All women sell sex

Two suitors tellWe to buy sex

Thousands of men go to a prostitute every day. Very few people stand by it or talk about it. Nevertheless, we found two men who share their experiences.

The suitors Peter and Klaus * tell why they buy sexual services and how such a meeting with a woman in a sex club works. It has been many years for Peter since he first saw a prostitute. Out of curiosity, as he says. Then he stuck with it.

"The closer you get to know each other, the less sexual it is. Sometimes you just talk."

With Klaus, however, it was peer pressure. More or less. He was out and about with friends in Hamburg, St. Pauli, and of course they strolled through Herbert Strasse and past the women there. "At that time you were still much too nervous to even go in to one of the ladies," says Klaus.

Half an hour for 50 euros

In one hour of love, on the radio, you can talk about the topic, privately you keep your passion to yourself. Peter visits the club three to four times a month to have sex there. He pays admission, takes a shower and slips into a bathrobe. And if he feels like it, he speaks to one of the women there. People tend not to talk about money. "As a suitor, you know that the girls have a fixed price," he says. "You know him." On average, half an hour costs 50 euros.

"There are enough men who can't deal with a 22-year-old. They consciously look for older women."

It doesn't have to be sex, says Peter. He often enjoys the atmosphere in the club and relaxes, meeting other men there to chat. "There is the possibility, but not the obligation, to have sex," he explains.

And Klaus also talks to the women, but not about why they work as prostitutes, but quite normally, about everyday life, about life, about all the odds and ends that exist.

* Name changed by the editor

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