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I was taught in Chinese thinking about love.
Me enseñaron a pensar en el amor en chino.
How do you say "keep dreaming" in Chinese?
This also appeared quarterly in Chinese.
Dos meses después apareció la version en chino.
In Chinese it means "secret sunshine".
I can not in Chinese to sing. It's too difficult.
No puedo cantar en chino, it demasiado difícil.
He knows how to in Chinese cursed.
You should in Chinese Listen.
All of his emails are in Chinese.
Todos sus correos electrónicos están en chino.
At the age of thirteen, Zhou Xuan took the stage name Xuan (璇) what in Chinese means beautiful jade.
A la edad de 13 años tomó Zhou Xuan como su nombre artístico, "Xuan" (璇) que significa jade precioso en chino.
Tonzu in Chinese and Dommu in Korean I think.
"Tonzu" en chino y "Dommu" en coreano, creo.
He learns, in Chinese Counting to ten gets bored and dreams of becoming a beekeeper.
Aprenderá a contar hasta diez en chino luego se aburrirá y pasará a su sueño de apicultor.
In Chinese for example there isn't even a word for it.
En chino no hay una palabra para una calle como esta.
What does "surrender" mean in Chinese?
W s means sword in Chinese?
As a child he was therefore called Mao Tse-tung, what in Chinese... means "never sits still".
De hecho, cuando era un niño, lo llamaban Mao Tse-tung ... que en chino Significant "jamás se queda quieto".
He insults your mom in Chinese.
¡Está lanzando maldiciones a tu madre en chino!
In Chinese let's call it Jin Ping Mei, the golden lotus.
En chino lo llamamos jin ping mei. Un loto de oro.
How long have you been writing in Chinese?
In Chinese Wushu means "The way of battle."
En chino, Wushu significa "forma de combate."
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