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Can well understand that he is angry there, that is not possible.
That's not okay even if it were true.

Really annoying in what a Mimimimi society we have now arrived.
Even if it is the truth, it is not allowed to say it out of wrong decency !?
But well, you can sue yourself for a romantic Bliblablubb job reference ...... what a wonderful illusory world ....

There is a difference whether I ask a colleague who may be interested himself, why you have not signed a player in private, say you were not satisfied with your physical condition, or whether I trumpet it in the media. Imagine you are not taken on by an employer after an internship - or whatever the equivalent of trial training in the real world of work - and they post the exact reasons on their Facebook page. Something like that can be communicated in private and indicated in the job reference. But that's not going to be made public. I think the behavior that football clubs (including the big ones) sometimes display is simply unprofessional. Just because some idiot is holding a microphone in front of your nose doesn't mean you have to comment on everything.
I just wouldn't have made a comment or cut out a phrase. "I would like to thank the player for playing for us, but since we already have very good strikers in the squad and we weren't sure whether a commitment would significantly improve the quality in the squad, we opposed an engagement decided." The existing players would have been trusted.
Or if you are still planning an obligation in the storm, alternatively something like: "... unfortunately it did not fit into our plans for the coming season." Or if you'd rather have a different type of player, something with tactical considerations blablabla.
I mean, when I come to the trial training as a player, I invest a lot of time and expect that this investment will also be recognized by the club and that I will be treated fairly.

What that has to do with the "Mimimi Society" does not reveal itself to me.

I agree with you in parts, but the comparison with the internship and the job reference lacks a bit. Let's take a butcher shop as an example. When I go to the butcher, I want sausage. And if this sausage is good and sold at a reasonable price, then I am satisfied with this butcher. I am not interested in what the butcher's personnel policy is, who he hires and why and who he hasn't hired for what reasons. And it's none of my business that Lisa Müller wasn't hired because she over-salty the Mettwurst. These are all internals that remain within the company. Because of me, the master butcher informs potential new employers of Lisa Müller via the job reference that she has not done her job well. But that's what it must have been. It would be a cheek if the master butcher brings the whole thing to the public. So far so good.
But a football club is completely different from a butcher's business. For me, a soccer club shouldn't just provide a product or service. Instead, you have an emotional bond with your club. In addition, a player is something completely different than an employee of a butcher shop. An employee is interchangeable. Nobody notices whether Lisa Müller or Brigitte Meier made the Mettwurst. But it is very important which player is on the field. And above all, everyone sees the player's performance. As a football player you are in public. This does not justify statements that go too deep into the player's privacy. It is none of their business how things go between Pogba and his girlfriend. But the body is an important criterion in sport. Whether a player is fat or thin is not his private matter, it is an important sporting aspect in football. And the clubs also have the task of informing their fans about the sporting aspects.

Of course, one has to ask oneself now whether Krämer has to publicly call Pogba too fat. I think it would have been enough to give a poor physical condition as the reason. But using any completely bland empty phrase is definitely the wrong way to go. Krämer doesn't want to sign Pogba because he trusts his strikers? Okay, but why did he even invite Pogba for a trial session? That would be just hypocrisy and I don't think that would be the fine English way.

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