How do I listen to FM radio online

Listen to the radio on your mobile phone

Turn your smartphone into a radio

Listen to the radio on your cell phone

In the past, all smartphones had a direct link to the phone's own radio. With the newer Android generations, it seems that you can no longer listen to the radio over the phone without using the data volume directly on the first day of the month. We reveal some tips and tricks on how you can listen to your favorite radio station on your smartphone, without the internet.

Listen to the radio offline with an FM chip

You need to check that the smartphone you have has a built-in FM chip. This means you can listen to the radio stations available in the area offline and without WIFI, completely without an internet connection. Within a few minutes you can open this application and search for your favorite stations. If you are not sure whether you have such an FM chip, you can download the nextRadio app at home. As soon as this is installed, it automatically detects whether your device has an FM chip and whether you can listen to the radio without internet. If you do not occupy such a chip, you must adhere to the following points in order to be able to listen to the sounds of your favorite radio station.

Receive radio worldwide thanks to apps

Most radio stations offer an in-house app that works even without an internet connection. All you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store. There are also apps for FM radio stations that allow you to switch between several stations. Of course, these only work without the Internet if you are within range of the associated transmission mast. If you want to listen to the radio from all over the world, you have to switch on the Internet again and be prepared for the fact that the data volume can then probably no longer be used for Candy Crush, online games or Netflix.

Radio apps

In addition to THE NEW 107.7, there is also the iHeart radio app, which offers almost all major radio stations in the world. You can then simply plug in the headphones or connect your phone to Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite music in the perfect ambience. Via the iHeart radio you can not only listen to the radio and your favorite rock and pop music, but also receive news programs, documentaries and information about sporting events. You decide 100% what you want to hear at any time. Depending on the volume of data, you can also listen to stations from all parts of the world. Especially when it is night there due to the time difference, you will be able to enjoy the music without annoying interruptions.

More ways to listen to the radio on your mobile phone

In the unlikely event that your favorite radio station is not offered there and does not have its own app available, you can often turn on the radio yourself via the web browser. However, this again only works with an active internet connection. The radio programs are often broadcast live on social media and on Facebook, especially from the young and fresh stations. Because they are aware of their clientele and have already switched to new media. If you surf on Facebook or on the web browser, you have to look for a direct link to the live broadcast.