Why is Arsenal called the Gunners


After the announcement that I would get something constructive on paper after a few hours to think about it, I have to admit frankly that it will not work. Arsenal's performance is and will remain unacceptable.

Mikel Arteta found clear words on this, and those were also appropriate. Nevertheless, it must be stated that we are still standing there, if not even taking partial steps backwards. The team cannot call up consistently and is also not able to deliver, especially the so-called star players.

Of course, Pool played well yesterday. But with what we have offered, there is little chance of an exchange of blows. Against West Ham, thirty minutes of grits may have worked. However, being inferior in every area against the pool for the entire game breaks your neck.

Arsenal and Mikel Arteta are again at a crossroads. Thursday Slavia Prague comes to the Emirates for the first leg in the Europa League. Again such a performance will certainly pose far greater problems to the club and coach than just a completely weak-looking hairstyle by Aubameyang. because then it means without reservation that Arsenal will have to be classified as a mid table team for a very long time. If it's not too late for that. Because perseverance and empty promises never lead to success.

Nevertheless, enjoy the rest of the Easter days until Thursday the first showdown rises.

In this sense

Come on you Gunners!



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