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07 Mar 5 Book Tips: Inspirational Books for Successful Women

“Demanding books for successful women” - that would be a department that I would like for every bookstore. Not with this title - but with this content. Because in the area of ​​“Business Books”, a lot of (a lot) of content is published by men for men.

Fortunately, things are slowly (slowly) moving - in business, the world of work and also in the field of specialist books. I have therefore put together five books on self-development for you that have been with me for some time, move me and give me courage and desire for the future.

Books for successful women (= for all women): 5 book tips for motivation, inspiration and knowledge

Each of us has his or her own path to success - I am convinced of that. Because what does success mean? I really hope that we will inspire each other to redefine success, regardless of gender or origin. Every woman is a successful woman, because success can be much more than status, career and a fancy Be job title. I wish for all of us to recognize that. These five books particularly inspire me as a woman to go my very own (successful) path:

1. Rethinking success and leadership: “Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown

In my work on the topic of success, I keep coming across rules and supposed recipes that seem like a matter of course when they describe how we can be successful. In the world of work, too, managers are often concerned with “who has what it takes” - or not. Higher, faster, further: All too easily, success equates to promotions, bigger teams, and higher salaries. But what does success actually mean? And especially: What does success mean for you personally?

"Dare to lead. Brave work. Tough conversations. Whole Hearts. ”Is one of the highly recommended books by one of my favorite authors: Brené Brown. The scientist goes into what success and leadership are really need. The author has given several TED Talks - including “Listening to Shame”.

Quite a few of these common success formulas contradict the values ​​and principles of New Work and contemporary leadership. I myself go into episode 53: Three supposed success formulas that actually make you unhappy in the Female Leadership Podcast. It's about three examples of supposed success formulas - and practical approaches how you can rephrase them for yourself. If you'd like to find out more about the book, feel free to listen (for example on Spotify or Apple Podcasts).

2. "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg

Perfectionism can be a big, if not THE biggest, obstacle on your authentic path. As studies show, the vague desire to always please everyone can make you unhappy: it can block and prevent your growth. Contrary to what you might think, there is no evidence that perfectionists deliver better results at work: So it pays to question your own desire for perfection and let go. But what does that mean in everyday life? How can I succeed in getting rid of the deep desire to please others or to deliver perfect results?

"Lean In: Women and the Will to Success" by Sheryl Sandberg offers many practical tips for women and men to question topics such as visibility, role allocation in partnerships and career planning and to live in their own style.

On this topic, for example, in episode 57: Perfectly imperfect: Why perfectionism prevents your growth in the Female Leadership Podcast, I share four practical approaches with you on how you can let go of your (perhaps unconscious) desire for perfection with small exercises in everyday life.

3. “Starting a Revolution” by Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers

The authors wanted to write a book for those who want to make big changes in the business world. And they succeeded! Because completely different economic activity requires fundamentally different patterns of thought and action. It takes real appreciation and honest collaboration.

"Starting a Revolution: What we can learn from women entrepreneurs about the future of the world of work" is a highly recommended book in which inspiring women have their say, who successfully set an example of how business can also work.

4. “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie touched me deeply in 2009 with the release of her great Ted Talk “The Danger of a Single Story”. I have read every book by her with great pleasure and learned a lot at the same time - including her great novel "Americanah."

“We Should All Be Feminists” (in the German edition “Mehr Feminismus”) is particularly noteworthy: it is a personal, powerful and awakening essay. A little book that I give away again and again (also and especially with pleasure to men). A great book that will hopefully inspire many people to address the issue of feminism and its importance to us all.

5. “Down below free” by Margarete Stokowski

Margarete Stokowski has achieved something very special with this book: She combines a personal story with social criticism and knowledge transfer.

I literally fell in love with reading "downstairs free". Even if it only has to do with business and work indirectly, the stories about being and becoming women have to do with it directly. An absolutely recommendable book that opened my eyes in many ways.

On my own behalf: My daily planner for successful women

Incidentally, I have compiled many of my favorite books and summarized them for you in my business journal. The daily planner is a daily companion for everyone who lives their authentic style professionally and privately and wants to go their own individual path powerfully and with ease. It offers you a lovingly designed and well-researched mix of workbook, notebook and guide. You can find out more here.

Extra tip for younger readers

“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” portrays female personalities of the present and the past. A book that I have given away many times - also to younger readers.

More books for successful women

... you can also find in my podcast episodes, in which I give book recommendations every week. You can find the Female Leadership Podcast here on my website, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever there are podcasts.