What is a terrible teacher

A terrible teacher ...!

What kind of one terrible teacher I learned German at school! I have often dreamed of him and wished him everything terrible for his neck. For a long time I blamed him for failing to graduate. No doubt - the stupid teacher was to blame! As far as this assignment is concerned, I am a little further today and now know that at this time I have to 100 % was responsible for my graduation myself. If I had really done everything, it would now be in my school career drawer! Perhaps you can look back on similar experiences?

Yet. From today's perspective I can say - this teacher did not have a basic humanistic attitude and was harmful to his students in his role as role model and as a learning companion. Because what is deep in mine in this situation Child's soul burned in, is the one fear to fail, Not good enough to be and ultimately also not loved to become. Are teachers Hypnotists, they just don't usually know. Every sentence can become a belief that one cannot easily get rid of as an adult.

The experience shaped me and set the course for my current vocation. Now I am a teacher (“hypnotist”) myself and I am committed to teaching theirs own authenticity to sensitize them, to guide them and to keep them on their way into the profession process to accompany with yourself and with the children. I am convinced that teachers in particular cannot avoid to deal with yourself. The better the individual knows himself, the better he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, the clearer he can be in communication, in dialogue with the child. And the more he is with yourself.

I can't rule it out 100%, but I don't want any student to be able to look back on harmful experiences with me later on. From this point of view, it is particularly important as a teacher to pay attention to the way you communicate.

  • Do I use sentences like: "But today you are restless again (loud, exhausting, fidgety ... etc.)"?
  • In the presence of the child, do I talk to someone else about their problems with reading, writing, arithmetic ...? (that happens more often than you think!)
  • Do I hold the child responsible for my feelings? (e.g. "I am very sad because you all did not listen to me today")
  • Maybe I am unhappy in the teaching profession and take my displeasure out on the children?

In teacher training, one speaks of teacher personality. That's not enough for me. I want all children to be role models who know their values ​​and ethics and live accordingly. And who question themselves again and again. Not a terrible teacher, but someone my students may remember fondly later on. Which teachers do you remember?

Impulse: Write to a teacher who you still remember positively (emailing / calling is also possible, of course). The person will be very happy!


Christine Strauss-Ehret

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