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16:16 | btc-echo: The Bahamas introduce CBDC "Sand Dollar"

The Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) is testing a digital version of the Bahamian Dollar (BSD) in Exuma. The "Project Sand Dollar" should open up further parts of the island state at the beginning of next year and give the population access to financial services.


10:42 | nzz: In the cryptocurrency cemetery

After just a few years, the cryptocurrency cemetery extends over a large virtual field. The website deadcoins.com lists 1839 digital currencies, which in the few years since the invention of Bitcoin have already blessed the time. Investors are likely to shed some tears in the face of these deaths - or prefer to bite the edge of the table in anger. Because the passing of a currency is always associated with the loss of those who bought the digital coins.

Completely normal, very healthy and nothing to worry about. Evolution! Around 90% of all species have also died out on our planet since the beginning of life!
Only the euro, the banks, absurd ideologies - above all socialism - must not die, which could endanger "the whole" and lead to the extinction of all kinds! TB


15:07 | BTC echo: bankruptcies, bad luck and Libra: Facebook's cryptocurrency in retrospect

The crypto currency Libra from Facebook shaped the year 2019 like no other project and called regulatory authorities worldwide into action. This is particularly noteworthy as the currency only exists in the form of a white paper to this day. A look back at lost and remaining opportunities of the Libra project.


19:56 | The Crypto Lark: Bitcoin in Trouble! 5 BIG Problems Killing Price (Video)

Reader Comment: That would be:

1. There is a shortage of new buyers.
2. Problems for smaller miners - regarding profitability and the upcoming Bitcoin halving; The energy value of Bitcoin is still in the bottoming out phase.
3. Technical progress too slow
4. Bitcoin Derivative
5. Scams


16:09 | BTC Echo: BTC Under $ 7,000 - Who's To Blame For The Crypto Crash?

The Bitcoin price has slipped below the $ 7,000 mark. With the current slump in the crypto market, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is pulling most of the altcoins down with it. The search for reasons leads to China, among other places.


16:45 | Reader's note:

For everyone who has some time over the Christmas holiday and still needs something to play with. How about the first crypto operating system: Libertyos

"LibertyOS is the first blockchain operating system. LibertyOS focuses heavily on user privacy, security, speed, stability and accessibility, and combines a novel token model with a blockchain-centric advertising platform to radically transform the user experience. Users get smoother , faster, cleaner, safer and more secure systems and can make money by opting for pre-scanned, anonymous, non-intrusive ads. Advertisers and publishers get better ad reporting and higher revenue shares. LibertyOS was developed by highly qualified researchers and industry experts and offers the way for everyone who is interested in data protection and security on the open web. "


16:44 | coindesk: Bakkt Goes Live With Options, Cash-Settled Futures Products

Just under three months after the long-awaited physically-settled Bitcoin futures product was launched, Bakkt (from the Intercontinental Exchange) has launched its Bitcoin options and cash-settled futures contracts.

Reader Comment: The introduction of the physically backed Bakkt derivatives was expected to open up further groups of investors. Shortly afterwards one hears from Bakkt representatives that there is actually no interest in physically tied contracts on the part of the customers, rather options and contracts that can be processed with cash are called for. Even if there is a corresponding interest, the physical delivery should not be that easy. Reminiscent of the gold / silver trade on the Comex.

How to try to dominate the market through various measures such as control over the Bitcoin Core Development or by connecting cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers worldwide via a centralized sidechain to Bitcoin, Chico Crypto crumbles in its current episode: BITCOIN Corruption Scandal! Bakkt & BTC Dev Collusion? Blockstream’s supply attack

He also speculated about the Republican presidential candidate for the 2024 election.


14:38 | cointelegraph: Bank for International Settlements says positive about digital currencies

Agustin Carstens, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), has apparently turned his negative stance on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) into positive ones, as he now emphasizes their opportunities. In a speech entitled “The future of money and payment systems: What role do central banks play?”, Which was published on December 5th, Carstens discussed how central banks can use innovative technologies to improve the financial system.

If central banks want to "improve" the financial system by means of crypto, that means nothing other than that the cryptos but also the conditions of free citizens will worsen! TB


19:14 | cointelegraph: Blockchain browser Brave doubled its monthly user base in 2019

The privacy-driven blockchain web browser Brave nearly doubled its monthly active users from 5.5 million in 2018 to 10.4 million in 2019. At the same time, Brave's daily active users tripled in the past year to reach 3.3 million the company said on December 5th.

Reader Comment: The Brave browser was presented about a year ago on bachheimer.com. I found the privacy functions and the alternative advertising model particularly exciting. For a few weeks now, advertisements have actually been displayed in Austria, albeit very rarely. In Germany this was probably the case a little earlier. I gave b.com the one BAT token that I clicked so far as a tip. You can't buy anything with it yet, so there is also a small Christmas donation. Of course, I deactivated the Brave Shields for b.com.

My absolute favorite function is called with Alt + Shift + N, even if this is at the expense of the loading time.


15:29 | cointelegraph: DB-Research: Crypto will replace FIAt currencies by 2030

By 2030, the demand for alternative currencies will increase, with digital currencies replacing cash according to the latest research by Deutsche Bank.

16:53 | The bond monkey
One would like to have it that way. These are the wet dreams of the elites to be able to carry on as before.

By 2030, they might think that they are orchestrating crypto money themselves. Citizens will use private cryptos much earlier! TB


19:40 | German Bundestag: Experts warn of blockchain hype despite great opportunities (video)

The topic of "Blockchain" was the focus of a public technical discussion of the Committee for Digital Agenda of the German Bundestag. Six experts gave the committee members information. A "blockchain" is a chained sequence of data blocks that is updated over time. The MPs are interested in the connection between so-called distributed ledger technologies (DLT), the blockchain process and Bitcoin, and what the difference between public and private blockchains is.

Reader Comment: The Americans invent it, the Chinese copy it and the Europeans (especially the Germans) regulate it.


19:56 | cointelegraph: US Fed is weighing the potential of a CBDC

The infiltration of blockchain into our global financial sector is nothing new, but some trends have shown that these experimental decentralized solutions are being addressed directly by the authorities. One of the most significant events comes from China as the first major economy emerged as an advocate of government-issued stablecoins.


18:24 | crypto-news-flash: New EU law: Banks allowed to hold and sell Bitcoin as of 2020

So far, the European Union has shown a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies and related digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ether or XRP when it comes to money laundering and terrorist financing. However, this view seems to be slowly but surely changing. A revision of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive makes it possible.

Reader Comment: Boom!


08:40 | cointelegraph: Antonopoulos: Cash-settled Bitcoin futures "bottomless hole" for traders

In an interview with YouTuber "Ivan on Tech" on November 27th, Antonopoulos put forward reasons that speak against the negative effects of Bitcoin futures trading on spot prices, which many fear.

He explained that it was the speculators and not the HODLers who really had something to fear.


15:37 | given: Currency geopolitics: Libra versus E-Yuan must read !!!

The immense stagnation of a euro zone trapped in a crumbling EU has resulted in the euro missing many opportunities. But two turning points are tearing the monetary union out of its inertia. It is a matter of:
. Facebook's announcement of the launch of its virtual currency Libra, which caused panic among the states and initially led to a kind of moratorium [1]; but what Facebook has confirmed with this announcement is that the current monetary system is no longer sufficient for the global e-economy.

17:20 | The tick
"... that the current currency system is no longer sufficient for the global e-economy." And the current person probably no longer either.

18:50 | The bond monkey
Reminds me of the discussion about play money in the casino. Although it would have advantages. One could "put on" a currency purely for the exchange of goods, that is, a "real economic currency". Gambling, in the sense of "investing in the financial markets", is not allowed with this currency. Of course, this remains a pigeonhole idea, because pointless debt-making would also be ruled out.

19:57 | Readers' inquiry about the bond monkey
Reader's question about the bond monkey's comment: Didn't we already have that in green with the segregated banking system. That was then canceled at some point and the gamble really started.

20:42 | The Bond monkey answers
In a separate banking system there would be "Commercial Banks" and "Financial Banks". Then, in my opinion, it would also need "two separate currencies". But where is the SECURITY of a currency, you can also ask that about cryptos? The security of a D-Mark, an Austrian Schilling, even a EURO etc lies in the tax power of its (national) population. The value and the security (remember the strong D-Mark) is dependent on the will to work, the creative power, the labor power of a people and what taxes this people pays / delivers for their "government" (if this people itself has no raw materials and can promote). Only with this trust is "value in the currency" created and thus the government can incur debts.
The US dollar has been made even more ingenious because it has been linked to crude oil. This is an additional security, e.g. also for the Saudis, who have pegged their national currency to the US dollar. Briefly back to the cryptos. This process is decoupled by the cryptos. A commercial currency would also have value due to the real taxpaying power of the people, a financial currency would lack this security, but something similar to a gaming chip in a casino would be. That is the question: what about the security of the currency? Everyone is talking about cryptos and virtual currencies. Absolutely ridiculous if there is no security behind it.


16:42 | The Bond monkey "Yes, Bitcoin is going down (again)"

It is of course interesting that the Chinese are to be blamed for this. Already possible, but whoever rules the "digital money bits" has the power. Just like the American central bank currently exercises power over its global branches such as the ECB, SBN, etc. Now it's getting exciting again. But what is really going on there? When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one shouldn't forget the Bitcoin appendices. Here is an overview with current quotations: https://www.godmode-trader.de/kryptowaehrungen

10:14 | Handelsblatt - finance briefing: China sends Bitcoin downhill

A new campaign by the Chinese central bank against trading in cryptocurrencies has accelerated the slide in the oldest and most important digital currency. Bitcoin fell by up to ten percent and was as cheap as it was six months ago, at a low of around $ 6,900.

With a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, the Chinese leadership can further intensify its control over the financial life of the population, especially in the event that it succeeds in reducing the use of cash. Or there will be a complete or at least partial cash ban in the not too distant future. AÖ


12:30 | trading-Treff: Cryptos under pressure - Bitcoin loses 20 percent

The pressure on the cryptocurrency market has been particularly high this week. At its peak, the flagship Bitcoin lost around 20 percent of its value within 5 trading days and broke the $ 7,000 mark. What happened and what does the chart image say?


12:57 | Julian Hosp: DeFi - An overview of the five major areas of application that DeFi will take over (video)

Reader Comment: Be your own bank!


08:59 | nzz: The anonymous crypto payments will be put to an endmust read !!!

Finma has determined that an "address slip" must still be included with payments via the blockchain. The reaction in the industry is different. What is certain, however, is that the supposedly cheap payment method will become more expensive.

The party faller
FINMA implements the "travel rule". This is practically the end of anonymous Bitcoin payments. I'm curious how this will be implemented in the masses. There are a few providers (... cough ...) who can do this theoretically and practically. In the various forums you can hear grumbling, complaining and cursing. And the assumption that FINMA will take it back again. So ... I don't think so much now. Because FINMA is under the thumb of the FATF, which in turn does everything the rogue United States wants, who want to keep their stinking green zombie shreds alive long enough.


18:33 | btc-echo: In case of bankruptcy Bitcoin: crypto currency as crisis currency

In Lebanon there are regular protests against corruption and an ailing financial system. The country is in a serious economic and political crisis. The anonymous group "Bitcoin Du Liban" is now advising the population to use crypto currencies as an alternative to the unstable national currencies. Other crisis states are also seeing increasing interest in digital currencies.


15:45 | Ivan on Tech: What's Going On With BAKKT? 🔴 Keynote: Jennifer Ilkew - VP Bakkt Asia (Video)

Reader Comment: With the opening of BAKKT, high expectations were attached to a positive price development for Bitcoin. Physical contracts should improve the liquidity of the market and attract new groups of investors (mostly institutional investors). In this keynote, however, it is stated that this product has not been so well received. That is why options and contracts that can be settled with Fiat have now been created. This opens the door to manipulation.


12:32 | financemagnates: Bitfinex to Launch Crypto Options, a Gold-Backed Stablecoin

The new products are expected to hit the market in Q1 2020.

Reader Comment: And here the next stable coin backed by gold is already announced.


10:53 | Telecom Handel: Bitkom publishes an interactive map on dead spots

The digital association Bitkom wants to accelerate the expansion of the mobile network with an interactive map and ensure more transparency in the case of problems. More than 1200 problem locations are noted in it. "Official procedures or missing locations for the construction of mobile radio systems all too often lead to the fact that radio gaps cannot be closed," said Bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder.


17:07 | kitco: Max Keizer: China secretly hoarding gold and will unleash crypto backed by metal and destroy USD (video)

His brother translated for the Vatican correspondent
China's big step for the 21st century is to open a “trap door” for the US by introducing a gold-backed cryptocurrency that will devalue the US dollar to “zero,” according to Max Keizer, moderator of the Keizer report . “[China] introduces a cryptocurrency, many details have not been disclosed. I can tell you that the cryptocurrency that China is introducing will be backed with gold. This is a two-pronged announcement.Number one, China has 20,000 tons of gold, number two, we're putting out a gold-covered crypto coin, and the dollar is toast, ”Keizer told Kitco News. Keizer added that Bitcoin was superior to gold.
“Both fiat money and gold are inferior to Bitcoin for a very simple reason, because in a Bitcoin transaction it is also the settlement. That doesn't exist with Fiat, that doesn't exist with gold, ”he said.

dVKsB corrects: Google translated and I found it good enough.


19:38 | cointelegraph: New Money Laundering Act: Crypto values ​​are becoming a regulated financial instrument

According to a statement by the Bundestag, the new regulations expand, among other things, the group of persons obliged to under money laundering law, in particular in the area of ​​virtual currencies, standardize the increased due diligence in high-risk countries, specify the group of “politically exposed persons” through lists of the member states and the European Commission on functions or offices and public access to the electronic transparency register ”.

Crypto values ​​such as cryptocurrencies and security tokens are thus included in the list of official financial instruments. As a legal consequence, the existing regulatory provisions for financial instruments also apply to crypto values.


13:15 | f & w: Bitcoin is killing Libra - Libra will not come

What is a shitcoin? Will Libra come? Does Bitcoin Reach $ 100,000? I'll answer all of these questions for you today in a new episode, Financial Intelligence!

13:52 | His brother to the Vatican correspondent
Towards the end of the video, Friedrich mentions a valuation method in connection with next year's Bitcoin Halving that sees the Bitcoin price at $ 100,000. I have already heard some other statements from investors in this regard who move in similar spheres.
To ground the expectations here, I recommend this video to anyone interested in this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjuzBZnhXJU&t=225s
This is where the miners have their say, and then they have a slightly different view of the possible consequences of halving.

13:05 | btc-echo: "Paranoia and Depression": A DarkNet dealer unpacks

In the first "national undercover campaign aimed at sellers of illegal goods on the DarkNet", US authorities had worked together for a year to bring down the culprits. Special agents from Homeland Security acted as money launderers and were able to arrest 35 black market traders through the targeted exchange of crypto currencies in US dollars.


18:19 | cointelegraph: Celsius Network crypto platform grants loans totaling 4.25 billion US dollars

The Celsius Network cryptocurrency platform announced in a press release that it had reached a total of $ 4.25 billion in crypto loans on November 12th.

Reader Comment: DiFi apps (decentralized finance) are likely to become one of the more interesting use cases for the blockchain, especially in the next year. In contrast to the savings book, there is interest here again.


16:20 | FAZ: Billions in fraud with false cryptocurrency

Probably the biggest case of fraud to date with an alleged crypto currency called “Onecoin” has been exposed and an accomplice, the founder's brother, has confessed. Hundreds of thousands of investors could have lost more than $ 4 billion to the alleged cryptocurrency that promised investors quick fortune, according to investigators. At least it is unknown where the money went.

Crypto snowball with pyramid system. TS

19:27 | The realist
Some people, with relatively high IQs, many of them self-employed and really good at doing things, tried to talk me into the stuff three years ago.
This is the future, all other coins are done, etc., we get rich, you don't have to invest a lot and you get rich ... etc. Of course I watched the game on the internet and yeah yeah, the various gangs from Bulgaria, with a bit of English and bought doctorates ..... they really understand their business from the bottom up: it's the game with greed and the one thing, always resembles the other.
Back then I warned as always, but the looks of my colleagues, they reminded me of the looks of the gold diggers from the old western films. Then, a few months later, in May 2017, a public prosecutor was already investigating in St Pölten, whereupon I informed everyone again that they were taking their money out. Again they were unapologetic and felt attacked by Bitcion and Co. Now more than ever, it was said.
So, now it is certain, the money is gone, greed ate the mind and everything starts all over again. It's a shame people don't understand that you should keep your hands off it!

10:51 | nzz: Bitcoin: Crypto exchanges only fake most transactions

The plan to create a Bitcoin ETF for retail investors has all failed so far. But the attempt by the asset manager Bitwise, which specializes in cryptocurrencies, is noteworthy. Because the company chose a risky and clever strategy to get a Bitcoin ETF approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The party faller
I wouldn't be surprised if it were actually like that.

So if even the party hunchback thinks this is possible, then good night! TB


15:45 | btc-echo: OneConnect wants to go to Wall Street - and is turning its back on Hong Kong

The Chinese fintech OneConnect is planning to go public in the USA. The company has submitted a listing application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Originally, the shares of the AI ​​and blockchain service provider should be traded in Hong Kong.


19:58 | cointelegraph: Tunisia issues its own digital currency via blockchain

Tunisia was the first country to start converting its local currency to a blockchain platform.


19:32 | btc-echo: Study: Serious shortage of skilled workers in the blockchain sector

In recent years, the cryptocurrency and blockchain space has grown enormously. The evaluations of requests on the Indeed job portal in the past year nevertheless show a comparatively lower level of interest among job seekers. Experts have therefore long been asking where the discrepancy between job offers and the number of job seekers comes from.


13:40 | cointelegraph: Bakkt Bitcoin futures hit new daily record

Bakkt's daily trading volume of Bitcoin futures (BTC) hit a new record high of 1,741 contracts traded on November 8th.


09:22 | cash: EU document: ECB should check its own digital currency

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the other EU central banks could sensibly sound out appropriate options and examine concrete steps in this direction, according to a draft document from the Finnish Presidency, which the Reuters news agency saw this week.

In their place I would have done that long ago - as a citizen I am glad that the EU is so far behind! Digital currency is arguably the best trailblazer for cash abolition! TB


08:23 | cointelegraph: Novogratz: "China's President has legitimized cryptocurrencies"

Galaxy Digital Managing Director Mike Novogratz says that the Chinese President Xi Jinping with his positive comments on blockchain technology has given both blockchain and cryptocurrencies the legitimacy.

This decision does not surprise me, because blockchain technology is not one that grants users anonymity. In a lecture, an employee of the "Austrian Institute of Technology" stated that 70% -75% of transactions can be assigned to users with reasonable effort. The rest would be easy to accomplish with greater effort. For the Chinese government, this means even more comprehensive control of payment transactions and thus of the Chinese population. AÖ


17:15 | btc-echo: Libra: Australian authorities request more information

Politicians around the world are skeptical of Libra. Too little is known about Facebook's currency plans, the real intentions of the platform giant remain hidden. Now Australian regulators have also expressed their displeasure. While they are still asking for more information, the Bundesbank Executive Board emphasizes the need for global regulation in this country.

Problems about problems. I would be interested in whether this was an in-house Facebook project or whether they were "persuaded" to do so! TB

12:38 | btc-echo: Digital arms race: USA is looking for crypto experts

The US Federal Reserve is looking for crypto experts in a job posting. A digital central bank currency is becoming more and more concrete - one that can keep up with China's plans.


21:40 | Crypto Trader: CHINA VS USA Digital Asset Wars - A new frontier!

  • It's China vs USA battling a new frontier of digital asset wars?
  • Who is ahead?
  • Is it too late for the USA?
  • Who wins and what does this mean for Crypto?


19:36 | cointelegraph: Peter Schiff: Gold connection of the Chinese digital currency would be bad for Bitcoin

“According to @maxkeiser, I'm an idiot because I think gold is better money than Bitcoin,” Schiff said at first, whereupon he added: “However, he also claims that China will soon bring a cryptocurrency to the market that is based on gold is coupled. Again, this would be good for gold and bad for bitcoin. A cryptocurrency that is linked to gold is better than a cryptocurrency that is not based on anything. "


19:22 | btc-echo: EU strategy paper proposes common European digital currency

A draft strategy by the European Union suggests that the Union should consider a common European digital currency. As Reuters reported on November 5, the preliminary draft strategy aims for the member states to agree on a common line for regulating cryptocurrencies and possibly also forbid risky crypto projects as a result.

Reader Comment: It's coming!


16:11 | btc-echo: China connects smart cities with blockchain

China's cities are growing while the infrastructure is overloaded. A new identification system is intended to optimize processes within the cities using blockchain.


12:28 | häring: How the US government wants to undermine the resistance against Libra

Anyone who believes that Facebook's planned global digital currency, Libra, is stillborn because of the resistance of regulators, could be exposed to a deception. Because in international pronouncement, words often mean the opposite of what they seem to mean.


12:22 | btc-echo: Understanding China: Why the Chinese blockchain strategy is superior to ours

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized last week that blockchain technology will play a major role in the country's future. Since then, the Middle Kingdom has been the focus of crypto reporting. Why China is turning the concept of decentralization upside down and why Chinese blockchain companies have an advantage over European and American ones.

09:50 | fz: A crypto shilling for green business

There are some promising ideas, especially in the energy sector, which is increasingly characterized by a large number of small producers. In the future, for example, household appliances could automatically order and bill their electricity requirements from various providers of a neighborhood “energy community”. The Graz lab10 collective has created its own blockchain with ARTIS, which is aimed precisely at sustainable and climate-neutral application scenarios.


16:08 | silverdoctors: Keith Weiner: Bitcoin Is Not The Anti-dollar - It's Just Another Chip In The Dollar Casino

the dollar is the universal medium of exchange. It is basically frictionless, trading at zero spread (with perhaps a fee to wire dollars internationally). Bitcoin claims to be a medium, but it's slow, can be expensive due to limitations of the blockchain. And as later confirmed by bitcoin proponents, bitcoin's bid-ask spread is wide and can widen unpredictably for large orders. Like $ 5,000.

An uncryptically clear, very strict analysis of the crypto currencies of my US colleague from the Gold Standard Institute! You never stop learning! TB

11:21 | FAZ: These are the reasons for the Bitcoin rally

Once again it was a weekend to the taste of Bitcoin investors. Since Friday, the price of the digital currency rose from 7417 dollars to 9916 dollars - this corresponds to an increase of 33 percent and thus represents the strongest price rally in a year and a half. The broader Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which tracks the most important digital currencies, also rose to a five week high.

14:18 | Bond monkey:  
I think rather that what happened there was very close. On Thursday, October 24th, the Bitcoin price in USD reached the important 200-day line (yellow line) after a four-month downward movement. You can now think what you want, including the importance of such lines. The fact is, however, that the course was jerked up at this "intersection". That's the strange thing about it. In this jumble a GAP has arisen, a hole in the chart, as if the price had to go back from the current USD 9,430 to around USD 8,600. Let's look at that.

And what does "the digital currency have become 33 percent more valuable over the weekend"? This is total nonsense. Imagine if the EUR as a currency were to become 33 percent "more valuable" against the USD in one day. That would be a sweeping devaluation of the USD. Therefore, "Bitcoin" does not meet any requirements for a "sustainable" currency. It is not a "price rally" either, it is not a correction, it is a sharp countermovement in the downward trend.

One should think once. Bitcoin is a "currency" (actually it is an artificial product), which is therefore created with electricity. What kind of "creation nonsense" is that? At least it fulfills the properties of electricity. At some point, Bitcoin investors will be hit by the blow due to the price development. Crypto? Isn't that a play on words with the word "crypt"? It is worth asking the international search engine about the meaning. Crypto - RIP.


10:17 | fuw: Bitcoin with the strongest rally in a year and a half

The hope of easing the restrictions on cryptocurrencies in China is boosting the price of Bitcoin (Bitcoin 9402.41 8.68%). The oldest and most important cyber currency rose up to 16% on Monday to $ 9,948.80. This adds up to a plus of 33% over the weekend. This is the strongest rally in a year and a half.

It could be that the halfing (expected to take place at the end of April / beginning of May20) is one of the reasons for the desires of investors! TB


18:41 | coindesk: How Should Crypto Prepare for Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

"Quantum Supremacy". The term evokes images of a giant supercomputer that can count the grains of sand on every beach on earth. But what does Google's official claim to supremacy mean and how will practical quantum computing change the world of cryptography?


15:52 | coindesk: Trump Administration Popped 2017 Bitcoin Bubble, Ex-CFTC Chair Says

The Trump administration deflated the 2017 bitcoin bubble by allowing the introduction of futures products, a former official said Monday.

Christopher Giancarlo, who retired from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at the end of his five-year tenure as chairman in April, told CoinDesk in an interview.


16:29 | BTC echo: Bitcoin price and market analysis: BTC soon over 10,000 US dollars again?

The current price development of the Bitcoin course looks like the price could rise to 11,700 US dollars in November. Despite a negative quarterly report on Ripple, XRP can look forward to a price increase of 20 percent. Ethereum is finally weak, but could also target 320 US dollars in the long term.


19:04 | SVK Crypto: Epic Panel Battle with Brock Pierce, Nouriel Roubini, Tone Vays, Bobby Lee, Craig Wright

Reader Comment: Fiat world against crypto world, West against East, central banker Roubini and egomaniac Wright against an angry Bobby Lee. This together results in a panel mix that ensures a high level of entertainment.


08:52 | The bookworm on yesterday's "Libra ban"

Am I reading this correctly? That "no private company can claim currency powers that are part of the sovereignty of nations"? Laugh! Almost all states in the EU have long since given up their currency sovereignty and introduced the private currency "Euro". Because how else do you want to name the euro? The EU is not a state, but a private organization. The currency of such an organization is thus a private currency. The central bank of this organization - called the ECB - dominates the central banks of the so-called "sovereign" states.
The whole circus only serves to keep unpleasant competition out in order to keep this wretched euro thing alive a little longer. Their asses simply run out of steam, panic in the office!

Right, dear bookworm, but somehow I'm also personally relieved about it. The issuers of the Libra were all monopolists in the network or payment transactions. Too close to the system.The Libra could easily have become the tool for the cash elimination tool the system longed for!
Ergo: Actually, the Libra should have helped the powerful, but the Libra has too great a power potential, so that you do not need your "help"! TB

12:30 | The bond monkey
Well, you probably want to prevent a (virtual) currency confusion. The USD must remain No. 1 globally. Otherwise the system will not work. But the US DOLLAR is also a swindle. The boundaries between state and private are blurring here. A currency is always just a commodity, even an invented commodity, at the latest when it is exchangeable or tradable. The actual principles are terribly easy to see through: they are called trust and belief.
The current book by former German Finance Minister Theo Waigel is called: Honesty is a currency. This is toughest, contaminated tobacco, a violation of the concept of honesty. An air currency never has anything to do with honesty, only with functionality. But Theo Waigel would have been an excellent seller of cryptocurrencies. The people, the people would have believed him. Waigel would give Libra one
Put on the trust bonus and it'll work. But before Libra comes, a crypto-USD will be introduced. Basically you should
do not allow crypto jugglers and crypto pocket players to be ripped off. No matter how safe, honest and plausible it sounds. It
remains an air money number.


20:08 | oe24: French minister: EU ban on Libra in preparation

"Libra is not welcome on European soil," stressed the French minister. The project endangers the "sovereignty" of the states.
According to the French Minister of Economics Bruno Le Maire, a ban on the crypto currency Libra announced by Facebook is in preparation in the EU. He is working with the governments in Germany and Italy to prevent the introduction of Libra in the European Union, said Le Maire on Friday on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.

"We believe that no private company can claim currency powers that are part of the sovereignty of nations" (Scholz and Le Maire) ... and thus the matter is over. TS


12:28 | crypto valley journal: Why Libra is coming!

One message dominated the Twitter feeds for the past few days: the Libra tragedy. In cyberspace, the end of Facebook's cryptocurrency is being sung about. With the exit of Visa, Mastercard, Stripe and Visa, many see the project buried before it has even officially started.

I have my doubts that Libra will be a great success in the western world, i.e. that it will achieve significant dissemination. As long as the current monetary system works halfway in a country, the costs for the daily use of two currencies are simply too high for ordinary Otto consumers. Money is a network good, i. H. like law or language, the more people use a currency, the better it can display its advantages. In normal times, multiple currencies in one currency area are only advantageous or necessary in certain industries such as tourism and of course in international trade. In countries with inadequate payment systems and low-trust currencies, things are of course different, where Libra is very likely to succeed. AÖ


20:11 | wallstreet-online: The missing crypto queen and the billion-dollar fraud

The OneCoin scam could go down in history as the biggest scam of the decade. Investors from all over the world have entrusted the crypto company from Bulgaria with almost five billion euros. All investors have left nothing to this day, because the crypto currency OneCoin does not exist. Victims of the fraud, however, are intimidated and receive death threats.


18:00 | häring: Who is behind the Libra Association and what is the goal of Libra? Part 1: The Association

Facebook's project of an international currency called Libra seems to have stalled. Important supporters such as Mastercard, Visa and Paypal have dropped out. However, one should not be under the illusion that this is the beginning of the end of the project. Geostrategic for the USA it is far too important for that. In a two-parter I want to first analyze who are the founding members who joined the Libra Association on October 15. joined as founding members, what the prominent jumps mean and what the ultimate goal of Libra is.


20:00 | FAZ: Libra starts with a lot of doubts

Of the 28 founding members, 21 have remained. And while the number of partners has shrunk, the schedule for the project is also wavering. David Marcus is unshakable. It was a “great day”, he tweeted after the meeting of members of the Libra Association, the Swiss organization that is said to be in charge of controlling the digital currency Libra. Marcus is responsible for the project at the social network Facebook, the main initiator of Libra.


13:01 | sd: David Morgan: Gold Goes Digital While Facebook’s Digital Cryptocurrency Loose Backing

Gold Goes Digital, While Facebook Loses Backing! EBay, Stripe, Mastercard and Visa are all dropping out of Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency project, the companies announced Friday. The news comes one week after PayPal announced its withdrawal as government regulators continue to scrutinize the plans. Facebook has tried to mitigate lawmakers ’fears of libra in part by assuring them that Facebook would not have unilateral control of the currency. This should be no surprise, as history has shown, the government does not like competition.

His brother to the Vatican correspondent
David Morgan on the trail of TB


15:35 | zero-h: Libra Is Dead: eBay, Stripe, Visa And MasterCard All Abandon Facebook's Cryptocurrency

Nothing against private competition for the state monopoly of money. But this experiment was a little too steep for me. The wrong corporations are involved, cover is dubious and therefore no "real alternative". The cash ban has to wait a little longer! Thank God! TB

The party faller
Now he is being pronounced dead, young Libra. As soon as the concept saw the light of day, it was allowed to go away again. The financial octopus does not tolerate competition, even if it comes from the friend and godfather of social media striptease. Somehow, for a while, I had the feeling that Libra should be something like the Trojan horse.

Me too! TB

Born in the hype of all the cryptocoins, but centralized and controllable. The perfect substitute for the dollar when the green disgust finally leaves the world stage. I guess it was wrong. Nobody spat more poison and bile at the Libra than those whom I took to be the accomplices. One can also be wrong. Funnily enough, Bitcoin is becoming more interesting again. Still stable, has been working without interruption for more than ten years, cannot be controlled or confiscated. Don't be too quick with the transactions, but at least they get there. Despite poison and bile :)


17:21 | BTC echo: Prof. Dr. Christian Piska from the University of Vienna in an interview on Libra and a new crypto monetary policy

Interdisciplinary research is carried out on the crypto-economy at the University of Vienna. For the law faculty at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law, Prof. Dr. Christian Piska for questions about disruptive technologies such as blockchain, IoT or AI. In particular, the Libra Association's cryptocurrency project has piqued his interest. We used the project as an opportunity to talk about the effects of private stable coins on our economy and society in an interview.

12:30 | Press: More and more companies are turning their backs on Facebook's cryptocurrency

The internet company Facebook suffered another setback when building its Libra crypto currency. The online auction house Ebay, the online payment service Stripe and the two credit card providers Mastercard and Visa turned their backs on the Libra Association, which was founded to develop the global digital currency.


14:15 | AEC / Hayek Institute: Book Presentation: The Decentralized Revolution by Aaron Koenig

Bitcoin and blockchain technology have set out to change the world. They give billions of people who previously had to get by without a bank account access to the global economy. Start-ups finance themselves today by issuing digital tokens. Objects of value such as stocks, real estate or works of art can be tokenized and traded via blockchain.

The video of Aaron König's lecture with a conversation afterwards about crypto vs FIAt vs covered money! I was allowed to help shape the evening (introduction and 2nd part of the video) TB

08:47 | snb: SNB examines digital central bank money for banks

The SNB and SIX are now working together on a feasibility study, as stated in communications from SIX and the SNB on Tuesday evening. It will research how digital central bank money could be used in the settlement of "tokenized" assets between financial market participants. “Tokens” are digital assets that can be transferred from one party to another.

Central bank digital money! Can you do it, just ask yourself how it should come about: FIAT or mined or does it not need a creation process, since it is only a means of transport for already existing assets? But then it's just a toker and no money. Somehow this article is misleading me! TB


18:50 | nzz: Facebook's world currency: What are the interests behind Libra? And how does it go on without PayPal?

The tech group wants to create a digital currency called Libra together with around two dozen companies. It is a unique, global experiment - with great risks and with an uncertain outcome. But Facebook, Mastercard, Uber, Vodafone and Co. have good reasons why they get involved.

10:34 | fuw: Libra and the currency competition must read !!!

There are great fears that government monetary policy will be undermined by the supposed blockchain Facebook currency Libra. Facebook (FB 179.68 -0.43%) has a bad reputation as a market-dominant data octopus, blockchain has the smell of the illegal, and monetary policy is already cornered into the zero-interest trap. But these assessments are wrong


12:03 | ard: Paypal gets out of Libra

With immediate effect, the Internet payment service PayPal will no longer participate in Facebook's new digital currency. The company from San Jose, Silicon Valley announced that it will leave the board of directors for the Facebook currency Libra. One would rather concentrate on the core business, said PayPal.

08:39 | geolitico: Ripple - the new wave in cryptocurrencies

Against the backdrop of steadily advancing globalization and, at the same time, increasing state control of cash flows, alternative payment systems have been invented in the last decade. Terms like cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital inflation, and obfuscation of illegal activity are often mentioned first when talking about alternative currencies.


17:06 | btc-echo: Switzerland: Finma continues to look calmly at Facebook's Libra

The director of the Swiss authority Finma expressed concerns about dark corners of the financial world. The confident course regarding Libra was consolidated by him. Why financial market regulators prefer Libra.

Maybe because the Libra is to be covered by uncovered money and thus serves the system, just like Finma itself? TB


10:32 | The missing part: The New Monetary Order: CumEx, Blockchain and the Cantillon Effect

Jasmin Kosubek spoke to our guest Andreas Marquart about how the legally sanctioned redistribution of wealth works, why our money is steadily losing purchasing power and why one should beware of what is known as "money socialism".
The blockchain. At the latest with the recently published strategy paper of the federal government, we know that the German state wants a piece of the innovation cake. But can you dance at two weddings at the same time in the long term? The decentralized blockchain technology should take root and flourish in a centralized apparatus of power such as the state. Alexander Palucki researched the advantages and disadvantages of this project for you with the Bitcoin expert Jeff Gallas.

At the beginning of the video a report about the elections in Austria! From about 1:20 p.m. it's all about money and cryptos! TB


12:50 | hayek-institut: Book presentation: The decentralized revolution by Aaron Koenig

Aaron Koenig, an expert in the bitcoin and crypto industry, was a guest at the Hayek Institute in 2017 and presented his book Cryptocoins - Investing in digital currencies. Now he has published his third book and returned to the Hayek Hall in Vienna on September 25th. In The Decentralized Revolution: How Bitcoin and Blockchain Are Changing Economy and Society, Koenig looks at the larger social developments that could come about thanks to new technologies. As Koenig argued in an interview with Thomas Bachheimer, the European President of the Gold Standard Institute, cryptocurrencies are only the tip of the blockchain technology iceberg.


12:09 | Diepresse: Bitcoin makes it into the financial establishment

New York exchange operator ICE issues Bitcoin futures. Bitcoin could become an established investment.

Despite this step, I have my doubts that one day Bitcoin will be more than an object of speculation and a means of payment for a very limited group of people. Blockchain technology - at least at the moment - does not have the capacity to process even remotely part of the global financial transactions. I also doubt that a decentralized trust system is more effective and efficient in normal times than one that runs through a central office. AÖ

Reader comment
I like to admit that both Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptos are still in their infancy and it will be another 2-3 decades before they become commonplace for everyone. But don't underestimate the industry, remember the internet in the 1990s, or the home computers of the 1980s…. Yes, the dot-com bubble burst at the end of the 90s, but still (or maybe because of it) google, facebook, netflix and the like are as big as they are today. Not that the approach of these companies appeals to me, but the problems you address (capacity, etc.) will be solved, or have already been partially solved. And the adoption will follow the offer: Samsung and Apple are already delivering integrated crypto wallets or cryptographically secure payment solutions with their smartphones - and these already support not only the transaction cost-expensive Bitcoin, but also transaction cost-free coins such as IOTA. Bottom line: Yes, everything is far from being solved, and there are still enough hurdles to come, but a lot is happening in two or three decades. Of course, nobody knows whether BTC will become this everyday transaction medium or another coin, or a token that doesn't even exist today.


10:09 | cm: Bitcoin (BTC) threatened by Google quantum computers?

A report from Google surfaced on Friday that was falsely published on the NASA website. Although it was taken offline shortly afterwards, the information had already leaked: According to a report, Google built a quantum computer and tested it with an algorithmic calculation.


16:57 | BTC echo: Crypto and traditional markets: Bitcoin is lagging behind the market

The Bitcoin rate is currently moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the market. The volatility has now fallen below the level of oil. Unfortunately, Bitcoin continues to bring up the rear in terms of performance. For almost a year now, we've been tracking how Bitcoin compares to traditional markets. It is not about a trivial comparison of performance. Institutional investors are extremely interested in Bitcoin's claim to be an uncorrelated, stable asset.


14:38 | reddit: So in just two days (yesterday and today) the Fed is printing an amount of money

t was the NY Fed's first such rescue operation in a decade, the last occurring in late 2008. "It's unprecedented, at least in the post-crisis era," said Mark Cabana, rates strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. On Tuesday morning, the NY Fed launched what's called an "overnight repo operation," during which the central bank attempts to ease pressure in markets by purchasing Treasuries and other securities. The goal is to pump money into the system to keep borrowing costs from creeping above the Fed's target range.

The party faller:
The FED prints as much as Bitcoin's entire MarketCap in two days


08:55 | fz: Facebook is fighting against politicians' prejudices about Libra

After massive political criticism of its planned digital currency Libra, Facebook has rejected concerns that it could interfere with the sovereignty of central banks. No new money will be spent at Libra, which is reserved for sovereign states, emphasized David Marcus, the top manager responsible for the development of Libra at the online network, on Monday.

A crypto currency linked to FIAT money - you can't invent it.
When I read that the Libra people came to the BIS, I immediately thought: so far, all the cash abolition advances have fizzled out because there was no substitute.What if the Libra becomes the replacement money for FIAT (at least covered by FIAT)? TB


09:40 | fz: Someone transferred a billion dollars into Bitcoin

The huge transfer was discovered by Whale Alert, reports Vice. The Twitter account specializes in tracking such large cryptocurrency transfers. Since the blockchain is public in order to be decentralized, such transfers can be viewed. It is not possible to see who has sent whom to whom, since the Bitcoin addresses are pseudonyms and these are not yet known in the Bitcoin community.


08:45 | fz: China wants to introduce a state cryptocurrency

China's digital money, which is about to make its debut, will have similarities with the planned Facebook cryptocurrency Libra. This was announced by the central bank's deputy director, Mu Changchun, who is responsible for payment transactions, according to the state newspaper "Shanghai Securites News".

I am very curious about the balancing act between "guaranteed anonymity in payment transactions" with simultaneous "precautions to prevent money laundering". It is to be feared that after a short period of time the former will be vaporized in favor of the latter! TB

08:19 | uncensored: digital money: Twitter will not introduce its own cryptocurrency

The short message service Twitter will not introduce its own cryptocurrency. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, announced this decision. Twitter relies on Bitcoin, the key currency for digital money. The fact that Facebook will launch its own currency on the Internet with Libra in January 2020 is no reason for Dorsey to follow suit.


16:34 | btc-echo: Bitcoin mining farms are flourishing in Siberia

The ruins of the Soviet industry in Siberia attract Bitcoin miners. The cold climate and the low energy prices are the ideal conditions for the lucrative mining of coins. The waterworks in particular are now supplying the abandoned factories from the time of the Soviet Union with energy for creating digital currencies.

Wouldn't it be a joke in history if Siberia were to play a decisive role in upsetting the New York moneylenders! TB

09:04 | Swiss month: Bitcoin is the solution, not the problem

Unlike Bitcoin, paper money currencies are covered by a legal, institutional and political foundation. But that is increasingly turning from a security advantage to a risk. A replica.


19:42 | cointelegraph: The super-rich in India prefer Bitcoin as an investment

People in India with high incomes are more likely to invest in Bitcoin than other cryptocurrencies, according to a new survey by Huru India ... Of the high-income earners in India, around 10 percent said they want to invest in cryptocurrency in the next three years .


16:19 | BTC echo: Vaultoro founder in an interview about gold and Bitcoin: "The correlation will increase in the future"

The two brothers Joshua and Philip Scigala founded Vaultoro in 2015. The exchange, which has so far specialized in the trading pair gold and Bitcoin, is expected to grow by additional assets in the next few months. The two brothers told us in a personal interview what the relationship between Bitcoin and gold is, whether Brexit is a threat to the company based in England and whether Litecoin is the crypto counterpart to the precious metal silver.

Bitcoin is certainly an interesting thing, but I'll stick to my opinion ...... Gold works without electricity. TS


17:02 | btc-echo: Ethereum and Ether classified as halal

For devout Muslims, additional regulations apply to financial transactions. These are dictated by Sharia, Islamic law. So far there is no general judgment as to whether cryptocurrencies meet the requirements of Sharia law. In order to promote the adaptation of the Ethereum platform in the Islamic world, the Ethereum Foundation had its creation examined.

Thanks be to Allah! TB

17:22 | Reader comment
Apart from the fact that I didn't know that you could eat BC and Co., I would be interested in how to "create" it. (Fashion, fashion creation, model, the latest creations from Paris were presented; educational language: [artistic] creation) then want to check, and for what? It also raises the question of whether computers and the virtual world and values ​​are halal? Maybe it was about whether these values ​​can be exchanged for gold, although I don't know whether gold is halal.

19:22 | Reader comment:
As an exception, you can take a look at Wikipedia here and find out beforehand what halal Etherum should be. Dogs are haram, not because they are eaten, but because they are simply unclean animals in the eyes of the Muslims. So we see that what is allowed (halal) and what is not allowed and unclean (haram) is a matter of fact. The “risk premium” is particularly haram. Wikipedia also offers a good article on this and how the dear Muslims squirm and interpret when it comes to the Riba and the modern financial industry.

Note, it is not really Islam that poses a danger, it is about the ignorance and stupidity of the people in Europe, who represent an extraordinary danger and thereby allow Islam to gain a foothold here.