can click here to go to the relevant article.

Instagram tip # 2: pay attention to the lighting conditions

In addition to the right technology, that also plays a role light a major role. At best, you use it to create your Instagram photos natural daylight. If that should not be possible, e.g. because the weather is bad outside, you can also rely on so-called Soft boxes To fall back on. These simulate daylight and illuminate your Instagram photo subjects well.

Don't worry: you can buy softboxes very cheaply - prices start at around 35 euros.

Depending on whether you are photographing a person or, for example, a flatlay, you must of course adjust the lighting conditions accordingly. To show you again the difference softboxes (daylight lamps) make, I have prepared an example for you:

The first thing you see is the photo taken without daylight and soft boxes. The photo looks very yellowish. Then you will see the same setting exploited with a softbox. You can see immediately: The photo looks less yellowish and is much better illuminated:

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Instagram tip # 3: speed up your work with filters

Now it's time to edit the photos you took! There are tons of ways to put the finishing touches on photos. I would like to recommend one of them to you that not only saves time, but also delivers convincing results: filter!

Filters are nothing more than presets that you place on your unprocessed image with a click. This automatically adjusts the exposure, contrast, color spectrum and more.

Even professionals swear by now finished presets. With filters you can transform your picture from unspectacular to unique in no time at all! For this you either use ready-made filters / presets or create your own personal filter. With many apps this is now very easy.

After you have applied the filter, no or only minor corrections are usually necessary. A great time saver that I can only recommend! In addition, filters ensure a uniform look in your feed, regardless of whether it is vintage, dreamy or clean.

Here I show you an example of my own filters - on the left you can see the unedited photos, on the right the photos that have been edited with a filter:

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Edit Instagram pictures using apps

Instagram tip no. 4: Avoid using Instagram's internal image editing

A very important tip: Use it for your image processing Not the Instagram app!

The Instagram app compresses your pictures very heavily, so that your picture quality suffers enormously.

It is better to use external apps if you want to edit your Instagram photos and then publish the final result in the Instagram app.

Instagram tip # 5: the best free photo editing apps

In the Appstore and on Google Play you will find a large selection of different editing apps that you can use for your Instagram photos. You have to pay for some apps, others you can download for free. In the following I would like to introduce you to my favorite photo editing apps, which by the way are all free.

What does a good photo editing app include?

With apps, it is always important to ensure that the basic image processing functions are available: gradation curve for a brighter image, heights and depths for more contrast, sharpening, white balance and the ability to correct and change the color spectrum.

The 5 best apps to edit Instagram photos

So that you can get a small overview, I would like to introduce you to our top 5 apps that you can use to edit your Instagram photos.

Adobe Lightroom

📸 Mobile version is free

📸 Contains loads of ready-made filters

📸 Additional filters can be imported

📸 Extensive professional editing options (gradation curves, white balance, selective color corrections, ...)

My recommendation for Adobe Lightroom: Currently, I use Lightroom almost exclusively to edit my photos. I have created several personalized filters that I place on my photos with one click. Filters have the great advantage that they give my photos a uniform look.

Here you can see two current pictures from my Instagram account @carolinepreussde, all of which I edited with Lightroom filters:

"Snapseed": Completely free photo editing app

📸 Great app for basic editing

📸 Easy understandable, intuitive design

📸 Brush function and selective adjustment without upgrading

📸 Extensive possibilities, almost professional tools (Gradation curves, white balance, repair)

📸 Your own looks can be saved, but exists no way to use external filters

My recommendation for Snapseed: I like to use Snapseed for basic image processing such as brightness correction, increasing the saturation or to selectively adjust certain areas of the image (big plus!).

However, Snapseed hardly offers any options for using external filters (e.g. professional filters from photographers). Certain picture moods (vintage, moody, gaudy etc.) can be better created with "VSCO" and "Lightroom" (see below).

"VSCO ": Comprehensive light version and subscription version

📸 App for the analog vintage style

📸 RAW processing possible

📸 Lots of free, authentic analog filters

📸 There are instructions on Pinterest to achieve special looks in VSCO

📸 You can save your own looks

📸 You can save your own looks

My recommendation for VSCO: The VSCO app offers you many creative options for image editing and is particularly suitable if you want to give your images a vintage touch.

Here is a before and after example of image editing with VSCO.

My new favorite: Canva

If you want to edit your pictures not only with filters etc., but also Include graphics, texts and icons Canva should be your first choice.

📸 The free version is already very extensive

📸 Works on desktop and mobile phone

📸 You can choose from countless elements, texts and templates

📸 The app is also great for creating graphics, gifs, Instagram stories, and more.

By the way: Here you can see what I mean by Canva Instagram story templates create (the information is also for the general work with Canva useful!): Canva Tutorial (>> click!)

My recommendation for Canva: Be sure to download the app or register on your desktop PC. Canva gives you the ability to create high quality graphics and fancy images that only a professional would otherwise be able to do.

Instructions: Edit Instagram pictures on your mobile phone with Lightroomand VSCO

To make it easier for you to put my contribution into practice, I now have two editing instructions prepared for you, which you can use step-by-step for your own photos.

Instructions no. 1) For a colorful, clean look

Before, afterwards: This is what your finished picture could look like.

Import the source photo into Lightroom:

➡️ Gradation curve equalize: make white tones a little brighter, raise bright lights, slightly raise mid-tones

➡️ contrast slightly increase (this makes the colors pop out even more)

➡️ If necessary sharpen and Details highlight

➡️ Cropping

➡️ Export

You can also use different "presets" here for editing your pictures. Here are some examples of what that might look like:

version 1

Variant 2

This is how it works: Edit Instagram pictures on your mobile phone with VSCO

Instructions No. 2) For an authentic vintage look

➡️ Import into VCSO

➡️ Select preset (c8)

➡️ Make adjustments (for a vintage look e.g. brightening, reducing contrast, adding grain, tinting the light color slightly pink, reducing highlights, adjusting colors: less yellow, more pink)

➡️ Crop (square or 4: 5)

➡️ Export

Before, afterwards:

Here you can see again how our picture now looks like after processing with VSCO:

Instagram photo editor - conclusion

Regardless of whether you choose the variant when editing Apps or extensive PC software decide: the main thing is that you are satisfied with your end result.

Apps have the advantage that you can do the editing directly on your smartphone and then upload the image to Instagram right away. Especially when you are out and about, the form of image processing on the smartphone is of course ideal.

On the PC, on the other hand, you have the option of making even more precise settings and perfecting your photos.

Basically, the editing options of apps are completely sufficient to quickly edit your Instagram photos, but still make them look professional.

Therefore, the question arises as to what you prefer to work with yourself, or which program you may already have experience with.

Would you like to learn more about Instagram strategy and follower building? Then register now for my free, advanced online seminar:

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I wish you maximum success with your Instagram photo editing!


Why are good pictures important on Instagram?

Logical: You only become visible with a greater range! And are right there Nice Picturesimportant: Since Instagram is a visual platform you will only grow you there if your pictures and videos are also of good quality.

Is there a formula for success on Instagram?

Good pictures + added value + Strategy = success on Instagram

Which app is the best for photo editing?

There are some good apps out there. My favorites are Adobe Lightroom and Canva (both are available for PC and mobile).

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