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Sandboxie is now open source and is being further developed by the WuMgr creator. Since the software receives unsigned certificates due to its free availability, it is recognized by some virus scanners as malware - but this is a so-called false positive. So you can use the software without hesitation. You can find more information on this on the developer's GitHub page.


isolated environment for critical applications
full system performance is passed through
all features for free


Photo gallery: Sandboxie - How to fence in each application in a targeted manner

last changes

With the new Version 5.x release Sophos makes all features available free of charge. The next plan is to continue Sandboxie as an open source tool.

The CHIP editorial team says:

The free Sandboxie tool enables applications to be launched in a secure environment.

With the freeware Sandboxie, you can start critical applications in an isolated environment without having to fear any effects on the actual hard drive and the operating system.

Because Sandboxie installs itself as a small separate quasi-operating system in Windows. Viruses and all other harmful files do not get onto the hard drive or the registry and cannot cause any real damage. Sandboxie also allows you to surf and receive email securely. Even games can sometimes be run twice with Sandboxie.

If necessary, files can be copied from the sandbox to your real system.

Phone support for Sandboxie and more

Using the free landline number 069 2991 7711 get help from experienced experts on everything to do with your PC and software. The call is free. More information.

CHIP conclusion

With a tool like Sandboxie, you can safely try out unknown applications. There are no traces left.

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