What exactly is Vitaly Uncensored

Super Bowl runabout: She is an Instagram model

So this is how advertising works ...

She's been on everyone's lips since Sunday: At this year's Super Bowl in Miami, a speedster almost made it onto the field. The emphasis, however, is on FAST. Because before she reached the lawn, she was stacked down by the security and finally led away in handcuffs.

But what the blonde managed to do: she managed to pull up her dress in time and reveal her plump bottom.

So your bottom is now world famous - but who is the woman for it?

The blonde speedster with the plump bottom is an Instagram model named Kelly Kay.

No big surprise after the Super Bowl performance: Her profile consists mainly of snapshots that really put the blonde's body in the limelight. In bikini, underwear or body, she presents her curves wherever she can.

Yeah, pretty hot content Kelly Kay has to offer. For which she apparently hopes for more followers.

Because the Super Bowl means one thing above all: A mega stage that captivates over 800 million viewers to the TV.

Kelly has achieved her goal: While she still had 260 122 Instagram followers on January 30, before the Super Bowl, there are now (as of February 4) over 300,000.

Also striking: In her latest post, the blonde advertises “Vitaly Uncensored”.

Exactly for THE erotic website, for them too Champions League runabout Kinsey Wolanski (23) advertised in June 2019.