How do I slim down bulky legs

Thigh workouts 🏋️ for your routine 🔄 for girls who slim their legs 💃🏼 ...

Many girls call their thighs a trouble zone and would do just about anything to slim and tone them up. The trick to getting that perfect thigh gap is to combine cardio with weight training. Cardio helps burn calories and fat away from your body and the weight training moves help tone and define the area. Great cardio choices for your thighs include running, hiking, swimming, and biking. Combine that with these strength training moves and you will be well on your way to the thighs you have always dreamed of.

1. Squats are as perfect as they can get

When it comes to keeping your thighs in tip-top shape, you can't pick a better move than a squat. Together the inner and outer thighs, which allows you to shape your thighs. At the same time, squats help tone your buttocks and legs. Start with a set of 12 squats and add that as you get stronger. Use the video to help get your form just right.

2. Add some ballet postures to your routine

Even if you are not a ballet dancer, you can still benefit from some of the moves. The plie is great for sculpting lean and toned thighs and isn't overly difficult to master. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to do the perfect plie that covers your entire thigh, we will help you create a muscular look that doesn't work too bulky or manly. You will love adding ballet moves to your regular routine.

3. Sun greetings are ideal movement

If you're more of a yoga type of girl, sun salutations are your ideal leg move. All you need is a yoga mat to take the step. Holding the pose activates the muscles in your legs, including those in your thighs. Add sun salutations to your yoga routine on a regular basis and you should start seeing your thighs gain some definition in just a few weeks.

(4) You can't go wrong with lunges

Lunges aren't my favorite exercises, but they are one of the best ones to get those lean, toned thighs you really want. Lunge steps aren't difficult to do, but they have a huge impact on how your legs are chiseled. Just a few lunges during each of your strength workouts can really change your lower body shape. Cool right?

5. Leg circles are good choices

When you leg circles, you definitely feel it in your inner and outer thigh areas. This step is very effective and is a great choice for beginners and experts alike. The move takes place lying down or standing, so it is ideal if things want to change every now and then.

6. They love ball leg raises

Not only does this help move you create lean, sculpted thighs, but it also benefits your abs at the same time. You will need an exercise ball to perform this step, but you'll love how effective it is once you add it to your routine at every session. The move isn't too difficult, so it's great for beginners.

7. Box jumps are a great asset

The great thing about box jumps is that they activate your hamstrings, but they also burn calories so you can do double duty in working on toning your legs. A small exercise box and a healthy dose of motivation is all you need to work box jumps for you.

Which of these moves will you add to your routine today?

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