Have raisin-removing properties

Raisins: delicious and very healthy!

They taste wonderful in sweet or salty dishes. They are also very popular as a snack in between in combination with other dried fruits. Find out what raisins can do for your health in today's article.

Last update: April 11, 2019

Raisins are not only delicious and versatile, they are also very healthy! They taste wonderful in sweet or salty dishes.

They are also very popular as a snack in between in combination with other dried fruits. Find out what in our article todayRaisinscan do for your health.

Health promoting properties

  • They provide a lot of energy: Dried grapes contain nutrients in concentrated form. They also have carbohydrates that can be absorbed quickly. 70% of it consists of fructose.

They are particularly suitable for children and athletes because they are very energetic.

  • Dried grapes are also recommended for anemia because they are rich in iron, copper and manganese.

Those who want to gain weight can also help themselves to this delicious dried fruit.

  • Dried grapes strengthen the nervous system: They are rich in minerals and B vitamins. As a result, they help with physical exhaustion, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Students and the elderly should consume raisins as they improve brain function and prevent memory loss.

They contain important flavonoids and antioxidants. That is why they are also recommended as a preventive measure against Alzheimer's.

  • They help with constipation: Dried grapes are great for relieving constipation. Because they have a slightly laxative effect and contain organic acids, fructose and pectin.

Pectin helps cleanse the intestines and promotes stool formation. That is why they are also suitable for preventing colon cancer.

  • Good for the eyes: The phytonutrients it contains are important for eye health. They protect against premature aging because they have an oxidative effect and improve blood circulation.

This dried fruit is perfect for poor eyesight, glaucoma, night blindness or cataracts.

  • Dried grapes remineralize the bones: They are high in calcium and magnesium. Both are fundamental to healthy bones. They are very important in preventing osteoporosis.
  • They also help to meet the increased need for these minerals during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • In addition, the small dried fruits have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, they can also be of good service for arthritis and osteoarthritis.

It should not be forgotten that they counteract foods that deprive the body of calcium (e.g. carbonated drinks, cola or coffee).

  • Dried grapes have aphrodisiac properties: They are used as an aphrodisiac in different countries. That is why they are very popular, especially in desserts.

This property is due to the fact that raisins are high in energy and contain arginine.

This amino acid increases libido and prevents impotence and infertility.

In ancient Egypt, the combination of raisins and honey was popular for rendezvous.

  • Anti-fever remedies: These dried fruits contain organic acids in concentrated form that are effective against fever.
  • Appetite suppressants: For a long time, dried grapes were notorious as fattening foods. But exactly the opposite has been found: They lower the cholesterol level and have a very satiating effect.

This can help prevent food cravings. However, since raisins are high in sugar, you should seek advice from a nutritionist or doctor.

Do not include them in your diet until you want to lose weight.

  • Raisins regulate the acid-base balance: The lowering of the pH value in the blood (acidosis) can lead to various complaints and diseases.

For example kidney deposits, gout, cancer, arthritis, hair loss or skin diseases.

Dried grapes contain potassium and magnesium. You thereby support the balance of the acid-base balance.

  • They help with oral care: The small dried fruits contain oleanolic acid, which protects against tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

At the same time, raisins work against bacteria that lead to dental plaque.

The calcium it contains also strengthens the teeth.

  • They protect the heart: The catechins contained in raisins have an antioxidant effect. They clean the arteries, thereby lowering the cholesterol level and protecting against heart disease.

It can also regulate high blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

What is the best way to incorporate raisins into your diet?

The delicious small dried fruits can be used in a variety of ways. Here some examples:

  • Swiss chard with potatoes and raisins
  • Pork fillet with dried grapes and pine nuts
  • Coconut and raisin ice cream
  • Rice with orange and raisins
  • Pasta with walnuts and raisins
  • Baked apple with dried grapes
  • Raisin pudding
  • Chocolate Raisin Chips
  • Canelloni with leek, chicken and dried wine grapes
  • Apple and raisin pie
  • Stockfish with pine nuts and dried grapes
  • Maultaschen with meat and dried grapes
  • Couscous
  • Carrot cake with raisins

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