Why do you like or dislike technology?

Translation of "I would rather than" in Italian

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I can't believe you are someone rather than me.

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I think you like Babies rather than Adults and ...
Uh, you mean yes, you like Voice messages rather than Texts.
If you have apples dearestthen ...
I just didn't think you liked them because of their technology dearest.
Solo che non pensavo che sarebbe stato perché preferivi la sua tecnologia.
Maybe you have someone you dearest.
Forse hai trovato una che ti piace di più.
You always told me that you were the people there dearest.
Mi hai semper detto che ti piaceva di più la gente là.
You always said that you are the people there dearest.
Mi hai semper detto che preferivi la gente di lì.
What like you rather, Spring or autumn?
What like you rather, Dad, Sea Glass or Starfish?
Cosa ti piace di più, papà, il vetro di mare o le stelle marine?
Like you rather pink or purple?
It's great that you do KSMB too rather than Ebba Grön like.
Bella la cosa che preferisci i KSMB ad Ebba Gron.
Well, if you do rather Men or women like.
What like you rather, PC or Mac? -PC PC.
You preferwhen he drives?
What like you rather, Tea or coffee?
What like you rather, White wine or red wine?
What like you rather, Spring or autumn?
Like you rather pajamas or nightgown, honey?
Preferisci che mi metta il pigiama o la camicia da notte, mio ​​tesoro?
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