What is Zalando's biggest competitor

Zalando is ahead of the competition - About You is catching up

Zalando has further expanded its lead in German online fashion retail. As in previous years, the Berlin-based group is at the top of the e-fashion rankings, for which the EHI Retail Institute and the Statista portal evaluated annual reports for 2019. According to this, Zalando generated 1.62 billion euros in clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in this country last year.

As a result, the gap between the old and new number two, the Otto Group subsidiary Bonprix, has increased from EUR 839.9 million to EUR 993.4 million. The Hamburg multichannel retailer Bonprix recorded sales of EUR 628.5 million in 2019.
After a strong third quarter

Zalando waives fees from partner companies

Growth and no end: Even after the third quarter of 2020, Zalando is profiting from the corona crisis.

The sister company About You has caught up a lot, ousting the Swedish fashion group H&M from third place thanks to a large jump in sales of almost 28% to 524.7 million euros. That means: the two e-fashion providers changed places.

The online shopping club Best Secret (422.4 million euros) came fifth. It is followed by the fashion group Esprit (241.5 million euros), the fashion retailer Breuninger (293.3 million euros), the German branch of the British online fashion group Asos (233.7 million euros) and the Chinese shooting Star Shein, which is represented in this country with the online shop Shein.de. This generated 170.3 million euros last year.
Half-year results and outlook

Bonprix is ​​optimistic about the end of the year

Bonprix closed the first half of 2020 with a decline in sales of 3.6%. After double-digit growth in the first two months of the second half of the year, the Otto Group company believes it is well positioned for the challenges of the coming months.

The Franconian mail order company Baur took tenth place, generating 40% of its total turnover of 422.4 million euros with fashion. For the first time this year, the sporting goods manufacturer Nike is in the second half of the top 20 list. The US group made it to 18th place. Big rival Adidas moved up two places to 14th.

The e-fashion ranking is one of many results of the market study “E-Commerce Market Germany 2020”, which focuses on the list of the 1000 best-selling B-to-C online shops for physical goods in Germany. As in previous years, Amazon is at the top with a turnover of 10.49 billion euros. Second is Otto.de with 3.36 billion euros. According to reports, Otto.de generates around a third of its sales with fashion. If this proves to be true, Otto would be the second largest online fashion retailer in the country with around 1.12 billion euros. Amazon Germany's share of fashion in the industry is roughly estimated at around 15%.
Second hand fashion

About You is now also doing secondhand

Silent Launch of Second Love: About You has entered the used fashion market. The online fashion retailer is cooperating with the Hamburg second-hand online shop Vite en Vogue.

The EHI lists the two universal mail-order companies in the “Generalists” category, which continues to make up the lion's share of the Top 1000 ranking: All 58 generalists listed generated a total of 18.35 billion euros in 2019. This corresponds to a share of 35.5% of the total turnover of the 1000 largest online retailers in Germany.

The 190 clothing providers follow in second place with 9.11 billion euros and a share of 17.6%. That is one percentage point more than in the previous year. The 76 sports and outdoor online retailers generated 1.42 billion euros, which - as in the previous year - corresponds to a share of 2.8%. The result is eighth in the industry comparison.

Number nine is the shoes category with 62 online shops with sales of almost 1.14 billion euros and a market share of 2.2% (2018: 1.7%). Number 13 are the suppliers of bags and accessories with a share of 1.2%. That is at least 0.5 percentage points more than in 2018. Thus, the entire online fashion industry generated almost a quarter (23.8%) of the turnover that EHI and Statista calculated for the 1000 largest online retailers in Germany.

EHI publishes "Shopping Center Report 2020"

Bavaria leads the way in shopping center launches

Bavaria first: In 2019 half of the new shopping center openings took place in Bavaria. For this year, only four new locations are planned nationwide. The EHI Retail Institute determined that 42 locations are being revitalized.