What happens to unsolved crimes

Unsolved criminal cases in Hanover: do these eight crimes go unpunished?

Raped, murdered, dismembered: there are cases that keep the police busy for years. Because the perpetrators cannot be identified, the motive is missing - or even the dead are unknown.

This is a particular burden for the relatives of the victims - they cannot finish with what is happening.

In a series of articles, the Neue Presse tells the story of the victims and the bereaved.

These spectacular murders have not yet been resolved

The Annika Brill case

Stabbed: Annika Brill (then 20).

On November 27, 2011, 20-year-old Annika Brill was suddenly attacked on her doorstep on Kohlrauschstrasse (center). The perpetrator stabbed the young woman 21 times, who only wanted to get a cigarette for a short time. She bleeded to death and the stranger was able to escape. Witnesses can provide a good description, but the man is still not caught.

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The case of Annette Peus

Strangled: Annette Peus (then 15). Source: dpa

On September 27, 1996, 15-year-old Annette Peus wants to take the bus from where she lives in Mardorf to the neighboring Eilvese for jazz gymnastics. It never gets there. The student is missing for three weeks. On October 18, 1996, a farmer found her dead in a corn field - naked, raped, strangled.

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The case of Inka Köntges

Disappeared: Inka Koentges (then 29).

It is probably the most mysterious missing person case in Hanover: On August 10, 2000 Inka Köntges (29) left her apartment in the List and said goodbye to her husband. She wants to go to the medical college by bike in the morning - but doesn't get to work. She claims to have seen a witness in the Eilenriede. Inka Köntges has since disappeared - and the police have not found the slightest trace.

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The Bernd Mokijewski case

Chopped up: Bernd Mokijewski (70).

Bernd Mokijewski was known in Herrenhausen as the "man at the window". The pensioner looked every day from his mezzanine floor apartment on Halthoffstrasse. Then he was killed in his apartment - the first parts of his body appeared on August 3, 2015 in the Mittelland Canal. The perpetrator dismembered the 70-year-old and packed his remains in plastic bags.

The body parts at the Maschsee

An extremely scary series: On September 26, 1975, a worker at the Schneller Graben hydroelectric power station found the torso of a woman. Until December 18, 1977, the stranger kept dropping body parts at prominent points in the city. In the end there are 13 parts from six corpses - and the police could not find the perpetrator. The investigators also do not know who the dead are - and what the causes of death are.

The Alexander Wart case

Shot: Alexander Wart (then 19).

The covered bench at the entrance to Vocational Schools 14 in Roderbruch (Groß-Buchholz) was the place where Alexander Wart liked to meet up with friends. This was also the case on February 27, 1995. On that Friday evening, the 19-year-old was sitting there with a friend (17) to have a beer. At the end of the day, the trainee is dead. Shot by a murderer who has remained unknown to this day.

The case of Yasmin Stieler